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Chocolate Reviews

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Kinder Choco-Bons

1 review

Kinder has developed new Kinder Eggs but in a mini egg form. These taste amazing! The center has a bit of hazelnut for some texture. It also has a milky center. Great to snack on when you need a bit of a treat. They are all individually wrapper. I will definitely buy this...
lindt golden bunny

2 reviews

These are my favourite Lindt treat! I love to get one at Easter or Christmas 😍 they are just so smooth and yummy! Very expensive though So I only buy when they are in sale
Love Good Fats Peanut Butter Chocolatey Bar

6 reviews

This was bought in a value pack from Costco. Honestly, it is the worst bar I’ve ever eaten.. there is the slightest taste of peanut butter that lasts for a second before it starts to taste like chalk! Awful aftertaste as well. It was affordable for a keto option, but just not...
Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

33 reviews

Mr. Big chocolate bar is probably one of my favourites! I love the crunchiness of the wafer and the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. So delicious!
Glosette Raisins

22 reviews

Mon grand père m'a fait découvrir ce produit étant jeune depuis je ne peut me passer le chocolat autour des raisin es tout simplement divin et les raisin sont tjrs bien consistant sans être trop dur n'y trop mou la perfection quoi
Ferrero Rocher Easter Squirrel

1 review

The Ferrero Rocher squirrel is made with the same ingredients as there other Ferrero Rocher products just in the shape of a squirrel instead of the traditional bunny. This tastes great but i do wish that they made it a bit smaller with a nutella filling instead of hollow...
Heavenly Organics Almond Chocolate Honey Patties

1 review

I enjoy the fact they are a healthier alternative to chocolate bars. I found them still very sweet with a licorice taste to them that I don't like personally. You might enjoy them more than I did.
Fraktal's Gluten Free Dark Buttercrunch chocolate

1 review

This bag of gluten free dark chocolate buttercrunch chocolate is such a great treat. Love it love it love it! Available at Longo's and select specialty stores. Try it for yourself, you're welcome!
Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge Chocolate

2 reviews

This kit kat is rich and creamy and oh so good. Great flavour. Great texture. I would definitely recommend trying this kit kat if you can get your hands on it!
Bar thicks chocolat noir

2 reviews

I am a big fan of Lindt Lindor chocolate’s for mint flavour in particular has a strong flavour creamy smooth consistency smell lovely and taste divine other flavours I have tried as well such as the coconut I found a little greasy but this was not the sameEven though it’s...
Bajadera hazelnut almond nougat

1 review

My hubby received this box of Croatian chocolates along with a Tim Horton's gift card as a thank-you for helping out an older gentleman who fell coming down his front steps a few months ago near the job site he is working at. He called an ambulance and waited for the paramedics...
M&M;'s Milk Chocolate Bar with M&M;Minis and Almonds

2 reviews

Love this chocolate bar!! Love the mixture of chocolate and almonds. M&M;'s has always had great products and continue to produce new and exciting products.
AFTER EIGHT Dark Mint Thins Skyline Tin (400g)

4 reviews

These are perfect for an afternoon pick me up or a quick dessert after dinner. They are full of flavour but thin and enough to eat guilt free! I would definitely buy these again.
Parmalat lait au chocolat

1 review

La boisson chocolatée Parmalat est délicieuse. C'est une bonne option pour les jeunes qui n'aiment pas beaucoup le lait. Nous en buvons régulièrement. Il est onctueux et crémeux. C'est un produit réconfortant.
Cadbury assorted chocolates in tin

1 review

These are great chocolates very smooth and creamy..if your looking to have that sweet tooth taking care of this is the treat for you..you will not be disappointed
Cadbury’s whole nut

1 review

Amazing chocolate Silky and just right smooth Most blocks have nut but somemissing I could eat a whole 100g on my own! The best! Packaging is better keeps it fresh and can resealable but the reseal didn’t always work
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut

48 reviews

One of my favorite chocolates.Very tasty, chewy chocolate bar produced by Cadbury. Those fruit and nuts are tasting heavenly. It is a very satisfying treat and quite filling. If you like dry fruits and nuts this is the one chocolate you will love it!
Lamontagne Milk Choclate Almonds - Caffe Latte

1 review

I really like these little chocolates,but they are a bit too sweet for me. The almonds add a good crunch to the coffee flavoured chocolate. These are really good but a little too sweet for me.
Kit Kat Senses Hazelnut

5 reviews

KitKats mixed with nuts, amazing! This is like an adult version of a kit kat, and I am utterly obsessed! I cannot get enough of this chocolate, and have made everyone I know try it!
Hershey's Gold Candy Bar

11 reviews

Je m'attendais à un produit réellement délicieux, connaissant leur barre biscuit et crème. Cependant, je fus très déçue car il ne s'agit pas d'une barre de chocolat.