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Chocolate Reviews

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Dove chocolate Bar

17 reviews

Have purchased this dove chocolate several times. Would repurchase and also add to gifts. The milk chocolate one is better than the dark one. It's not bitter but also not overly sweet.
Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji & Raspberry

25 reviews

This is my favourite brookside flavour! I love the sweetness from the berries and the creamy chocolate! Since the chocolate is dark it’s not overly sweet which pairs perfect with the berries! The fruit is chewy but doesn’t get stuck in your teeth! I would pick this flavour...
Nestle Butterfinger Bar

7 reviews

I was at the store looking for a sweet treat and found this. At first, I wasn't so sure how good it would taste but now I'm glad I tried it because it's great.
Ferrero roundnoir

8 reviews

Out of all the feerero chocolates ROUNDNOIR is my favorite yummy little chocolate sprinkles over a creamy chocolatey tasting center and a nut mmmso good wish I could just find a box of these ones instead of in. Collection of different kinds .Love dark chocolate
Rogers’ Chocolates Chocolate Bar

1 review

I bought this at the hospital gift shop where I live. It seemed pricey at the time, but comparing the size of the bars I usually buy it’s about average. The bar is stamped as in the picture and looks so unique! The company that makes it is in Victoria, B.C. It originated in...
KIT KAT Chunky Cookie Dough

12 reviews

I am addicted to this chocolate bar! It is not as sweet as I had assumed it would be! I could honestly live off of these! I usually always have one in my purse at all times
Lion black and white

1 review

J'ai acheté ces barres chocolatées à Action pour environ 3€. J'ai d Adoré le goût, le packaging et le visuel des barres ! Le goût est unique ! Un mélange de chocolat blanc et de chocolat noir très doux !
smarties chocolate

3 reviews

I use to love Smarties more than M&Ms;but after my recent purchase I gotta say I am very disgusted and disappointed. The box is about half the size they use to be, and the candy coating not only look dull and gross but they must be using a different coating now because they cut...
KIT KAT Minis bag of 20

2 reviews

I love love Kit Kat they are really great snack and you can pop them in your bag and take them anywhere and have snack when you want. I definitely have one a day that’s how much I love them

2 reviews

For a chocolate lover these are a treat Nice variety and good value for money The chocolate used tastes nice and creamy and the fillings are so nice with good variety
AFTER EIGHT London Skyline Tin 400g

1 review

You can't go wrong with these. Perfect balance of mint and chocolate. Each piece is individually wrapped. Tasty chocolate for those who like mint chocolate. A bit on the more expensive side. These thin, mint layered chocolates are sweet and delicious! Seriously, they are...
Great Value Crispy Rice Milk chocolate Bar

4 reviews

A friend of mine came to visit a while ago with a pile of these bars in a bag, at least four different kinds. Got them at Walmart for a dollar each, she said. For that price can't hurt to try them. The total of 7 people in the house for that weekend, we tried all the different...
Smarties Eggs Pack

3 reviews

The Smarties Eggs are great for the Easter Eggs hunt. The hollow chocolate eggs are wrapped in Easter themed foil showing animal characters. The Smarties inside are delicious and an added surprise for little children to find. The small eggs are perfectly sized, so they can be...
Great value (Wal-Mart Brand) chocolate bars

3 reviews

I was hesitant to buy this product at first but thought the price was excellent to give it a try. Its over half the price as other chocolate bars that size. My initial reaction was that this is going to be my go-to brand from now on. They taste just like the other purple...
Lindt Lindor Sea Salt

2 reviews

Habituellement j'adores les chocolats lindt j'etais donc très exciter d'essayer ceux si. Malheureusement je crois être tomber sur une mauvaise batch de chocolat, en les sortants de leur emballages, il y avait une petite couche blanche qui les recouvraient pourtant la date de...
Hershey's Cookies N Creme Crunchers

3 reviews

You know those people who are instantly happy when they eat chocolate?! I'm those people. I love anything cookies and cream so I loved this. They are so tasty if you're not careful, you can eat the entire bag in one sitting 🙄 sometimes I put a few in my bowl of cereal! Highly...
Hershey's Cruncher's

3 reviews

I loved these. They are so delicious and the perfect treat for any time. They are sweet crunchy and full of flavour. I also like the packaging and the fact that you can seal the bag once it’s opened. I will definitely be purchasing these again and again.

19 reviews

Nice size great to Putin pocket for a afternoon snack. Small and not this big thing that takes you like five minutes to eat plus it’s so delicious and great highly recommended
Turtles Bites Salted Caramel

1 review

I saw these today and I needed to try them! It’s the perfect size for a snack. It is milk chocolate with smooth salted caramel and pecans. It consists of tiny little turtles that are bite sized! The package consists of 250 calories but so worth it! They are so tasty, and just...
White chocolate Reece's Mini Cups

3 reviews

These reeses are the perfect size for snacking the white chocolate is a nice twist to reeses and even though they are little the chocolate and peanut butter are perfectly balanced in ratio.