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Chocolate Reviews

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Mr. Christie's Teddy Grahams

8 reviews

They're a really simple, on the go type of snack that's great for work, a busy life style and on-the-go, and children love it! Its a great way for kids and adults to share a snack that both parties can enjoy! Definitely would recommend giving them a try at least once, plus...
Hagensborg Truffle Pig Chocolates

2 reviews

This is a cute little pig truffle chocolate. It is a very small but delicious. Canadian made in British Columbia. It is very satisfying for those moments you get a craving. I recommend this little pig for those chocolate moments!
Dr. Oetker Mug Cake

25 reviews

Very delicious, so easy to make. I love the ingredients used in making this cake, very tasty. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes eating cake on the go.
Nestlé Aero Orange Chocolate Bubble Bar

10 reviews

i love the taste of chocolate and orange, i love anything that taste like oranges what a great combo. i buy for myself every time i can find it so if you like the taste of oranges its a must try
Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee

17 reviews

It's a nice balance of wafer and milk chocolate and there's nothing 'in your face' about it. Classic Cadburry are quite simply a pleasant, sweet snack. Let's not forget that you can snap it in half and save the rest for later without worrying about it creating a mess.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Honey Roasted Cashews & Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar

26 reviews

Yummy these are my favorite.and i love the caramel ones as well.i only can find these awesome candies at Big Y and i always buy 3 and 4 of them at a time
Nestlé Smarties Vice Versa

6 reviews

This chocolate candy isn't for me, it has a horrible taste and texture. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they are looking for a chocolate that is dry and affordable.
Purdy's Chocolates Hedgehogs

25 reviews

A bit pricey for an everyday snack, but absolutely perfect for gift giving. Everything from the golden triangle box to the adorable hedgehog shape and deliciously smooth hazelnut chocolate makes it a joy to open and indulge in.
Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Cornflakes

7 reviews

I had high hopes for this as it’s a brand name (and quite fancy too). Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The milk chocolate was just plain. There was no surprising creaminess to it and the cornflakes didn't add anything. The crunch was not very apparent either, which I think...
Davids Cookies Snow White Enchanted Apple Cookie Jar

2 reviews

This was absolutely stunning i love how they had this the taste was wonderful of the cookies Inside the value is Worth every penny and the quality is gourmet
Waterbridge Belgian Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar

5 reviews

It's alright. It's huge at 400g. It's not the best tasting chocolate but it's good to have on hand for a chocoholic emergency. The hazelnuts seem to be good quality.
Higgins & Burke Chocolate Embrace Gourmet Hot Chocolate

2 reviews

I loved it . it was great the Flavor was wonderful . Better then what i expected
Higgins & Burke Hazelnut Passion Gourmet Hot Chocolate

3 reviews

I love this hot chocolate! When my Safeway carried it, I would order it by the case. It is delicious!! Soo yummy!
Godiva White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Bar

3 reviews

I love white chocolate , but unfortunately most of it tastes like sweet wax. Not this bar, super creamy, vanilla, best used to dip fresh raspberries in (it tastes divine). When it's on sale at 4 for 10 bucks it's not too badly priced. Too bad there isn't a large bar format of...
Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Bar

2 reviews

I always find everything at Godiva insanely overpriced however, I do find these truffle bars to be very worth it. I am never disappointed with the products. I will splurge to buy myself these every now and then.
Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

27 reviews

I would avoid 99% of anything that Little Debbie makes like the plague, the dollar store brand Swiss rolls may be slightly dry but at least it doesn’t taste like losing brain cells and getting cancer. Only thing that miraculously doesn’t taste like licking the boot of a...
ghiradelli brownie mix

5 reviews

Makes the best brownies you've ever tasted! Ghirardelli brownie mix is made from natural ingredients and it shows. Doesn't even compare to store bought stuff.. I recommend!
Waterbridge Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds

3 reviews

Eating dark chocolate from Waterbridge really is like a little bit of heaven. Good value and rich taste. If you like dark chocolate and almonds you will not be disappointed.
Milky Way Midnight

3 reviews

I loved this version of Milky Way. I would buy a handful going through the checkout at the grocery store. I've looked everywhere, and you can't get them in my area anymore. Bummer!!
Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours

502 reviews

A perfect little evening snack, great for when you just have a little sweet tooth craving. I love the crunchy dark chocolate and sweet açai middle. I recommend this product who like berry and chocolate treats.