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Chocolate Reviews

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Lindt Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate Bar

14 reviews

Very tasty chocolate texture is great comes in a variety of flavour perfect as a gift would recommend to all Perfect for special events birthdays parties or even for a movie night out Great for a day you just want to chill kick back and unwind
Nestlé Aero Caramel Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar

17 reviews

I love aero's 'cause of their little bubbles always loved it, always will, you always stick to what you loved when you were a kid i guess anyway it's reallty good, nestle is awesome
Jersey Milk chocolate bars

11 reviews

I love the classic Jersey Milk chocolate bars!! I've been enjoying these for decades now, but hadn't eaten any recently, so I thought I'd buy a few bars and write this post. These are just as milky, creamy and chocolatey as I remember! Yum! If you're looking for an amazing...
Zimt chocolates

1 review

Zimt chocolates is fair trade, organic, vegan and raw instead of conched chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar Tried with some of my friends and they loved it. The price is a little steep the quality of the chocolates impeccable and it's super delish. I highly recommended if...
Cadbury Caramel Popcorn Chocolate Bar

8 reviews

I love this chocolate bar, it is so good especially in s’mores. It tastes like authentic popcorn and is such a lovely combination. I definitely recommend and will purchase again.
Birthday Cake M&M's

5 reviews

Who wouldn't like a quick cake for kids and save money on extra candies. I do it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be.enjoy it as a mid night snack while kids are asleep
President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Spread

6 reviews

This stuff was awesome but only in small doses lol it's super sweet it tastes just like cookies, wonderful and has little bits of cookies in the spread is awesome in cookies and with peanut butter
Kit Kat Orange

28 reviews

delicious my dad absolute favourite taste like club bar. Cheaper version of a club bar like those orange taste very good mix the milk chocolate good size wish came in fun size
Cadbury Orange Chocolate Bar

1 review

Finding these can be a little difficult, but they are out there. They are such a treat I snatch them up and stock up whenever I find them. Why? Because it has to be tried to be believed, if you enjoy orange and chocolate flavour. Cadbury's orange chocolate bar is the best out...
Lindt Excellence Coconut

13 reviews

J'adore les chocolats Lindts, ils goûtes tous si bons les uns et les autres. J'adore aussi énormément le coconut et ce chocolat au coconut n'a pas un goût si sucré, il est tout simplement très doux au goût donc on peut se régaler sans se tanner. Il fond dans la bouche si...
Purdy's Sweet Georgia Brown's

11 reviews

While a bit on the pricier side, Sweet Georgia Browns are the cats meow. A lovely blend of sweet, nutty and salty, it's the perfect treat for any occasion!
NutyMax milk chocolate coated wafers with hazelnut cream

2 reviews

Really good but I prefer the bueno. You can have like 4 for 2$ which is a really great price.
Ghirardelli squares dark chocolate with sea salt caramel

1 review

I saw the sea salt squares when I went to the Lindt factory outlet and I grabbed them cause my hubby loves everything with salt :) what I didn't realize when I picked them is that they were dark chocolate which isn't his fave :( well poor him and lucky me cause try are...
Russell Stover Red Velvet Chocolates

5 reviews

I did not like these very much. They taste kinda like cookie dough in the Center. The chocolate is ok. If I was having a chocolate pms fit I'd eat one but I won't go out of my way to buy them again. But that being said my BF liked them a lot more than I did.
Heath Bar

1 review

I love toffee,now cover toffee with good milk chocolate and you have a Heath bar.
Godiva Truffles

2 reviews

What is it about Godiva that makes you feel oh so spoiled. I received a box of assorted truffles for my birthday, and I loved every minute of the experience. The box was absolutely beautiful, elegant..p.needs to be re-purposes somehow. It came with a beautiful wide pink and...
Nestlé Semi Sweet Morsels

6 reviews

I love these, they're delicious. I use mine to make cookies, mix in muffins but my favorite way to eat them is by getting a bowl with chunky peanut butter and then mixing the chocolate chips in and eating it just like that. They are very consistent with the size, taste, look...

1 review

I buy these at my local Sam's club (will upload a pic soon) IMAGINE chocolate covered graham cracker pieces, toffee and almond bits.That is what OMG's are...so yummy but can only get them from Sam's club
Beatrice Chocolate Milk

31 reviews

I really like the Beatrice Chocolate milk it taste real good. You can drink cold or warm still taste real good. Whether you consume with cereal or sandwich taste so good .Its very affordable price to buy too. I would highly recommend others and my friends to buy too.
Krisda Stevia Chocolate Chips

3 reviews

In my opinion, these chocolate chips are the best for my keto lifestyle. They melt well when I use them in that aspect but they’re also delicious as is. You can make a nice trail mix with them, cookies, or melt them down with coconut oil and make a delicious chocolate sauce...