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Coffee Reviews

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Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino

645 reviews

Nothing can beat this and nothing will ever beat this. I have tried iced cappacino from so many places all these years but this is the best. I am so happy I live in the land of Tim Hortons ;)
Tim Hortons Coffee

589 reviews

This is my favourite coffee on the market right now. I drink it everyday and would never switch.it has a bold flavour that you will remember! Highly recommend this
Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino

421 reviews

I LOVE this product from Tim Hortons. Their cappuccino mix is delicious. Its quick and easy for when im on the go and don't have time to go through the coffee maker.
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee

312 reviews

I like to drink coffee in the morning and Mc coffee is perfect, not too strong, not too mild, not too dark, it is just good enough. And when you have 7, you can have free one medium hot drink.
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

207 reviews

Nothing better than a fresh warm cup of Folger coffee in the morning. The robust, rich flavor is as amazing as the breathtaking aroma. It is the best way to start my day!
McDonald's Iced Coffee

174 reviews

These are definitely full of value during summer drink day promotions at $1 each for small or medium. I recommend getting it with less ice and substituting with milk. A few years ago they started being a little heavy handed with the cream - which makes can still taste good with...
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

183 reviews

I drink black coffee every day-one cup a day-, My mother is diabetic I watch out my sugar intake. But during hot summer day you need this iced cold coffee, it gives you a instant relief! Even they have some flavors -vanilla, mocha and caramel.
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix

137 reviews

I like this product because of the convenience of it and the taste was good too. But for such a small amount there was a lot of garbage especially if you wanted a full mugs worth you would need to use two packets.
Folgers Mountain Roast Coffee

179 reviews

My daughters call this my morning juice. It is my every morning cup of coffee. I love the taste, I love the smell and I find that it is a great price.
McCafe Coffee

129 reviews

I do have issues with coffee and it hurting my stomach. I have tried many different kinds and McCafe is the only one that is gentle and smooth. The taste is amazing.
McCafe coffee pods for Keurig home brewing

128 reviews

I got this from my son's girlfriend and we enjoy it. I love the fact that we can make it from home instead of having to go to McDonalds to get their delicious coffee. I like the lattes the best, they aren't too sweet or too strong
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee

153 reviews

This coffee is like a full bodied coffee , it’s a ruck taste yet different from the regular tims original . It’s delicious and flavourful , it’s great to have auck a high end taste of coffee with a affordable price , drive through is also a bonus ! Sit back and enjoy the...
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix

100 reviews

I just bought this product because we love vanilla coffee! My husband drinks a whole packet; whereas, I like to mix half with my instant Nescafé espresso. Lots of sugar as expected...probably why it’s so yummy!?
Tim Hortons K-cups for Keurig

114 reviews

I am a Tim Horton's addict and being able to have my favourite coffee at home is always a plus. I always look for the sales and grab the largest box every time the Tim Horton's K-Cups are by far my favourite Rich creamy the original is perfect.
Nescafe 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

107 reviews

I would buy this product again and again. A must in our household. Love this product!! It’s affordable and tastes good!! It’s easy to make especially in the morning rush before going to work. Sometimes I bring a sachet at work and bring a thermos for hot water.
Starbucks Caramel Frappucino

89 reviews

Though a bit on the pricier side, I love trying out Frappuccino’s at Starbucks in the summertime! My go to flavour is definitely Caramel though. If I need an extra boost that day I’ll get a shot of espresso added and it still tastes lovely and sweet!
Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Coffee

96 reviews

We always buy this coffee and never settle for anything different, no matter the cost. Smells great in the morning and is a great way to start the day.
Nescafe Gold

56 reviews

I did enjoy this coffee but didn't like the after taste this gave me. I would possibly drink this again, but probably with a hazelnut creamer. But overall it was a great coffee.
Kicking Horse Coffee

79 reviews

Like the headline says, if u like strong coffee, this stuff is for you. While it is more expensive than most coffee's, it's still worth having as a treat every now and then (least for me and my family it is).
Maxwell House Instant Coffee

91 reviews

Great taste and it helps save me time with my mornings and two kids!!! Great value and easy to prepare! Must have for all moms who drink coffee! Especially when you get no time for yourself!