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Cookies Reviews

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Voortman Vanilla Wafers

464 reviews

All Voortman Cookies and Wafers are Delicious! Do I need to say more? Voortman has a great selection and varieties. Even the no-sugar added cookie and wafer products have amazing taste.
Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

437 reviews

love these, they are amazing. Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for! They have a wonderful taste and are very crispy and crunchy. A perfect dipping cookie. I wish the cookies were smaller, they are a bit crumbly and messy but otherwise, I loved them!
Voortman Coconut Cookies

432 reviews

love these cookies taste this great and texture is great and the right amount of everything in them I would buy these and I would recommend these to other these are very tasty cookies
Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers

417 reviews

My kids love these wafers. We buy them a lot. The flavor and crunch are very good and they do not break into powder easily like some of the wafer brands.
Voortman S'mores Wafers

104 reviews

These wafers are just okay. Nothing to write home about. They taste like vanilla wafers very lightly dusted with a good quality cocoa powder. If I didn't know that these were "S'mores" flavored", I wouldnt' have guessed. I don't get "S'mores" from this.
Subway Cookies

80 reviews

I like sweets but this cookie is too sweet for my taste. I like having this with my afternoon tea though as the taste compliments one another. I would recommend you to give it a try to see if it suites your taste buds
Dad's Oatmeal Cookies

75 reviews

Amazing taste and value for cookies. I love dipping them in milk as a snack. They are also individually packed so it makes it easy to bring outside as a snack for a good burst of energy.

57 reviews

Can you believe Oreo is vegan? Yes, it is! This is so delicious that I cpuld not believe it is vegan. Crunchy outside, creamy inside. Chocolate and vanille. Kist perfect. I like to break the cookies in the ice cream.
Leclerc Celebration Milk Chocolate Cookies

55 reviews

These cookies are amazing for s'mores. They take out the extra step of having the break up the chocolate, which is perfect for kids. Just have to make sure not to leave the box in the heat, or the chocolate on the cookies will melt.
Christie Fudgee O Cookie

69 reviews

Better than Oreos for sure. The chocolate is real tasting and not artificial. It’s smooth. Cookies on outside are crunchy but not brittle. Perfect combination! I love these cookies and can easily have four in one sitting!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams, Vanilla Cupcake

44 reviews

My kids love these cookies! I don't find them too sweet which is nice and they have a nice crunch to them. They go perfect with a glass of milk or perfect for on the go and I can throw them in the van :)
Chips Ahoy! Cookies

58 reviews

Too dry and too sweet? I always wanted a chewy chocolate chip cookie with a crunchy toasted edge, a little bit of bitter and a little bit of sweet. The crunch of these are good but the unbalanced flavours between sugar and the dry texture to them makes it enough for me to just...
Oreo Thins

41 reviews

I am addicted to OREO THINS. I always buy to take as a snack at work. Besides the taste, the price is fair and not very expensive. I really recommend it to anyone who likes sweets and always carries fast snacks.
Chips Ahoy Chewy

42 reviews

Chips Ahoy chewy cookies are so good. They are like a fresh baked cookie that is the perfect temperature right out of the bag. I buy these all the time. I would recommend you try them.
Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies

52 reviews

My kids liked these . I think they are very sweet but they are good. Who diesnt like a Oreo cookie. Amy Oreo is good. I would buy again. Perfect for a kids birthday party for a sweet treat.
Bear Paws Chocolate Chip Cookies

43 reviews

My kids love these (no surprise) and they are soft and yummy. I usually make my own cookies or mini soft treats but these are easy to pack for on the go.
Loacker Quadratini Lemon Bite Size Wafer Cookies

4 reviews

I actually have bought these 3 times now. They are very very lemony. Great for someone who likes lemon, but I'm not big on lemon. Great flavor, very strong. Very soft wafers too, almost melt in your mouth.
oreo cookies

3 reviews

Omg went you talking about cookies.. Oreos is the number one. I definitely recommended this cookies is our favorite of the family every time that we go to the store I buy it and more if i have coupons..
Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies

26 reviews

love this stuff it's really good. Very sweet and sugary but oh so good! One does the trick when your craving something sweet. These will forever be a classic. I bought mine at Walmart and Loblaws. Very cheap.
Pecan sandies

1 review

We love it. Tastes buttery and soft, just crumbles in my mouth. Less guilty giving this to my family. Best part is the sweetness level us just perfect for me! Goes well with coffee!