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Crackers Reviews

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Sanissimo Salmas

262 reviews

Since this quarantine situation, my family are 'hungry' more. I've always maintained healthy eating habit. Trying to get fam on board thought would be hard. My last trip bought Sanissimo Salas instead of their usual favourites. Weren't to happy at first, now they love them. It...
Triscuit Crackers

252 reviews

To eat by itself or with anything else! I love eating them with cream cheese and smoked salmon, these crackers are so delicious! they are so far, my favorite!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Cheddar

158 reviews

These are really good but also not healthy at all. I wish to rate them higher but again, not healthy. They do taste like cheddar though which is nice and they also have a nice crunch to them!
Christie Premium Plus Crackers

151 reviews

I had enjoyed the Premium Plus crackers for over 50 years but not anymore. They changed the recipie and they are awful. I Thought the first time I got a bad box but that proved to not be the case. What a disappointment. They are tasteless. I will have to look for an...
Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips

107 reviews

I love the sour cream and onion flavour. The only downside is when you chew them they turn a little mushy and I feel like they leave a film on my tongue. But they are healthier than chips!
Goldfish Baked Whole Grain Cheddar

45 reviews

goldfish suck. the owners are racist. they spit in the product and sell it to kids. the goldfish taste like dirt mixed with suck and i hate them so much they suck please someone do something
Christie Vegetable Thins

50 reviews

I purchased a box this past summer and when I went to use them thought that maybe they had gone stale as they were almost soft and did not look like they had been baked long enough. The taste was off so was the texture. I purchased another box recently and it was the same thing...
Sanissimo Salmas Chia and Flax Oven Baked Crackers

23 reviews

First of all, I love that the box I bought had 7 individual packs, not sure if that is how they are normally packaged/sole, but I bought them for this reason to pack in our lunches. They taste great, I was hoping they would not taste like cardboard because of the natural...
great value salted tops

1 review

Many brands make salted top crackers, but Great Value makes the absolutely best ones! They have a delicious texture and the perfect amount of salt. I love them more than any other brands I have tried, and they are much cheaper too.
Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

1 review

I recently went gluten free and was on the hunt for an great cracker. These did not disappoint. Though small in size the are delicious and it takes all my restraint from eating the whole box. They are salty like saltine crackers. I enjoy them so much.
Goldfish white cheddar

1 review

These are a favorite in our home. I buy them for my 3yr old but we end up sharing a lot. The flavor is exactly of white cheddar. Delicious snack and great for on the go!
Sanissimo Salmitas

21 reviews

I like these crackers, they taste good and are great with bruschetta or other flavorful summer combinations. I would purchase these again. I sometimes send these for lunch with kids.
Cheez-It Baked Snack Cracker Italian Cheese

2 reviews

Craquelins légers et croustillants. Juste une bonne grosseur du pour une collation accompagné de fruits où légumes. Son arôme est bien dosé. Le goût du fromage est simplement délicieux.
Carr's Craquelins à l'eau

1 review

Les craquelins à l'eau Carr's sont irremplaçables dans tout bon garde-manger. Leur goût neutre et leur texture accompagnent parfaitement les fromages, les poissons voire les confitures et les compotés. Les génériques ne sont pas à la hauteur. Exigez Carr's!
Cheez-It Crunch Baked Snack sharp white cheddar

1 review

I got my first box with a full value coupon I received, and tried them out of curiosity, and the Sharp Cheddar flavor has been a staple in our pantry for snacks ever since. They are a perfect afternoon munchy and great for movie nights as well. Super tasty as a side with apple...
Dare Bold 'n Baked Tangy Ranch Crackers

1 review

Well these went down a storm at this household! We put soooo many nibbles out for a birthday celebration, and this was the first bowl to completely disappear!!! These guys are made with no artificial colours or flavours and are always baked, never fried! We tried the mild...
Cheez-It Baked Snack Cracker Hot & Spicy

1 review

I love love cheez-it first of all, secondly this new flavour is just amazing to my taste buds!! definitely a must try!! It is not that spicy but it definitely have that kick!!
Good Thins Multigrain Crackers

1 review

I just love these. So tasty, can eat them by themselves or use a dip or something. They are light, crunchy and so tasty. They frequently go on sale, so I get a couple of boxes at a time. Great for snacking and including on a snack board.
Ritz Crackers Original

40 reviews

These have been around since I can remember. My childhood is filled with memories of us kids eating them after coming back from school with cheese or cured meat. I still have a soft spot for this and get them every now and then to eat as a snack or in addition to a charcuterie...
Goldfish colors

14 reviews

I like goldfish crackers as a snack, and the added colours are fun. I don't love that the bag of coloured crackers has about 10% less than the regular coloured bag for the same price, but the value is decent. I wish the bag was resealable for freshness - if I don't eat the whole...