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Frozen Desserts Reviews

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friendlies ice cream cakes

6 reviews

This cake is a must try if you love Oreos it's so satisfying and has a really rich flavor to it. Definitely a must try you can't go wrong for the price. In comparison to Dairy Queen cakes, I would definitely go with this cake. It is SO delicious...I cannot express that enough!
Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers

1 review

Wow ! If you love snacking at night like me with no guilt this is your snack ! Skinny Cow Vanilla Snackers are the supreme of ice cream sandwiches but WITHOUT the GUILT best of all they have a SLIM CALORIE COUNT ! These will pleasure your pallet with a pure wonderful taste of...
f'real reese peanut butter cup milkshake

3 reviews

The cookie and cream f'eel milkshake is my favourite, but this peanut butter cup milkshake is also quite delicious. I has a lot of Reese's peanut butter cup chocolate in it, they definitely do not cheap out on it.
Lavender london fog Fiasco gelato

1 review

I had the Earl Grey Lavender London Fog Gelato by Fiasco and wow! It is so good! The taste is exactly like a london fog. And it's a Canadian product, which gives me more reason to want to eat it. Excited to see what other flavors they have!
PC Mango Mochi

1 review

I was so excited when I saw these in the freezer at my local grocery store! I've been a huge fan of mochi for a long time and mango is my favourite fruit, so I thought these would be out of this world! Well, I was completely underwhelmed, to say the least. While I appreciate the...
Frozen dairy desert

1 review

This is the best ice cream you could ever imagine I’m gonna recommend this because it’s low in calories and the flavour is outstanding definitely recommend for adults and children ❤️
Haagen Dazs Extra rocky road ice cream bars

2 reviews

The proportion of nuts is just excellent. I cant stop eating and I am quite obsessed with it that I end up eating before i sleep. Perfect flavor that i highly recommend.

1 review

I was given a free product coupon for Luna &Larry;’s organic Coconut Bliss non dairy frozen dessert. I did not tell my husband it was a non dairy product because I knew he would not taste it if I did. He loved it said it was amazing tasting ice cream and asked for seconds...
Halo Top Pop

1 review

This is the third flavor I've tried of the Halo pops and let me tell you, this flavor is not great. It tastes more like caramel than actually strawberry shortcake for some reason, also the color of the pop looks more brown than red like you would expect. I would say they are...
trader joe's gone berry crazy

1 review

I love everything regarding this product. The dark chocolate shell taste great and rich. The strawberry inside is juicy. It can be eater right out of the freezer. For $2.29, it is totally a steal!
Mr.freeze jumbo

20 reviews

Mr. Freeze is my households favourite frozen pops. They taste great and the price is worth the value. They come in 6 different flavours; grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, orange, cherry, cream Soda. Great treats for the summer and year round. I like to buy the 60 count jumbo...
Fudgsicle Original Fudge Bars

12 reviews

I bought the original fudge bar for my grand kids. They love it . You don't always desert freshly made so a fudge bar and they are very happy and sometimes they even go for 2.
Dairy queen milkshake

1 review

The best milkshake I've had from a fast food joint. The consistancy is always great and its always ice cold. I love the added touch with the whipped cream on the top. I especially love their seasonal flavor of mint. Mouth watering deliciousness.
Halo Top Mint Chip

10 reviews

Perfect low cal treat! I can crush my sweet cravings with these and have zero guilt. They taste just like traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream, so you can't even tell it's healthier. Worth the price!
Taco Bell camel apple slushie

5 reviews

This slushee is the best! It reminds me of the Halloween Carmel apple lollipops. The green apple is a little sour but the sweet caramel balances it out. It’s very refreshing and it’s only $1 from 2pm-5pm you can’t beat that deal
Halo top peanut butter swirl

13 reviews

So let's be honest - you are not going to get the full creamy/ sugary / fatty texture and taste of a full fat ice cream...however, that's the point. Halo have done a good job of creating a low-calorie ice cream with a decent amount of flavour to keep dieters on track. If, like...
Chapmans frozen yogurt maple walnut

1 review

I have honesty never had a frozen yogurt that tasted this amazing! They really know how to capture the full flavors . They taste so fresh and real. There is no chemical after taste that is sooo nasty. I am working on trying all of them . I would like to see a coconut flavor...
m & m mini cheesecake bites

3 reviews

I love cheesecake and I usually like plain cheesecake, but these were really good. They weren't too much. They had the perfect amount of M&Ms;in them, not too many and not too little. I will probably buy them again because I have been craving them. My son liked them too.
Chapmans yukon icecream cones

4 reviews

Compared to other caramel drumsticks this one has 80% less caramel. There is literally one drop of it in the center and the rest is filled with chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream overwhelms the balance of waffer, chocolate and caramel.

1 review