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Fruit Snacks Reviews

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Welch's Fruit Snack, Apple Orchard Medley

1 review

Welch's is a great product for Juice and Fruit snacks made with 25%Vitamin A&E;100% Vitamin C. Real & artificial fruit juice of Red Apple, Peach, Green Apple, Pear gummy candies. Decent price for under 3 bucks. Sadly the gummy doesnt take up half the bag. :/
Patience Fruit & Co. organic whole & juicy dried blueberries

1 review

I received a bag of these dried blueberries in my Life Little Box monthly subscription and was looking forward to trying them! Unfortunately they are sticky - not what I had imagined at all. The first bite was REALLY good, it reminded me of picking wild blueberries in the...
pressed by KIND® Fruit Bar Cherry Apple Chia

1 review

I was excited to try this bar as I’ve had Kind Bars before and they were so good but the texture is so chewy and crunchy just wasn’t for me. The flavor was ok but couldn’t get past the texture.
dole mixations

2 reviews

I don't know who was in charge of this monstrosity, but they should be fired. These Dole Mixations are GARBAGE. They taste so, so disgusting. The fruit inside the apple sauce is HORRID!! UGH NEVER AGAIN