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Fruit Snacks Reviews

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Mott's Fruitsations +Veggies Mixed Berry Carrot

321 reviews

Bel emballage et bon peu. Très bon goût. A consommer avec modération. Lorsque j'ai envie de quelque chose de sucré, c'est une belle alternative. Je recommande !
Welch’s Fruit Snacks

174 reviews

These fruit snacks are an excellent value. Kids love them and they are parent-approved for a sweet snack! Made with real fruit, so you can feel great about giving them as an alternative to candy!
Mott's Apple Sauce Original

96 reviews

I don't eat apple sauce very often. But I do buy these 6 packs because they are almost the perfect measurement for when I'm baking. I'll sub apple sauce in, instead of using oil.
Sun-Maid Raisins Mini Snacks

62 reviews

Sun-Made California Raisins are one of the most tasty raisins. I use them not only for eating as a snack when traveling or at work. They are great to add to your yogurt or green salad as well to add for baking and cooking. Actually I would be happy if the box could be bigger...
GoGo squeeZ Applesauce On The Go Apple Apple

44 reviews

Our 2 year old loves the go squeeze apple sauce! He is always running to the cupboard asking for another one. He loves all of the different flavours that it comes in. The replaceable cap is also perfect for the days that he doesnt eat the whole thing, and can be stored in the...
Mott's Fruitsations Fruit Rockets Unsweetened Strawberry-Kiwi

247 reviews

Like it’s so cool for your kids like a snack.i rally so happy that my daughter like eating this things. Ohh it’s awesome.i recommenced this to everyone honestly
Mott's Fruitsations Pear Flavored Apple Fruit Snack

17 reviews

Out of all the fruit sauces out there, my kids and I love this one. The pear is refreshing especially cold. We serve it with chia seeds, so it makes a get go to snack. My only problem, It would be nice to see a more natural colour than bright green.
Mott's Fruitsations Fruit Snacks

26 reviews

Get them if they go on sale! Fruitsations gummies are good, but are rather easy to stick to the teeth, I would definitely prefer bear gummies which are better. But still, get them if they go on sale.
Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Applesauce

46 reviews

I love buying this as a snack for my son! Especially the unsweetened ones! It's also good for me to have as a little snack with my diabetes! They have great flavors to choose from!
Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Blueberry Delight

16 reviews

This is a very good lunch snack for kids, my son just loved it on his lunch. Also a great dessert after supper or before bedtime mixed with cereal for example rice krispies.
Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Strawberry-Kiwi 6 Pack

10 reviews

I love that these are portion sized and can take them on the go. I love the Unsweetened Strawberry Kiwi as it tastes like the fruit itself without any added sugars. It has a smooth consistency and tasty. I also add them to in crushed medication for family members who have issues...
Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Country Berry Apple Sauce

16 reviews

I love the motts fruitsations, not only does my child love them as a school snack, but we also have these on hand at the nursing home for the elders as well when they want a quick snack.
Mott's Fruitsations Original - Strawberry 6pk

29 reviews

Quick and easy snack that’s fairly healthy! I have a few in the pantry and my work desk for emergencies. Tastes pretty good and the texture is nice. The tinfoil lid has broken and caused a mess in my purse before though so beware.
Mott's Fruitsations +Veggies Unsweetened Peach Apple Carrot Sauce

69 reviews

A great way to "sneak" in some great nutrition - love that it has added Fibre too. Great flavour, smooth texture, and great for school lunches! Always on our grocery list.
Patience Fruit & Co. organic whole & juicy dried cranberries

9 reviews

Whole cranberries completely juicy, not dry but juicy....and deliciously addictive! Plus it's organic, what else? one bag won't be enough! i'ts a great product, different from other cranberries.
Mott's Fruitsations Apple Pomegranate Unsweetened

34 reviews

Drop what you are doing, head to your nearest grocery store and buys this ape sauce immediately! You wont be disappointed. I am not even a huge apple sauce fan but this flavor is next level. Perfect for that late night sweet craving without the guilt!
Mott's Fruitsations +Fibre Unsweetened Tropical

2945 reviews

A perfect snack for everyone one. A perfect and fresh taste. Never get bored of eating it. The Tropical one are my go to but they all taste very very good. No mistakes possible.
Mott's Fruitsations +Fibre Unsweetened Raspberry

3381 reviews

We are An applesauce house but I swear by motts fruitsations, every new flavours that come out are always better than the last. What I love about motts is that is a comfort food when kids are sick. Smith healthy and puréed it always soothes their throat .
Mott's Applesauce Cinnamon

16 reviews

Would recommend especially for kiddos who are sick or need a school snack! Taste is already but some of the Motts products have high fibre so they are a healthy snack
RealFruit Gummies Medley

3 reviews

I prefer these over candy. Real fruit ingredients and they are priority allergy free. Good variety of flavors . cheap and can buy at most stores . soft and chewy so they won't hurt sensitive teeth . they don't stick to teeth either.