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Grocery Delivery & Curbside Services Reviews

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Voila Grocery Delivery and Curbside Pickup

836 reviews

Using Voilà could not have been easier! So many things to like, less handling of bulky, heavy items, zero human contact, updates regarding unavailable items, simple platform, running total. I can only assume this app becomes more intuitive as it learns my habits. Thanks Sobeys...
InstaCart Grocery Delivery

2 reviews

Previously I have been using click and collect through Presidents Choice to assist with my groceries. I had several issues with the service and was looking for an alternative. Instacart through Costco was my next choice. I have now used the service five times and I am truly...
Metro Grocery home delivery

1 review

For the non-computer person Metro has the best computer system. Easy to navigate and make lists. Only thing is their customer service is cumbersome if you have to "return something". They do like to auto-substitute so watch out you don't get products you didn't want. But great...

1 review

Cornershop is an app that you can use to order delivery from a number of grocers, pharmacies, and specialty shops. They make it easy to see how long it will take to get your delivery, the fees involved, and even items that are often sold out in the store. I have now used this...
Walmart Grocery Delivery

3 reviews

I normally don't shop at Walmart for groceries, but during the pandemic when the other curbside options were booked weeks in advance, Walmart still had plenty of openings. I was quite pleased with the quality of products I got on those couple of orders. It's out of my way so I...
PC Express Online Grocery Order

13 reviews

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I have had really positive experiences with PC Express. Yes, during the pandemic you often could not get a pickup slot within the week and that was frustrating. But they staffed up and then it was easier. My orders have always been correct and...