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Grocery Reviews

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Renee's Gourmet Caesar Salad Dressing

265 reviews

This is the absolute best salad dressing. Its is a staple in our house. We do a lot of BBQs and salad is always a side at our place. Its so good mixed with tons of croutons. We go through this as quick as water. Won't buy any other brand.
Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda

226 reviews

I use this for baking, cleaning and laundry. I have a very athletic kid and his clothes were hard to clean. I did some research and found that adding baking soda to the wash helps...and wow..does it ever. Now I also use it with all my laundry
Old El Paso Taco Kits

161 reviews

Perfect for my growing family when we are looking for a quick dinner! We always have a box in out pantry just in case we need an easy and quick meal! Would definitely buy regularly!
Driscoll's Raspberries

139 reviews

Driscoll is a name that everyone knows for year round fresh berries. The taste and quality of the fruit is undeniably top notch. However when it comes to the raspberries check the bottom of the package for spoilt fruit. This is not a Driscoll issue necessarily but could be due...
Heinz Pure White Vinegar

139 reviews

You cannot go wrong with white vinegar! It has an insane amount of uses. I use it in cooking and cleaning in my home so it is definitely a staple in our household! I have also recently started a small home chocolate business and I was having a slight issue with the silicone...
Kraft Jet-Puffed Miniature Marshmallows

94 reviews

I’m allergic to eggs and have to be careful what brands I use jet puffed by kraft are my favorite by far. I can eat them without issue. They’re the perfect topping for the s’mores cake I make!
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

94 reviews

My mother used to make jalapeno poppers out of these, and they were absolutely delicious! Or rather throw some cheese in these and you have yummy cheese rolls!
Knorr Selects Roasted Garlic Pesto with Volanti Pasta

95 reviews

Premièrement j'adore la forme des pâtes ! Sauf que j'ai dû rajouté 3 minutes de plus de cuisson et ils sont quand même al denté. Le goût est bon, j'adore le pesto, mais je trouve le produit un peu trop salé pour moi. Je vais surement en racheter mais rajouter du poulet...
Kraft Cool Whip Whipped Topping

101 reviews

No pie should ever go without having whipped topping! From pumpkin to apple,this is my go to. Sprinkle of cinnamon and presto, scrumptious dessert. Price is right on and quality is great.
Fruit By The Foot Variety Pack

75 reviews

I have love these for a long time. They are perfect for lunches or a quick snack. I would recommend the variety to see what flavour you like best. I love these and recommend them to everyone
Kellogg's Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry

88 reviews

Honestlyyyy this flavor isn't very good. The pastry has a bit of a sour taste. The sugar amounts are crazy. These however do taste better after being toasted. I'd prefer a Toaster Strudel to Pop-Tarts honestly. If you are going to purchase Pop-Tarts, I'd suggest the Brown Sugar...
Kraft Stove Top Stuffing

66 reviews

Stuffing isn't just for special occasions. I keep a box on hand to have with our regular dinners. It's super quick and easy to make and what makes it even better is that it tastes good, too!
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup

66 reviews

Campbell's chicken noodle soup is the best the taste is incredible can't get enough it smells good to, so I do recommend this product full of flavour absolutely delicious..
Aunt Jemina Original Pancake Mix

17 reviews

I first time tried the Aunt Jemina original pancake mix and it was a huge it. You just have to add water to the mix and make the pancakes. I used to add milk and water. Super result.
Knorr Sidekicks

71 reviews

Accompagnement qui est très apprécié pour les repas pressés , se cuisine rapidement et facilement,il est goûteux et savoureux.Il est aussi très versatile et polyvalent.
Kozy Shack Original Rice Pudding

50 reviews

This is the best rice pudding you can buy at the grocery store. It is rich and creamy, with bits of soft rice still present. The flavour is so simple but delicious, I can eat an entire tub of this all to myself just because of how tasty these are.
Mrs. Dash Seasoning

65 reviews

These are some of the best seasonings I’ve tried and there are so many different options! I find myself restocking on the original and the chicken one most. I use the seasonings on almost everything I make. The only downfall for me is the price, in my area everything is quite...
Jell-o Instant Pudding - Chocolate

17 reviews

An avid baker I use this chocolate pudding in quite a few desserts that I make. It is rich, delicious and chocolatey. My kids like to whip a batch up for a snack.
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing - The Original

53 reviews

This product speaks for itself. It definitely a family favorite in just about every household. And the new inverted bottle is so much easier to use and less messy. I love Hidden Valley Ranch.
Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup

54 reviews

aunt jemima original pancake syrup is very delicious, and i love to add more of it on the pancake. i add more butter and the syrup and oh its yummy. i recommend this product and i would buy this product again.