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Gum Reviews

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Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum

12 reviews

Juicy Fruit is my favorite gum brand! I love that the default flavor isn’t peppermint (yuck!) But am disappointed that I can no longer find it available in stick form, but in tablets, as one of the benefits is that it didn’t hurt my teeth to chew it.
Dentyne Ice Midnight Mint Gum

17 reviews

Dentyne ice freshens breath but oher then that I didn't like this gum ! I found after chewing it the flavour was gone and gum got very hard to chew !thumbs down for me
Dentyne Ice Intense

3 reviews

This is my holy grail gum. Your breath will smell amazing, flavour lasts, and the gum doesn't get hard as quick as the other Dentyne gums do. Some find the flavour to be a little intense, but it's my favourite! I personally purchase 2 packs of 60 from Walmart for about $6. Great...
Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Desserts Strawberry Shortcake

7 reviews

This gum had a really enjoyable flavour, although I found the flavour did not last very long. I do like how different the flavour was.
Wrigley 5 Flare Gum

1 review

I love anything cinnamon but was disappointed with this Wrigley flavor. I found the cinnamon flavor a bit harsh tasting and it wasn't long lasting. It was a miss for me. I wouldn't purchase again.
Wrigley 5 Vortex Green Apple

1 review

I'm a big fan of Wrigley's 5 gum but I did not find this flavor appealing. It has an artificial taste it and it wasn't looking lasting. I did not like the bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I wouldn't purchase again.
Extra Professional Spearmint Gum

1 review

I love this gum!!! It's soft and sweet and minty and delicious. I'm not sure about the cleaning teeth promises but I think it tastes perfect!!
Clorets Gum

1 review

This gum is in the form of a chicklet and it is terrible.Surely there must be better gums out there. The commercial says "No regrets with Clorets" but I sure regret tasting that stuff
Trident Layer's Gum/Sweet Cherry & Island Lime

9 reviews

I really like the Trudent Layer's Gum series. There are so many different fruity flavors to choose from. I also like that this gum is soft and chewy when you put it in your mouth. The fruit flavors really come out and the flavor lasts for a while. I often purchase these in...
Bubblicious Gum

8 reviews

watermelon is the best flavor out there! i remember this was always a treat to get as a child, so when i treat myself to a pack of it every now and again it takes me right back to when i was little.
trident layers gum orchard peach/ripe mango

5 reviews

just your typical gum... but wait, what is that? peach? mango? wow, it's a combination of both! it's like an explosion in your mouth! seriously, this gum is wonderful. the only downfall? the taste is there for no longer than a few minutes.
Trident White Wintergreen

4 reviews

keeps breath fresh and maintains it's flavor
Wrigley's Extra Professional Gum

5 reviews

This gum has a great flavour, although I wouldn't say it cleans my teeth really well. I did not notice a difference between this gum and other gums.
Juicy Fruit Desserts Gum

3 reviews

if you're looking for a quick sugar fix as I find it incredibly sweet. Flavour only lasts a very short time however the taste is great It is an excellent value for the price
Glee Gum All Natural Gum

2 reviews

This has to be the worst gum in the world, ok second worst.. thrills or whatever that awful stuff in the purple package is called, is worse. Regardless, this glee stuff has an awful taste! Having said that though, we all have different tastebuds and I'm sure there are many...
Wrigley 5 Gum

21 reviews

The Wrigley 5 Cobalt 5 gum. Has a wicked kick to it. Your whole mouth comes alive Instant cooling it awakens you and pow instant satisfaction. For a great peppermint taste you gotta try it..
Stride NonStop Mint Gum

7 reviews

I love that this gum lasts longer than some other ones do. It has these tiny blasts of mint that make the mint flavor last longer. I also like the little packaging that it comes in.
Wrigley's 5 Gum

1 review

I like 5 Gum because the taste is not bad and the flavour lasts a long time. I also like the packaging better than most gum packages. It's more environmentally friendly than many of the other kinds out there, without that extra plastic compartment. The flavour that I tried...