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Ice Cream Reviews

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Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars

218 reviews

You have it and the melted feeling in the mouth , is heavenly and it was so rich and filled and tasted so creamy. The milk chocolate , the caramel was fantabulous. new flavour with cheery to add to it. There was offer on it in shoppers drug mart and I bought multiple packs.
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream

224 reviews

The best ice cream you can have from mass production. I'm totally addicted! The two flavors make a perfect match and the mini rolos are the final touch.
Skinny Cow Ice Cream

132 reviews

I figured I’d try this while trying to loose a little weight. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this really was. I’d choose this over other ice creams
Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate

72 reviews

I would buy this product again...it was so good. I love chocolate ice cream and this ice cream is just so creamy. I absolutely love this product ans would def buy over and over again & i would reccommend it to my friends and family.
Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bars

85 reviews

Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

87 reviews

Our family buys these bars all the time! They are so freaking good! We can usually find them at our local grocery on sale and we love to keep a few on hand for those sweet and salty cravings. If you haven't tried yet, your missing out!
Breyers Creamery Style Caramel Fudge

65 reviews

Je suis une grande adpte de la crème glacé surtout quand c'est le mélange de mes deux saveur préféré caramel et chocolat. Je n'ai pas encore essayé la marque Breyer's dans les nouveaux petit pot et j'adorerais ça et si vous me choisissez je vais partager mes impressions...
Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel

101 reviews

I was never a big fan of these, my common law says iam crazy but I just don't them . i think that it is the cone that is the main factor. Its like eating cardboard. yucky
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Cherry Vanilla

62 reviews

This has to be one of my got to ice cream when pairing with a chocolate desert like a brownie or just sandwiched between triple chocolate cookies. Devine tasting.
Breyers Creamery Style Butterscotch Ripple

63 reviews

Absolutely delicious!! My whole family loved it. We tried this product and it is now our go to brand for ice cream. My picky eater was even loving it and it's a nice change from her normal boring old vanilla.
Breyers Creamery Style French Vanilla

73 reviews

I have always loved the flavors! Soft texture, low in calories, but long lasting in flavour in my mouth. Product display is clean, eye catching in the freezer display. Breyers has and continues to come up with new tastes often.
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours

101 reviews

When these first came out our family loved them. This have been one of our go to ice creams for year. Every season we look out for new flavour and when they go on sale we stock up. Another amazing thing is that the flavours you find and both classics and unusual flavour. Lets...
Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

67 reviews

Magnum Classic Ice cream bars are delicious. The high quality smooth, creamy vanilla bean icecream surrounded by the unsweetened quality of Belgian chocolate. The bitter chocolate cuts down son of the icecreams sweetness making this the perfect treat. They might be nor expensive...
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Truffle

52 reviews

this dark chocolate truffle tastes so good that you can never have enough for just a small cup. i love the texture of the ice cream, so smooth, so creamy. it's such a treat for the summer
Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

67 reviews

This is by far one of the best chocolate ice cream bars I have ever bought it has a great creamy taste to it and I sometimes even eat it in the winter like double chocolate wow I still have a few pack in my freezer
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

73 reviews

Love this flavour! The cookie dough, yum... The ice cream, super yum! The last tub of this we had, definitely a couple months ago, the ice cream seemed powdery and gritty. It seemed much 'cheaper' than I've ever seen for Ben & Jerry's. Hopefully it was a one off.
Breyers Creamery Style Neapolitan

58 reviews

This is by far my favourite brand of Neapolitan ice cream. It’s so delicious, creamy and flavourful! I love the small chunks of strawberries mixed in. So yummy!
Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Bars

59 reviews

I love the double chocolate and vanilla combination. the tastes is delicious. after you finish one, you craze for another one. the price is a bit more expensive than other ice cream brands, but it's worth it, give yourself a treat
DQ Blizzard Cakes

80 reviews

Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

70 reviews

These are a treat- I can only buy these once a while. Not because they are bad but because when I do buy them I end up eating the whole box in one sitting. It is so hard to control myself when these are around.