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Ice Cream Reviews

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Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream

45 reviews

I love coffee and I love Häagen-Dazs so I thought this would be the perfect marriage! Overall I did find the coffee flavour to be more subtle than I expected and the flavour was overwhelmingly sweet instead. Not the best coffee flavoured ice cream I’ve had but worth a try.
Ben and Jerrys Red Velvet

1 review

This is a delicious ice cream product and I really love the red velvet cake taste! The only downside would be the nutritional values and the overall price point of these ice cream products. Overall definitely worth a try!
Haagen Dasz Mango Raspberry

1 review

Mango Raspberry ice cream is very interesting combination. It is not sweet. I really like the fact that its made in Canada. The mango flavour could be stronger.
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

12 reviews

I LOVE B&J;. this kind is so good and I love how there is pieces of brownie in it. I love how B&J;how offers dairy free options which is good for other members of my family
Haagen Dazs chocolate chocolate chunk icecream

1 review

Really good. The first ingredient is cream in this very chocolatey ice cream. The chunks are just the right size. It is rather expensive for such a small container but it's worth it once in awhile
Oreo Mini Bar

1 review

I love the min version of these Oreo Bars! They make a delicious and indulgent snack, without the guilt of eating a larger bar. It tastes just as great as the original oreo cookies and larger bars. These make a wonderful summertime treat! Enjoy while they're available!
Haagen Dasz vanilla almond mini ice cream bars

1 review

Supermarket put them on discount for half price!!. Lucky me. Delicious. The real vanilla is really noticeable. The chocolate shell is good quality chocolate and the almonds are cut to just the right size. Just right for a cool treat on a hot day
Del Monte creamy bars made with bananas

2 reviews

The Del Monte creamy bars are nice and refreshing the banana and chocolates are a great combination they are $5 for a pack which is great price plus it only has 70 calories
Oreo Birthday Cake Sandwich

1 review

Yum these are delicious! If you love Oreo cookies, and birthday cake flavour, this is the perfect summer treat! It makes every day feel like a celebration, as it should be! They do have a regular Oreo sandwich version, but the birthday cake flavour is a wonderful touch! Try it...
Klondike reese

1 review

Tried it for the first time and loved it. Got these at real canadian superstore and omg so delicious. Your ice cream and reese craving satisfied in one go!
Dairy Queen - softserve

1 review

I received a free coupon in the mail for 1L of soft serve and I grabbed both flavours (vanilla and chocolate). The taste is fine for soft serve. I would not actively seek this out since I prefer richer ice creams but I was satisfied with the value and taste.
Chapman's Lolly Triple Delicious

1 review

Triple flavor Chapman lolly pop is really good for someone having sore throat and also during summers heat. It has three flavors blue rasberry, red strawberry in it and also white flavor. These cold yummy treats are perfect during summer heat the best part is that these are...
Ben and Jerry PHISH FOOD

1 review

Its pricey but worth every mouthful. Chocolate ice-cream with melted marshmallow and little chocolate fishes. What more could you ask for. Heaven. Its my go to for all my problems
Twix Ice Cream

1 review

Oh my god, I’ve only just discovered these and not sure if there new but everyone needs to try them! Such a lovely treat and I test you to not eat more than one.. I mean you get two in a normal twix right? Haha! The little crispy bits inside are so yummy and I feel like the...
Dairy Queen Dipped Cone

30 reviews

These of course are great if your inside dinning and have plenty of napkins! They’re dipped in hot toppings do of course they will be messy. I would not rev one d these in your car or even for a child no matter where your eating.
Beyers Almond Milk Ice Cream

1 review

If you Love ice cream but can’t stomach the dairy? Have no fear! Breyers® Non-Dairy OREO® Cookies & Cream is here! Made with real almond milk and filled with loads of 100% REAL OREO® cookies – there’s no milk in sigh
Chapman's Black Cherry Ice Cream

49 reviews

A few years ago I had received a Coupon for a Free (upto $4.00) Chapman’s IceCream Products. So I used it and picked the Blackcherry Icecream and WOW it was so Flavoured and Lots & Lots of cherries cut n halves ( i think halves their pretty big chunks) and all you taste every...
Dairy Queen DQ Oreo Cake

1 review

I love that it holds the soft serve in the ice cream well for a few days if you have a small family. Quite expensive, and our local DQ was skimpy on the whipped topping so I might request extra next time. I LOVE the fudge center plus the oreo layer!
HÄAGEN-DAZS® exträaz™ Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

5 reviews

I’m 40 weeks pregnant and I got addicted to strawberry cheesecake flavour around 30 weeks. And I keep buying it whenever I go to do grocery.. such creamy and intense flavour without being overly sweet.. I like to add pinch of maldon salt as I love combination of sweet and...
Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait

41 reviews

The closest dairy queen to us is about 25 minutes away. Any time we are in that area I make sure we stop and have some ice cream. My ultimate favorite is the peanut buster parfait