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Ice Cream Reviews

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So Delicious coconut milk ice cream - chocolate

9 reviews

Often, non-dairy ice cream lacks body and flavor. So Delicious comes through on both. Their chocolate flavors in both coconut and almond milk formulas are great. Leave on the counter 10–15 minutes before serving to let it soften a little, though.
Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter

3 reviews

this is low in calorie and perfect snack for on the go. or if you have any cravings but you are on a diet! enjoyed it very much and even my family love them too!
Presidents Choice Blue Menu Swirl Smoothie Bar in Orange

3 reviews

We love these! But we find them a little overpriced. Faves are the mango. The field berry. And the Strawberry Banana. Taste great and are a good size for that after dinner/late night treat. The field berry and the strawberry/ban ones are deliciously creamy. All flavours we...
Chapman's Lolly Assorted

30 reviews

I always stock up with the 28 Lollys usually the Fruity ones The grandkids love them. Would Love to see boxes of only Blue Raspberry and Lemon Lime green ones one day Love many Ice Cream brands Our Favourite is Butter Pecan OR Black Cherry But have tried many many other...
Klondike Original Ice Cream Bar

20 reviews

I really like these ice cream bars, good and consistent flavor. They are perfect for a no-mess summer snack for kids. I would buy these again, especially in the summer time.
Chapman's Mint Chip Ice Cream

12 reviews

Mint and chocolate chips together make a delicious duo, thick creamy texture and it is made of real cream, not too sweet just right for me. Love to share with family and friends, enjoy it on a hot summer day.
President's Choice Pink Lemonade Ice Cream

2 reviews

not what i was expecting at all!!! very disappointed in taste and lack of tart /sweet/tangy lemonade flavour I've grown acustom too
Skinny Cow Cone - Vanilla with Caramel

7 reviews

Love it. I usually am a frequent buyer of Skinny Cow, and I love these cones. Tastes great, good value as it’s not too expensive, an overall good buy! Try it!
Kawartha Dairy Moose Tracks Ice Cream

24 reviews

Our family goes through at least a tub a week. Lots of mini peanut butter cups and swirls of fudge in very rich tasting vanilla ice cream Very tasty.
Presidents Choice Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

5 reviews

Presidents choice ice cream flavours are the bomb, but this wasn't as I expected. When I ate it it was good, until I felt the texture, it actually taste like there's cake in there. Not a good mix for me but, I love there other flavours this one wasn't my thing :)
Red Velvet Ice Cream by Duff

2 reviews

Yum! I am neither much of an ice cream fan, or a cake fan, but this was super good. Heaven on a spoon. The cake pieces were great, and it tasted just like cake!
Fudgsicle Original Fudge Pops

12 reviews

Our entire family loves these fudge pops! I remember these from my childhood years and loved them then too. The fudge flavor of this treat is so incredible and it's hard to stop at just 1.
Creamsicle Sugar-Free Cream Ice Bars

8 reviews

These are super tasty and a perfect treat to have on a hot summer day. I love the different flavours and the ice cream in the middle is a nice surprise.

15 reviews

Who doesn't love popsicles ? These are a staple in my home in the summer months . I've loved popsicles since I was a kid . I like that they're full of flavour and a great simple frozen treat . Kids and adults love them . I highly recommend.
Deni's Automatic Ice Cream Maker

1 review

Now you don't have to visit the local ice cream parlor. You can make ice cream at home, fast and easy, with Deni's Automatic Ice Cream Maker! The Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker contains a powerful motor and double insulated gel cylinder that turns basic ingredients into...
Chapman's No Sugar Added Ice Cream

17 reviews

I received this free to try as a disclaimer. Overall, I was really not a fan. I LOVE ice cream and although I appreciate the need for substitutes for those with intolerances/allergies etc, this one really did not taste 'right' at all. There are plenty of tasty options out there!
Skinny Cow Drum Sticks

7 reviews

I used to love them! Especially the mint flavour. I have not been able to find them anywhere. It is devastating. They were not too sweet, the cone was perfectly crunchy and the ice cream was smooth.
Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars

7 reviews

Both of us really liked these bars and found them to be a perfect snack. The taste is fantastic and the texture is as well. This is something that will always be found in the freezer at our house.
President's Choice Loads of Pecan Butter Tart Ice Cream

3 reviews

Omg best ice cream I've ever had! That coming from a someone who loooooves ice cream! My goodness. Most addicting, deliciously amazing ice cream in all the land. Yummo. Little candied pieces of nuts and swirls of butter tart filling, then little cube of crunchy buttery crust...
Island Way Sorbet

14 reviews

I haven't been this excited in a while about ice cream. This sorbet is absolutely delicious not to mention it comes in its own fruit shell. Absolutely brilliant, and great tasting!