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Ice Cream Reviews

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Skinny Cow Mint Chocolate Drumsticks

2 reviews

These are my absolute favorite of all the Skinny Cow frozen treats! I hope they continue to have them available
Talenti Gelato and Sorbet

10 reviews

I have gotten addicted to this flavor called....Southern Buttered Pecan...OMG if you haven't tried..watch out..so smooth tasty and bites of pecans thru out. I was very surprised how creamy and delicious it was..try it you'll love it
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

6 reviews

I have been eating Baskin Robbins chocolate chip for many many years. I’ve tried other brands even store brands and nothing comes Close to the delicious dark chocolate bits of goodness in baskin Robbins ice cream
Dairy Queen Banana Split

67 reviews

I would eat this treat as often as possible. It's so delicious! I get this on weekends with my kids and we look forward to it all week. Nothing beats the Dairy Queen banana split
Fruttare Coconut & Milk Frozen Fruit Bar

19 reviews

These frozen fruit bars taste great although a bit pricey. They come in several flavours. Since they are gluten free, they are a great dessert in our house.
Chapman's Vanilla Truffle Slice Cream Cake

5 reviews

I bought Slice cream yesterday, I got the vanilla truffle kind. It's really good, there's white chocolate pieces on top and real vanilla in the ice cream. I would definitely buy this again!
Chapman's Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

10 reviews

A delightful light classic ice cream. So smooth and creamy. Simply delicious a delicious and a good price!
Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

62 reviews

Once in a while you need to indulge and this would be the product you should purchase. The chocolate cookie is tender and melts in your mouth and the ice cream is creamy and smooth. A delicious and yummy treat.
Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

13 reviews

Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake was once my favorite ice cream bar. I remember when the Good Humor Truck would roll down my street, bell jingling and all! My daughter purchased a 6 bar pack for me because I had a strong craving to experience this taste from my childhood. The...
Popsicle - Hello Kitty Fun Bunch Popsicles

7 reviews

I love absolutely everything in hello Kitty brand!!!!! I mean absolutely everything!!! I've loved this kitty ever since I was a kid and teenager!!! !!!
Nestlé Parlour Minis

3 reviews

These are so good I feel like having more than one each time. I like that they come in these sizes because they make for a good quick snack. Will be buying on next trip to the store!
PC Pecan Butter Tart Ice Cream

1 review

Addicting..every bite outstanding. Stock up
Coconut Bliss Mocha Maca Crunch

2 reviews

This ice cream style dessert is the best tasting store bought ice cream I have had. However, at 9$ per small container it is outside of my regular budget.
Chapman's Premium Collection Almond and Milk Chocolate Ice cream Bars

9 reviews

I usually hate chocolate coated ice creams because the chocolate coating can be waxy, powdery, and taste really artificial (I'm looking at you, Klondike). Thankfully, this chocolate coating actually tastes like chocolate. The ice cream is decent quality. I love the almond and...
Nestlé Parlour Cookies & Cream

8 reviews

My son loves cookies and cream flavour ice cream, and even loves this one! But I have concerns regarding the fact that this is Made completely Of artificial Ingredients! You have to read the fine print to know that this is not technically ice cream! So I prefer to spend more for...
parlour ice cream

4 reviews

Usually all ice creams taste the same.This ice cream especially the cookie cream ice cream has a stand alone taste of the cookies ,taste a more like oreo.
Good karma

1 review

For a non dairy ice cream, it tastes great! Only drawback, it's expensive.
Baskin Robins Almond Jamoca Fudge

4 reviews

There is an abundance of flavors in this ice cream - with loads of almonds and great fudge swirl - this flavor can't be beat!!! The blend of flavors of this Baskin-RObbins ice cream is for anyone who likes nuts and fudge!!!
President's Choice Vanilla ice cream bars

1 review

Very tasty ice cream bars, 4 x 85 ml in box for 4.99 at stores that sell President's Choice products. Buy them regularly.
Chapman's Butter Pecan Ice Cream

13 reviews

My husband is the one who is the butter pecan taster guy. He loves this brand. And I am also happy to say it is ice cream and not a frozen dessert. The only problem is that we have a tendency to eat too much of it.