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Ice Cream Reviews

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Chapman's Rainbow Sorbet

37 reviews

Je viens tout juste d'essayer ce fabuleux sorbet trois couleurs . Mon mari et moi avons adoré . Pas trop sucré , nous allons encore nous en acheter d'autre car nous avons beaucoup aimé aussi que ce soit sans gluten. Je pense que les marchands de crème à la glace vont nous...
Breyers Mocha Fudge Brownie Half Fat Ice Cream

3 reviews

This flavor is amazing! I love all the breyers flavors and always look forward to trying new ones as well as re-trying my old favorites. I don't usually care for half fat, diet or sugar free type items but the mocha brownie ice cream tasted like full fat to me!
Kwartha's Dairy Company

3 reviews

I was very impress with this ice cream. It was rich and smooth in flavour as they used cream. I also enjoyed the taste of the vanilla. It had just the right amount of a sweet taste and I could tell they used high quality ingredients. It is more expensive than other companies...
Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream

20 reviews

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Baskin Robbins Praline 'n Cream Ice Cream

3 reviews

Aside from the wonderful service received every time I visit Baskin Robbins, this ice cream blows me out of the water. It is creamy, the flavors are well blended but the swirls are preserved making the taste spread beautifully. Love!!
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

6 reviews

I have been eating Baskin Robbins chocolate chip for many many years. I’ve tried other brands even store brands and nothing comes Close to the delicious dark chocolate bits of goodness in baskin Robbins ice cream

15 reviews

Who doesn't love popsicles ? These are a staple in my home in the summer months . I've loved popsicles since I was a kid . I like that they're full of flavour and a great simple frozen treat . Kids and adults love them . I highly recommend.
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream

2 reviews

I am a major Ben & Jerry's fan, and this ice cream does not disappoint! The coffee ice cream base is fantastic. It is smooth, creamy, high quality ice cream with a delicious coffee flavor. The heath bars are abundant and the chunks are huge! I never thought I would complain...
Mrs. Field's Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

2 reviews

A nice and creamy chocolatey treat with lots of brownie chunks, very good.
Skinny Cow Mint Chocolate Drumsticks

2 reviews

These are my absolute favorite of all the Skinny Cow frozen treats! I hope they continue to have them available
Chapman's Mint Chip Ice Cream

12 reviews

Mint and chocolate chips together make a delicious duo, thick creamy texture and it is made of real cream, not too sweet just right for me. Love to share with family and friends, enjoy it on a hot summer day.
Creamsicle Sugar-Free Cream Ice Bars

8 reviews

These are super tasty and a perfect treat to have on a hot summer day. I love the different flavours and the ice cream in the middle is a nice surprise.
Yogen Fruz Matcha Green Ice Cream

5 reviews

I love getting this at the mall. It tastes so good on its own even without the toppings. If you do get toppings, I'd suggest fruit because the taste just complements each other so perfectly. One time I made the mistake of putting chocolate chips on it, and it tasted really...
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cookie Jar

287 reviews

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cookie Jar was a family favorite! I did have a hard time finding this delicious ice cream at my local supermarkets and so it will likely not be on my regular shpping list. I will search for it for special occassions however as it is very tasty.
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Salty Caramel Crunch

227 reviews

Carmel crunch premium ice cream is an absolute delight! From the moment you take your first scoop, you'll be transported to a world of creamy indulgence. The texture is incredibly smooth, and the flavors are rich and authentic. The caramel flavor is spot-on, not overly sweet...
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Vanilla Trilogy

228 reviews

The ice cream is so creamy more than everything I ever tasted. This type of vanilla is a really high quality and is good for sundae, milkshake or just like that.
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cherry Chocolate Truffle

214 reviews

I really liked this ice cream with the subtle but flavourful cherry flavour. I loved the pieces and the pieces of truffle chocolate! It was nice that not every bite had a piece in it so you could still really get the cherry flavour. It was super creamy and premium tasting as...
Chapman's Coffee and Chocolate No Sugar Added Lactose Free Ice Cream

103 reviews

Great taste , creamy and fluffy , that's how I like my ice-creams . I would differently recommend it to my family and friends . One of the best brand of ice-creams out there , value and flavor for your money .
Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate

89 reviews

This is one of the best chocolate ice creams out there that my whole family enjoys. I love how elegant and tasty it is. Me and my family have been enjoying thus ice cream for years and we always love it! I highly recommend this chocolate ice cream.
Breyers Canadian Desserts Sugar Pie

57 reviews

I like Québécois deserts so I was looking forward to this one. I enjoy eating it until, I was met with chunks of sugar in my mouth, I did not enjoy that. But other than that, the ice cream is flavourful and enjoyable.