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Ice Cream Reviews

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Chapman's Gelato Sour Cherry Tango

2 reviews

I try to moderate the amount of sweets I intake, but this really, really makes it hard to stay on track. Initially, I really didn't expect to like this because, cherry? Artificial cherry flavours are generally not my top choice (all I think of is medicine). But this is actually...
Snack & half ice cream sandwich

5 reviews

I absolutely love these. They are so delicious. The perfect amount of everything. They are the best ice cream sandwich out there. Bring them back please
Scotsburn hoof prints ice cream

4 reviews

I have many favorite types of ice cream, and hoof prints is one of the top. Great quality ingredients that always please. Been working as a store attendant for years and this is also one that I scoop the most!
PC Creamfirst Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice-cream

2 reviews

This flavour is just awesome! Delicious vanilla icecream with a yummy cookie butter ribbon which tastes like a cross between caramel and a mild cookie flavour which is not too sweet but just right! The swirly flavour hits the right spot everytime. My family is also in love with...
Melona Frozen Bars

13 reviews

I love Melona Bars as I have tried all the flavours. They are delicious and creamy on a hot summer day or when you need a little refreshment in your day. I always have a box or 2 in the freezer. I love the Honeydew the best as it tastes so much like the real thing. So refreshing...
Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream

3 reviews

Vanilla ice cream is always my favorite. It's a great favor for making smooth. All my family love it.
Kawartha Dairy Moose Tracks Ice Cream

24 reviews

Our family goes through at least a tub a week. Lots of mini peanut butter cups and swirls of fudge in very rich tasting vanilla ice cream Very tasty.
Popsicle® Jelly Belly®

6 reviews

these are delicious, i love the different flavors that come in the box and the fact that they weren't all that expensive they shuold come in a bigger box though
Chapman's Options Blueberry Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt Smoothie

4 reviews

Everything about these are great! They are flavourful but not TOO sweet, a perfect size to satisfy cravings and are a great price. I have been through many boxes of these and everyone I've shared them with have also enjoyed them. I'd love for Chapman's to come out with a new...
Crème Glacée Coaticook Cerise Noire

4 reviews

Encore une fois un excellent rapport qualité prix et toutes la famille en raffolent... Cerise noir est la préféré de tous... Mais toutes les saveurs son bonne
Chapman's Ice Cream Sundae Strawberry Shortcake

10 reviews

This strawberry sundae is great! It is creamy and not super sweet which was good. I would definately buy this product again and would recommend it to family and friends.
PC Loads of Chocolatey Peanut Butter Treats Ice Cream

2 reviews

This ice cream packs a ton of value. Chocolate ice cream loaded with peanut butter treats in every bite. Not too sweet, not too rich. This ice cream is worth every cent
Ripples Ice Cream Shop

2 reviews

Ripples ice cream shop is totally AWESOME. It is so yummy.I actually love all their ice cream products but this one happens to be my most favorite. Try it yourself.
Baskin Robins Almond Jamoca Fudge

4 reviews

There is an abundance of flavors in this ice cream - with loads of almonds and great fudge swirl - this flavor can't be beat!!! The blend of flavors of this Baskin-RObbins ice cream is for anyone who likes nuts and fudge!!!
PC Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

3 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy this ice cream tasted. A perfect blend of ice cream and pumpkin pie pieces. You can smell the pumpkin pie spices as soon as you open the container. Generous pieces of pumpkin pie pieces in every bite. Something different to enjoy...
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Chocolate Lover

215 reviews

J'ai adoré le produits. Le gout est excellent et onctueuse. Le seul petit point faible est le prix, je trouve qu'elle est un peu dispendieuses.Je la recommande fortement.
Chapman's Super Premium Plus The Only Strawberry

216 reviews

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. Unfortunately, my local Loblaws did not have the vanilla in stock but I was able to try the strawberry and it was so creamy and had big chunks of real strawberries in it. Definitely a premium ice cream. Great size...
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cold Brew Coffee

211 reviews

As both a coffee and dessert fan I really liked this ice cream and I appreciate that their packaging is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Chocolate & Brownies

188 reviews

I loved this ice cream brand! It was so good and delicious, and I would buy this again, awesome for kids and adults. Many flavours to choose from, and better than any other ice cream brand.
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Truffle

63 reviews

Chocolately enough to properly satiate both your ice cream and chocolate cravings. No longer spending $9.00 on a tub of specialty creamery ice cream. Finally an ice cream worth the calories too.