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Snacks Reviews

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Love grown oat clusters - cocoa goodness

1 review

I have been searching for a nut-free granola for my kids to take to school. I have found a winner! No artificial flavours, free of fructose, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and trans fat. My two kids loved it.
Kellogg's Pop Tarts Frosted Raspberry

1 review

I like its flavour, sweet and delicious. Their texture is also great. Enough filling in each pastry. I don’t think by any means that they are healthy at all but I like to enjoy one every now and then. The frosting is my favourite part. I like to eat them straight out of the...
Fiber 1 90 Calorie Birthday Cake Bar

2 reviews

The cake is absolutely lovely but is only 90 calories as it is only very small. Having said that it is perfect if you are craving something sweet and are watching your weight. I always like something sweet after tea and this is just enough to satisfy that sweet craving without...
Ice Breakers Sours

22 reviews

I love this candy. It tastes good, it's just refreshing enough and the container it comes in is pretty solid so you don't have to worry about it opening and making a mess. I stock up on these every time I go to Walmart. It's the only place I can find them..highly recommend!
Special k fruit crisp strawberry flavour

3 reviews

absolutely love these bars. They are just the perfect snack size.The srawberry taste just pops out at you.These are so easy to grab and go as well. Love sharing these.
Combos Baked Snacks

10 reviews

I love Combos! I prefer the cracker Combos over the pretzel Combos. They taste good and aren't too salty. Great snack and great to take on-the-go without being messy
Jello No Sugar Added Strawberry

8 reviews

Sugar free jello allows me to have a snack without the guilt of added sugars. It is very light and the variety of flavors allows for a different snack each time.
Jif To Go Creamy Peanut Butter

2 reviews

I've always been a Jif peanut butter user because it has the best flavor and creaminess. I was really excited when I saw these go to cups in the store! They're perfect for a snack with fruit or crackers. I always keep them stocked in my pantry.
Kirkland Pistachios

2 reviews

A trip to Costco is not complete unless I buy a bag of Kirkland's pistachios - I would be shunned by my hubby if I forgot, which I never do because I love them just as much as he does. I think they sell for around $20 for a 3 pound bag and they are worth every penny. I like that...
Pez Candy

25 reviews

I have been collecting PEZ dispensers for the last 20 years. It all started with 1 and now I have close to 1000 unique dispensers of all shapes and sizes. Although I am not a fan of the candy, i always get a thrill out of finding a new character. Totally worth buying them!
matt and Steve's b'n olives

1 review

My husband bought these for us on a whim one day because we loved the Extreme Beans so much.. They're olives stuffed with their Extreme bean.. Oh. My. God... I ate the whole jar in one sitting (oops).. they were delicious.. they're the perfect combination of sour, spicy, salty...
Tim hortons blt sandwich

5 reviews

I really enjoyed this sandwich. I like the combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato. It makes the sandwich much healthier an adds a great taste. I also love bacon.
Nutribar Health - Date & Walnut Bars

2 reviews

Received these as a gift from the company, these are some of the best protein bars I have ever had, the flavors is so decadent you forget you are eating something that is good for you. These are now in our cupboard always.
Pure Protein Crunch

15 reviews

This one of the first protein snacks that I tried and I wasn't a big fan of. I thought it would taste kind of like a Maltese but I was wrong. There was nothing tasty about it. I think this product is discontinued now but either way, I wouldn't recommend it!! 😑
PRANA Kilimanjaro Deluxe Chocolate Mix

2 reviews

La marque prana offre plusieurs produit de grande qualité mais ce mélange est de loin mon préféré. Il est tres nutritif et a un excellent goût. Cependant je trouve le produit un peu cher.
fibre 1 chewy Light Bars

1 review

This tasty snack is yummy and curbed your craving for candy - Peanut Butter Chocolate Flavour. My go to when I need a quick something to help my hunger - great snack in between meals and only 100 Calories!
President choice unsweetened applestreet

1 review

My kids love this apple sauce. This is always their goto snack! Best snack with no added sugar or flavours! Always stocked up on my home! Your kids will love it to!
Pop Rocks Candies

20 reviews

I loved eating these when I was growing up, I still do as an adult. These are so fun to eat with the sweet sugar pieces popping in your mouth, My kids are a big fan too
special k cracker chips - bbq

19 reviews

Special K Cracker Chips are delicious! They are a great alternative to chips without all the fat and calories. They also have some vitamins and fibre which is good. These chips have a very mild spice to them but it is only a hint so these are great for even those who don't like...
Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cake

4 reviews

The little Debbie cakes have always had a place a place in my family hearts. We have family that works at the plant. We know that they have a wonderful work plant and cakes taste amazing 👌