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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

981 reviews

Loved this stuff, find it closer to Christmas. It’s a great tasting drink, we prefer Canada Dry as a family and love that they offer this as well. Would continue to buy religiously
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

903 reviews

If you love the taste of lemonade like I do, then this drink is for you. The right balance of ginger ale and lemonade together. If you get a craving for lemonade,drink this. The only thing is that it is available for a limited time.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

468 reviews

This isn’t a soda it’s life blood. It’s my go-to daily. Helps with nausea and has a great taste. Goes well with everything! Everyone needs a good stalk of Canada Dry as a staple in their home
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

434 reviews

I reluctantly tried this ginger ale, and was sure I would not like it. I have always been a ginger ale consumer. After the first few sips, I wasn't too sure, and did grow to like it. Now I realize that it is my favorite ginger ale and always look for it in the grocery store. On...
Pepsi Cola

315 reviews

Pepsi is hands down the best drink out there ive been a die hard pepsi lover for 30 yrs. The best tasting by far, I drink it daily you couldnt pay me enough to drink anything else
A & W Rootbeer

275 reviews

Hands down the best root beer.. aside from DADS root beer. Selling this with no ice makes a huge difference, a fresh ice cold a&w;root beer is a refreshing chug I highly recommend to anyone. Don't use ice, apparently the ice in soda machines are dirtier than a public toilet...
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

218 reviews

It wasn’t that I didn’t like thus ginger ale I just don’t like diet pops I likes the original better I repurchased the original flavour many time’s since trying it for free
Coca-Cola Classic

229 reviews

It is the best soda ever, we cannot compare with another soda. We always have this at home and everyone love it and ir is the only drink that I would have anywhere in the world.
Coca-Cola Cherry

95 reviews

This is my favourite .I but it all the time .I tend to buy in bulk when on offer as well .it's not too sweet neither too bitter .it's just the perfect taste .better served I've cold

86 reviews

Dehydrated? Sick? Overheated? Gatorade supplies the nutrients that your body needs. Tons of flavors to choose from. My favorite is lemon lime. Great for athletes, kids and adults.
Diet Pepsi

78 reviews

I Have been drinking diet Pepsi for several years its my go to drink wherever I am. it's smooth tasting and quenches my thirst All the time. I have tried other drinks but they never last. I always have diet Pepsi in my car and in the house.
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

57 reviews

This is one of the best flavours of soda that i have tried in quite awhile. It is so very refreshing. I cannot wait to try some of the other flavours of cola that the Pepsi brand offers
Coca Cola Vanilla

65 reviews

This is a very delicious drink with a very rich taste. The sweetness and Vanilla taste is just right. I absolutely love it amd will definitely continue to purchase it.
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

60 reviews

I absolutely love when Coke releases Cherry Coke Zero, it is one of my favourite drinks as a treat or an anytime go to special drink!! I love the taste and the flavour!
Diet Coke

86 reviews

i switched to diet coke from regular coke and i am really enjoying it. its low on sugar so its good option as compared to other substitutes available in market.
Dr. Pepper

36 reviews

I love Dr Pepper. I drink this very cold from the fridge or with ice. Tastes better from a cold can. I buy the bottles from asda and very cheap one pound or one pound twenty five. I drink the whole bottle in a day it is that nice.
Pepsi 355ml

22 reviews

It's the perfect thirst quenching drink. Can buy it literally everywhere. Most places even offer deals for buying 2. I will most definitely be buying this drink on a regular basis.
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

19 reviews

Please make this flavour (Blueberry / Peach) a regular flavour.....it is excellent and very addictive....lo. i bought up all the cases from all the supermarkets and drug stores around me in Scarborough, Ontario. Thank You......as far as your Csnada Dry side....the Lemonade...
Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale

46 reviews

Great flavour for those looking for a stronger ginger ale taste. Mixes even better with whiskey than regular Canada Dry. I personally really like this varietal and hope they come out with a diet version soon.
Coca-Cola Zero Vanilla

12 reviews

Classic coke taste + vanilla. Always my favorite flavor and will continue to purchase this flavor. Never disappointed with Coke product. Looking forward to new flavors.