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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

1101 reviews

I love gingerbread and especially love this flavor. It's not always easy to find but when I do, I stock up. It's not too sweet. It's refreshing. Still has that classic gingerale flavor. Give it a try.
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

933 reviews

I don't know what thr rave is about. Some of these reviews for this product really surprise me. It tastes normal, like the regular gingerale. Does not taste natural at all either. Not even a bit. There is really no lemonade or lemon taste either. Pretty let down.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

540 reviews

When i crack open a cold one of Canada Dry my taste buds start to dance on their toes in anticipation. i hear the oxygen unlocking and start to bubble. i bring my lips to the cold silver can and I tilt my head back as I let the ale flow into my mouth chamber. i feel the pep! oh...
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

445 reviews

This is the real stuff crafted with real sugar in 12 355ml bottles. I find it crisp refreshing and when Ice cold a real treat. If you find some pick it up.
Pepsi Cola

374 reviews

Nice flavor love to drink with pizza and pasta 😋. So I can easily digest my food. Easily available everywhere and affordable. Easy to consume and very light soft drink
A&W Rootbeer

332 reviews

A&W;Root Beer is a caffeine free soda. It has the perfect sweetness. I use this soda to make root beer floats with vanilla ice cream. It is the original root beer. I also drink the root beer with burgers and fries. I would recommend the root beer to anyone who wants a caffeine...
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale

264 reviews

Tastes great but balk at the price as its production costs is pennies. Therefore could never see myself buying it. Much better to buy concentrated ginger beer syrup and make my own ginger beer using a Soda Stream for a fraction of the cost of this product.
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Beer

244 reviews

Loved this ginger beer much more than I thought it would. It has such a smooth taste and the ginger is amazing. Great on its own and also in a Moscow mule. I would recommend this to everyone as a must try. Have purchased this many times since!!
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

226 reviews

I really enjoyed this variation of flavor of canadry t was a subtle cranberry taste with same fizz and taste we all grown to love with this ginger ale i would recommend
Coca-Cola Classic

263 reviews

A true classic. Nothing beats a iced cold coke on a hot day. It tastes great, has the perfect amount of fizz and is very refreshing. Perfect for any meal, movie nights or whenever you need that boost of energy.
Canada Dry Premium Tonic Water

208 reviews

This product is easy to find in my grocery store it has an amazing taste and they bottle is super cute to boot and super environmentally friendly because it's completely recyclable glass the tonic tastes fantastic as well as the other varieties of sort of there are and the price...
Coca-Cola Zero

180 reviews

I really like the taste of Coca-cola zero. I love the design image so much. It good to consume with meal or even with snack . I served to guest and gift to friends too. Its very affordable price to buy too. I would highly recommend others and my friends to buy too.

98 reviews

A friend suggested that I drink thisduring the brutally, hot, humid weather we experienced this summer. They definitely quench my thirst. I love the taste and these don't leave an aftertaste.
Coca-Cola Cherry

99 reviews

I do like the original but cheery flavour is my favourite. I’m not keen on the vanilla but when you want something different to original you need to try cherry
Diet Pepsi

86 reviews

Diet pepsi tastes great and its a little better than regular soda. This is the only soda ill drink and I always get it with groceries. Something to help when you need the caffeine but its diet.
Diet Coke

103 reviews

Diet coke is less sweet due to the artificial sweeteners compared to the sugar filled original cola, the taste is somewhat flat for me like it is watered down. It is sugar-free and no calories.
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

61 reviews

This product is really good. It's different than the regular Pepsi it's a nice refreshing change. You can taste the cherry nut it isn't overly powerful so you can get the taste of both cola and cherry. I will definitely never go back to other brands again.
Coca Cola Vanilla

70 reviews

I am not the hugest fan of the original Coca-Cola product. I still buy it occasionally, but it certainly isn't one of my favorites. However, Coca-Cola Vanilla has all the same problems with original Coca-Cola, and then adds more problems. Like original Coca-Cola the drink is so...
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

63 reviews

I love Coke Zero, and I love cherry Coke! I'm trying to lose my covid weight, and this drink really hits the spot. No sugar, with that delish cherry Coke taste. I wish I could buy this year round!!
Coke zero

25 reviews

Since it’s release this has been my go-to when I want soda. I find it barely has a “diet” taste. I have recently started purchasing the 300mL plastic bottles. I like this size. It’s bigger than the tiny can, which is not enough for me, and smaller than a regular can...