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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

420 reviews

Je suis une grande fan de boissons gazeuses, mais cette sorte, est de loin la meilleure! J’adore le goût de mûres qui est juste assez présente pour donner un bon goût fruité au ginger ale!
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

427 reviews

I drink Gingerale to help with my nausea due to my cronic illnesses. The taste is nice and refreshing and always makes me feel abit better. I recommend Canada Dry Gingerale 100%.
Pepsi Cola

282 reviews

Amazing taste and perfect thrist quencher! I drink way to much pop for my own good and Pepsi is my go to. You can always count on pepsi's quality and consistancy.
A & W Rootbeer

207 reviews

We love A&W;root beer in our house always keep stocked up on this root beer because it always goes fast. This is the best root beer on the market a 10 out of 10!
Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

183 reviews

OMG I LOVE THIS FLAVOR OF CANADA DRY GINGER ALE!!! where I live, it's only available during the holiday season. This seriously needs to be made available to purchase all year round! I am a daily pop drinker, I used to have at least one can of pepsi every single day! But then I...
Coca-Cola Classic

116 reviews

This is a classic and one of my favorites. Its my favorite cola. It has a clasiic smooth flavor that quenches my thirst everytime aI drink it. It is also not harsh on my stomache like some others are.
Coke Zero

128 reviews

Same great taste! No sugar. It's a better alternative than the regular or diet coke. And it's great because the coke zero now comes in multiple flavors so you aren't limited to just one!
Diet Pepsi

70 reviews

My girlfriend absolutely loves this stuff!! Hands down better than Diet Coke. I enjoy using it as a mix for rum as it seems to bring out the flavour of the rum better. Once in a while I have a can as I don’t drink a lot of pop. Always tastes great!!
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

49 reviews

Pepsi cherry cola is a fun twist on the typical pepsi. You can taste the cherry nut it isnt over powerful so you can get the taste of both cola and cherry
Coca Cola Cans

44 reviews

There is definitely nothing like a cold Coca Cola to quench the thirst with its own unique and smooth taste it delivers! It's the original one with a good reason!
Diet Coke

71 reviews

I absolutely love Diet Coke. It is so delicious and fizzy. Fresh clean taste to go with any meal. Amazing after a long day for a refreshing taste. Yummy!
Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale

45 reviews

I love mixing this with rum, the taste it really not to strong, it is perfect. I also love the carbonation, there is not to much, just enough. Would reccomend trying this. It is a little hard to try.
Dr. Pepper

25 reviews

Dr. Pepper definitely stands out as a totally unique alternative out there to the traditional colas, un-colas, citrus soft drinks, ginger ales, root beers and cream sodas. It definitely has that kick that one likes to have for a nice change from the common!
Cherry Coke

50 reviews

Cherry Coke is such an amazing drink it tastes so good and other than original Coke it goes down smooth I so recommend you to go and buy and try for yourself
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

15 reviews

I personally don't like this drink at all! I don't really like the taste of alcohol and this tastes similar to alcohol to me. It was worth the money since my friends dig it but I won't be purchasing again.
coke zero cherry

26 reviews

So here in Canada we unfortunately dont have this brand at all times. Its hit or miss. But my friend brings me this type back from the United States. It is so good!! Coke zero is a little better for you but the cherry flavour just puts it over the top! I hope it is stocked...
Coca Cola Vanilla

34 reviews

I LOVE this drink!! First time I had it years ago, I bought it everyday for a month, and now anytime it's available, I'll take it over any other pop! I think I'm gonna go buy some now!

38 reviews

Sprite is the o my actual soda I will drink, I love the taste and it’s easy on the stomach for bad days, it always helps to settle mine and isn’t packed with caffeine.
Pepsi 355ml

7 reviews

Hello everyone ,let me say I can't go a day without drinking Pepsi hahaha it's just the best , I enjoy everything about this drink ,and I strongly recommend this to everyone
Gatorade Cool Blue

11 reviews

As a huge fan of Gatorade thus us the one flavor I just can't get behind and I to drink at least one Gatorade a day for last ten years this flavor should be banned! kill it with fire....