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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

419 reviews

After I had tried and loved the cranberry ginger ale, I was very excited to see this new flavour. I was not so impressed by it. It has a great refreshing feel to it but I can't seem to find that blackberry flavour I was looking for.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

414 reviews

I enjoy gingerale as a nice beverage. I also like to mix it with a variety of fruit juices, this gives me a bit of bubbles with my juices. I find that it is a good replacement for drinking plain water or juice.
Pepsi Cola

273 reviews

Pepsi is the best brand of pop out there. We will continue to purchase Pepsi in this household. I would recommend this product to everyone. I would love to see new flavours.
Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

178 reviews

I tasted it the first time and i dont really like it because it was too sweet and it doesn't taste like real cranberries. In my opinion it wasnt the best soda i have tasted and i am desapointed in the taste
A & W Rootbeer

181 reviews

I find it too sweet. I also find it too watered down when it's from the restaurant. I am not a fan of root beer at all anyways. I honestly don't think anything would change my mind.
Coca-Cola Classic

116 reviews

This is a classic and one of my favorites. Its my favorite cola. It has a clasiic smooth flavor that quenches my thirst everytime aI drink it. It is also not harsh on my stomache like some others are.
Coke Zero

119 reviews

Another soft drink I love to have is coke zero. I really enjoy the taste and flavour since it reminds me of the same taste as the classic coca cola soft drink. Highly recommend this drink to anyone who wants a zero sugar and calorie drink!
Diet Pepsi

68 reviews

I always drink diet Pepsi as an alternative to the regular Pepsi. The taste still stays the same between both which I really like. If you're counting calories or don't really want to drink so much sugars while you have a soda..then diet Pepsi is the way to go. Highly recommend!
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

48 reviews

j'adore les cerises mais melangé dans une liqueur je suis pas certaine , un verre et ca me suffit apres ca je trouve que ca me tombe sur le coeur , le gout est bon mais c'est pas une sorte que j'acheterais souvent
Coca Cola Cans

40 reviews

I love Coca-Cola i drink at least a 2L bottle or more a day. I would love to take a picture of all my bottles but ita too much garbage to save them for a month. Because i can go threw 3. 1L bottles ina day so i will end up with a lot of bottles. Im addicted to Coca-Cola. It...
Diet Coke

68 reviews

Love the refreshing taste of the Diet coke.Glad it has no sugar and healthier to.it really helps my thrist.Sooo good with pizza or anything.it taste good room temp to,I think anyways.
Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale

45 reviews

I love mixing this with rum, the taste it really not to strong, it is perfect. I also love the carbonation, there is not to much, just enough. Would reccomend trying this. It is a little hard to try.
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

15 reviews

I personally don't like this drink at all! I don't really like the taste of alcohol and this tastes similar to alcohol to me. It was worth the money since my friends dig it but I won't be purchasing again.
Dr. Pepper

23 reviews

I lived in Arizona so the only soft drink I really had was Coca Cola products when I move down south I noticed that they had Dr. Pepper products bought one was amazed by the flavor better than Coke in my opinion I have been drinking it since 2010 very impressed.
coke zero cherry

26 reviews

So here in Canada we unfortunately dont have this brand at all times. Its hit or miss. But my friend brings me this type back from the United States. It is so good!! Coke zero is a little better for you but the cherry flavour just puts it over the top! I hope it is stocked...
Cherry Coke

48 reviews

I'm a huge fan of most things coka cola and this as by far the nastiest thing I've ever drank I Wil never purchase this again. ......................
Coca Cola Vanilla

34 reviews

I LOVE this drink!! First time I had it years ago, I bought it everyday for a month, and now anytime it's available, I'll take it over any other pop! I think I'm gonna go buy some now!

38 reviews

Sprite is the o my actual soda I will drink, I love the taste and it’s easy on the stomach for bad days, it always helps to settle mine and isn’t packed with caffeine.
7 Up White Peach Sparkling Lemonade

17 reviews

I love the taste of this lemonade. The peach flavor is very light and not overbearing. The portion size is perfect as well...i view it as a bit of a healthier alternative to regular soda
Gatorade Cool Blue

9 reviews

My son is in a tone of sports, and I’m always worried that he will get enough to drink. I always send him with water and one of these to his big games.