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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

1071 reviews

We usually only get this at Christmas time and I just cant wait to have it, I love ginger ale and the extra sweetness of the added cranberry is the best!! It's such a sweet, crisp taste and on ice make it even better, add a couple maraschino cherries and some rum for a cocktail.
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

926 reviews

I tried Canada Dry Lemonade Flavored Ginger Ale. I liked it alot. It was very refreshing on a hot day and it mixes well in drinks. It also mixes well with juices. I would buy it again.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

526 reviews

I used to drink dark pop but tried ginger ale and I was hooked. When your not feeling good ginger ale. It’s very refreshing and tastes Amazing. It’s not too much ginger but just enough.
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

442 reviews

I’ve only been able to find this flavour once but omg it’s my absolute Favourite. Perfectly balanced of sweetness and tartness. I usually find it in 2l bottles but when I can find the cans I always stock up
Pepsi Cola

358 reviews

Amazing flavor and not to over powering with sugar like the competitve brand. Ita rich and delicious especially fresh out of the fridge or freezer and is a staple on my grocery list
A & W Rootbeer

314 reviews

I prefer A&W;root beer to any other simply of the fact that its the best with floats. Put some vanilla ice cream in a cup some of that yummy brown liquid and you have a delicious dessert
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale

249 reviews

I received this product free from Chick Advisor to review. I did have a hard time finding any in most stores but finally did manage to locate it. I purchased the ginger ale version and was extremely happy with both the appearance and the taste. The glass bottles are a nice...
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Beer

236 reviews

I was at first put off by the appearance of the bottle, but it was the flavor that did me in. At the first sip, it was kind of like a really weak gingerbeer then it had a plasticy moldy aftertaste, almost like a moldy crayon. maybe it is just the one bottle I have another maybe...
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

222 reviews

This new Canada dry cranberry soda is by far the best cranberry soda I have ever had. It has the perfect amount of sweetness/bubbly Ness. The price I feel it’s very fair for the quality of the product as well too. This is definitely going to be a beverage that you will always...
Canada Dry Premium Tonic Water

206 reviews

I got this product free to try from ChickAdvisor! I’m not a huge tonic water fan, however it did taste much nicer than regular tonic water. Maybe that’s because it’s sweetened with cane sugar. The value isn’t there though. It’s quite expensive at $5.99 for 4 small...
Coca-Cola Classic

240 reviews

I love coca cola! The taste is smooth, however, the sugar content is really high. I usually have this product as a treat, or I like to mix it with different types of alcohol. I definitely always stock up on this product when it is on sale. It's a tad pricy when purchased at...
Coca-Cola Zero

177 reviews

I don't really like this pop. To me it just has a weird taste. My husband drinks it like water. lol He switched from regular pop to this because of pop having way too much sugar.

92 reviews

We love Gatorade not only is it great when you're not feeling well to help increase your electrolytes it's also excellent as just a nice non-water drink to have it's on our monthlygrocery shop list.
Coca-Cola Cherry

96 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola.
Diet Pepsi

85 reviews

Best drink I have ever drank, no sugar as I'm a diabetic tastes way better then Pepsi. Will recommend to all my friends and family. Best diet Pepsi around
Diet Coke

95 reviews

This is my go to brand of pop whenever I want to treat myself to fast food or if I have a craving at home. The flavor is really smooth and I find it is not lacking in flavor like other diet brands. I try not to drink sodas too much because the caffeine keeps me awake, but this...
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

60 reviews

I really enjoy this kind of pop. Its different than the regular Pepsi it a nice refreshing change. The cost is the same as the reg pepsi so it is not any more expensive. I also found this kind of Pepsi in the case you can buy 12 of.
Coca Cola Vanilla

69 reviews

I thought it would be a mild vanilla taste, but it kicks hard like cherry coke. I like cherry coke, however, but this was too harsh for me. A few friends really liked it, but after a few sips they changed their mind as well
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

62 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola. The added bonus is that it now comes in Coke Zero form as well! Less guilty for the same great taste
Dr. Pepper

36 reviews

I love Dr Pepper. I drink this very cold from the fridge or with ice. Tastes better from a cold can. I buy the bottles from asda and very cheap one pound or one pound twenty five. I drink the whole bottle in a day it is that nice.