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Nutella Hazelnut Spread

9453 reviews

This is so good and tasty and goes well with just anything!!! I have made brownies and my family just loves it !! Also strawberries with Nutella is such an amazing desert/snack!! Do try if you haven’t already yet
Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter

774 reviews

I love peanut butter and have tried many brands, but Kraft products are definitely my favourite, the peanut butter is smooth, and is value for money for the quantity you get at the price you pay. I really find it very tasty!
Smuckers Pure Strawberry Jam

114 reviews

This is the only jam brand my kids love. The flavour is amazing. We also love the raspberry jam from Smuckers. I like the texture of the jam, it was little seeds in it which adds a tiny crunch and flavour. I do not like jelly because I feel like it is missing this! This goes...
Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter

84 reviews

This is the peanut butter we love in our house. I personally love crunchy peanut butter and now my kids do too. I use it for my cookies as well. This tastes good, it is not too sugary or salty. If you are looking for a more natural flavour this is not for you, they have organic...
Kraft Peanut Butter with Honey

95 reviews

I stumbled upon this product on Amazon one day so I ordered a couple jars to try. You can taste the honey without it being too sweet. Also it's not messy like separate peanut butter and honey which makes it a hit with the kids and us the parents!!

76 reviews

This is the second time I've bought Wowbutter. I much prefer natural peanut butter and will not buy this again. It definitely has a different flavor than peanut butter. Perhaps if you eat it in a sandwich with jam, you wouldn't notice the different flavor, but I eat it plain on...
Kraft Hazelnut Spread

17 reviews

This hazelnut spread actually surprised me! I would even go as far as saying it is better than Nutella brand hazelnut spread. My husband is picky with Nutella and he really enjoyed the Kraft version! Kids loved it too!
Kraft peanut butter extra creamy

27 reviews

Love this peanut butter. My kids and hubby go crazy for it on their morning toast. Definitely will buy it again. All Kraft peanut butter is amazing but this one tops all the others.
Jiff Smooth Peanut Butter

28 reviews

Jif peanut butter is the best creamiest and tastiest in my opinion, the best peanut butter. It has 90% peanuts and small amount of sugar, salt and oil added which isn't too bad.i have heard that simple Jif has less sugar than the natural one but am not sure, need to do more...
kirkland hazelnut spread

26 reviews

This is so so so yummy. It’s like Nutella but cheaper, the product may be a bit more runny, but it’s still spreadable and really good to eat straight off a spoon.
Cheese whiz

21 reviews

I have been a long time lover of Cheez Whiz. I have been using it since I was a kid. Now my kids love it too. Toast tastes best with a little bit of Cheez Whiz. Its also good on rice cakes.
Bonne Maman Pumpkin Spice Spread

1 review

This pumpkin spice spread is different from the usual that is out there. A product of France. Its great on soda crackers, scones. toast, and even muffins or a loaf. Its just nicely spiced.
Planters crunchy peanut butter 500g

11 reviews

This is the best commercially prepared peanut butter I have ever tried. It's not too salty, it's not too sweet, it's not weirdly wavy like Kraft's maltodextrin containing iteration.... It's just rich & delicious. It spreads well. And boy is it hard to keep around the house...
Maltesers chocolate spread

1 review

I tried this for the first time yesterday, and I do not know why I waited so long! It is so chocolatey and amazing. The little pieces of malteser are absolutely lovely. I definitely recommend this!
Nuts for nature

2 reviews

I am so impressed with this almond nut butter. It is the only one I truly enjoy eating in comparison to others I have tried. With the added chia seeds and other assorted seeds, it is definitely unique. There are so many brands out there but I will stick to this one for sure. It...
Stonewall truffle spread

1 review

I love the Stonewall brand for their commitment to quality and the story behind their success. They have so many great products and I recently discovered this Truffle Spread which is delicious! It's great on top of crostini, added in to pasta dishes, and as a dip on its own...
Pam cooking spray

6 reviews

Don't want your delicious baking to stick to your pans ? Make sure you have some Pam in your cupboard . Definitely a dessert saver for me. My desserts actually look pleasing to the eye now !
Great Value Peanut Butter with Chia and Coconut

1 review

I was admittedly hesitant to try this product as I love the #OG peanut butter brands like Kraft, Jif, Skippy et al, but this sounded like such an odd mix of flavours that I had to try. Wow was I surprised! The chia seeds add texture but not a lot of flavour, but who knew the PB...
Philadelphia whipped herbed tzatziki

1 review

It is great having Tzatziki cream cheese. I love the Greek taste. Philadelphia cream cheese is a great product. I like that there is no artificial flavours or colours.

2 reviews

I love neutella! It’s not to sweet and taste like hazelnuts :) so yummy! I love putting it on bread with peanut butter. I only wish it was in a larger size or there was a value size because you pay a decent amount for a small container.