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Tea Reviews

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Lipton Chai Tea Cinnamon and Spices Pyramid Tea Bags

74 reviews

i like the chai tea cinnamon and spices combination, very unique and tasty. i usually have tea in the morning, with my breakfast. a refreshing start for me
Lipton Indulge Rich Black Tea K-Cup Packs

103 reviews

I typically enjoy any tea and I am not picky, but this tea was atrocious. I don't know if Lipton's quality has gone down over the last few years but I didn't even finish my cup and gave the rest of the package to my mother. Such a horrendously bitter and tasteless taste to this...
Lipton® White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate Pyramid Tea Bags

70 reviews

I never tried any fruit flavour teas before but was at a friends house and was offered to taste this new fruit tea. The flavour was amazing! I didn't mix any sugar or milk, just straight up and I loved it. Purchased myself some my next shopping trip - it was on sale too!
Snapple Half'N'Half - Lemonade and Tea

51 reviews

This drink is awesome. The taste is great. Got my co workers started on drinking it too. I would buy again and again. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. Thanks alot
Pure Leaf Turmeric with Citrus

53 reviews

I was recently sent this tea to try out a few weeks ago. I found the taste to be okay, I would have liked a bit more like citrus to help with the strong flavor of turmic. But the benifits of this tea are so amazing, its anti-inflammatory properties can help with so many aspects...
Lipton Green Tea Mint Pyramid Tea Bags

64 reviews

Wow! Can't say enough about this tea! I love the taste! Super minty but light! Good for an upset tummy or Cold! I drink it just because ;) I love the pyramid packaging and love that u don't have to steep it for more the 2 mins to get a great punch of mint and green tea flavour!
Lipton Black Tea English Breakfast Pyramid Tea Bags

71 reviews

Been having Lipton products since childhood and can never replace it. If i need to buy tea bags, i always purchase this. I have tried so many in these years but they are the best. I love Lipton products and this is again very good. Just dip the tea bag for less than a minute in...
Lipton Herbal Tea Lemon Ginger Pyramid Tea Bags

61 reviews

I really like this tea and similar. It has cute packaging, you can see the qaulity. Once one of the bags broke by no biggy. I wish it showed the caffeine content however because I am super sensitive.
Lipton Herbal Tea Peppermint Pyramid Tea Bags

59 reviews

the peppermint is so refreshing, love to drink it in the morning. herbal tea is healthier than the regular tea. i drink it in the morning to give me a fresh start
David's Blueberry Jam Loose Black Organic Tea

58 reviews

I love black tea and fresh fruit so this tea is so perfect. The blueberry taste isn't too sweet and is so fresh. A splash of milk and agave make this the perfect drink for the cool fall mornings and make me just thirsty for more!
Snapple Raspberry Tea

39 reviews

Is a little too sweet but still really good. Would recommend to anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to pure leaf, if you add a little water it helps
Twinings Lady Grey Tea

37 reviews

i wish i could find the loose leaf version, sadly only the bagged is sold in my area. i love this tea, it is subtle and delicious. especially with a splash of soymilk and a bit of sweetener.
Snapple Diet Lemon Tea

41 reviews

I usually opt for unsweetened unflavored tea, but I love the taste of Diet Snapple Lemon Tea. Snapple Diet Lemon Tea is the only flavored tea I will buy. Highly recommend for a good tasting refreshing tea.
DAVIDsTEA - Forever Nuts

70 reviews

My boyfriend normally don't like tea. But he can't resist to this one. I like it a lot too. It taste so good and it's easy to fall in love with this product!!!
Lipton White Tea Peach and Mango Pyramid Tea Bags

78 reviews

Most fruit flavor teas just give a hint of flavor, this tea gives you a good punch of it. I love making an ice tea with this and for a special summer treat cut half of this iced tea with half a batch of lemonade.
Pure Leaf Peach Real Brewed Iced Tea

47 reviews

I have such a love for this product I have a stock pile in my garage. I can’t wait for the plain black tea to come in a bag form. The Peach flavour is no natural And definitely a favourite of mine. The brew is on point
Brisk Lemon Iced Tea

77 reviews

If i could give zero stars across the board I would. This is the worst iced tea I've ever had and I LOVE iced tea. But this stuff is just disgusting. Ew
Pure Leaf™ Lemon Real Brewed Tea

52 reviews

I have tried all the iced teas and this is my favorite! It always tastes fresh and not artificial. Sometimes I make a blend of the plain black tea and the lemon flavored one to cut the calories without adding sweetener. It is a great alternative to hot tea or even coffee. I also...
Tetley Chai Vanilla

35 reviews

I am a tea lover. Chai espescially. This twist of chai vanilla is so soothing and delicious. I would go out of my way to find this yummy tea. The price is great. The tea bag can be used twice.
Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea

43 reviews

This tea has all my favourite spices. It’s the perfect tea to have in the morning to start your day; it’s the perfect tea for a little pick-me-up during the day and it’s the perfect tea to wind down with in the evening. The flavour profile is just absolutely perfect for...