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Yogurt Reviews

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Oikos Greek Yogurt

300 reviews

everything about this is perfect its the best yogurt, good consistency, flavour, texture, its so yummy an i love the fruit on the bottom. only kind of yogurt i will buy !
IÖGO Protein<sup>e</sup>

294 reviews

I tried the chocolate flavour and it was so good. Mixing it up is even better. It tastes so good. The yogurt is creamy and rich. You never get enough in a little cup. Yum.
IÖGO Nano Pouch

234 reviews

delicious yogurt, I really like how creamy it is. the flavours are also delicious. this taste really good with granola. I think its a bit expensive though.
IÖGO Creamy Yogurt

234 reviews

This creamy yogurt is just that! Creamy and delicious ,makes a great snack or breakfast on the go.The kids love them in their lunch or after school snack.and i feel good giving it to them as it is a healthy choice and so good for them!
Liberte Greek Yogurt

161 reviews

I love Greek yogurt. I have tried other brands but I keep going back to Liberte. I prefer to add my own fruit and flavourings so I buy the plain. The consistency is what has made me such a fan, smooth, thick and not watery at all, and it is great for cooking and baking.
IÖGO Greek Yogurt

131 reviews

I normally don't like Greek yogurt but this one was really good. It is pretty rich, so I only ate a little at a time. The container lasted for a while so very good value. Definitely a good alternative to normal yogurt.
IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt

114 reviews

My kids love these so much and it’s an quick and easy snack on the go. They have them for breakfast with some berries so I can snag a few extra minutes of beauty rest.
Danone Activia Yogurt

150 reviews

It is a good yogurt, I was recommended during pregnancy for constipation and it really helped me a lot, I highly recommend it, especially the one that contains prune. Its wonderful!!!
IÖGO 0% Yogurt

52 reviews

My all time favorite yogurt. Tastes amazing and because it's sugar free it doesn't make my blood sugar spike. It's also less expensive than other brands.
IÖGO Probio Yogurt

51 reviews

Ce produit fait partie de mon épicerie hebdomadaire. Autant adoré par les tout petits que les plus vieux. Son onctuosité et son goût est tout simplement parfait. Je le recommande fortement.
Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt

33 reviews

I love this product, it is so creamy and rich, I like the product for a reason that they don't have chunks into the yogurt, so the kids who don't like chunks in there yogurt loves this.
Yoplait Yop Yogurt Drink

47 reviews

Really brings back memories drinking this, Yoplait is smooth and tasty. I like all the flavours, but vanilla has to be my favourite. this is definitely a nice healthy snack for kids.
Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

62 reviews

I don't often enjoy yogurt, but this brand is awesome!! I have tried a few kinds now and loved them all. I enjoy their unique flavours and love the Mediterranean style!
Danone Activia Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt

40 reviews

Healthy and delicious. What else can I ask for! Love all the different flavors. Great for digestion and it tastes good too. It is good to have a variety.
Danone Danactive

63 reviews

My kids loves this yogurt! Sometimes they could drink 2 bottles at a time! They want it for school also! Every time when I go to Costco I will get 2 packs they could finish one pack in one week for only two kids!
Astro Balkan Style Original Natural Yogurt 6%

27 reviews

This yogurt is creamy and not too tart. It is a good in between of Greek and regular yogurt and much cheaper. Very tasty even my toddler loves it. One tub lasts a week eating it everyday.
Yoplait minigo

28 reviews

My kids love these, and so do I lol. The rich and creamy texture is amazing, not watery like other brands. This is my family's go to brand for yogurt, and the mini cups are perfect for my toddlers.
Astro original all natural yogurt

21 reviews

My family likes Astro yogurt. We are buying it every week. I love every flavour except vanilla so I avoid the package with vanilla flavour. It is really creamy and tastes great with fruit on the bottom. It’s really tasty start of the day.
Ïögo Drinkable Yogurt

19 reviews

My daughter loves it , I even give this to my one and three months baby I mix it with chia seeds it’s a fantastic and easy to do breakfast, I feel confident to give this yogurt to my daughters.
Tim Horton's Yogurt Parfait

41 reviews

The taste is too artificial, taste like they add syrup. I think is better if you do it by yourself at your home. Not a fan at all and I don't recommend it.