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Yogurt Reviews

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Oikos Greek Yogurt

323 reviews

I love this yogurt for a few reasons. 1. It’s creamy taste and texture. It’s not watery like some others, and has a really creamy rich taste. 2. I love how it has many assorted flavours ( and unique ones at that ). And 3. It’s great taste. No skimping on flavour with this...
IÖGO Protein<sup>e</sup>

295 reviews

The texture and flavor is off. very grainy not like other brands that are smooth and creamy. I wouldn't buy this product again. I found the flavor to be off putting
IÖGO Creamy Yogurt

245 reviews

This is so full of flavour texture rich and creamy its so addicting I buy 650grams and eat the whole jug it's that good so I suggest that everyone at least try it I do recommend it.
IÖGO Nano Pouch

237 reviews

Suggest checking your local muncipality recycling program first. For example In Toronto and Calgary, these pouches are non-recyclable. Yogurt taste is fine, maybe too much added sugar....but this review is mostly about the terrible packaging. ALL of it goes to garbage and...
Liberte Greek Yogurt

169 reviews

for this yogurt. I have noticed it is watery sometime after you open it. I know that greek yogurt is really good and healthy but you make it tastier if you add fruits in it.
IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt

135 reviews

Great product to pack in lunches, take on the go or as a quick snack. Convenient packaging, great flavour and get's the necessary daily calcium intake into the system. Easy to open and 100% recyclable.
IÖGO Greek Yogurt

132 reviews

Absolutely and completely perfect. Greek yogurt has a particular taste that always makes you want to eat more and it is absolutely the best ever. Buy it is a must for a healthy diet
Danone Activia Yogurt

160 reviews

I love this yogurt. I mix a tablespoon of hemp seeds or chia seeds in it and I love having it as a snack to curb my sweet tooth. Really good, a bit expensive but good for gut health so it's worth the splurge. Also, I love anything that tastes like peaches so I'm a sucker for...
IÖGO 0% Yogurt

53 reviews

iogo's 0% range has no artificial sweeteners and is made with real fruit. The flavours really pack a punch, tasting great both on their own or added to a smoothie for extra creaminess. Big fan of this range!
Yoplait® Light Boston Cream Pie Chocolate Flavored Crumbles With Yogurt

1 review

This is such a perfect size treat when trying to stay in check with your diet or if you just want to satisfy a quick sweets craving. The bonus part is that it tastes great too!
Yoplait Yop Yogurt Drink

55 reviews

this is the yogurt youcan drink. i always drink as drinks. the price is affordable and all flavors are good. all ages from my family love it and i always buy a box which is cheaper
Danone Activia Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt

49 reviews

Delicious Danone Activia vanilla yogurt one of my favourite, very healthy and delicious snack. We eat it every day and recommend for everyone! Good value for the price. 👍
Liberté Méditerranée Strawberry 9%

1 review

I am not a fan of yogurt. This however tastes amazing. It is smooth, creamy and rich. It has lots of flavour without being too sweet. I actually look forward to eating yogurt!
IÖGO Probio Yogurt

51 reviews

Ce produit fait partie de mon épicerie hebdomadaire. Autant adoré par les tout petits que les plus vieux. Son onctuosité et son goût est tout simplement parfait. Je le recommande fortement.
Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

68 reviews

I’m a freak of the yogurt variety and let me tell you, this sh*ts good! It’s thick (thicc) yogurt over ice cream any day. Buy it on sale, throw a coupon on it and you’re set or pay full price, you won’t be disappointed
Astro Balkan Style Original Natural Yogurt 6%

36 reviews

Love this yogurt and am eating daily during my lunch time. Falvour is no nice and I like plain flavor. Its coming in many flavors. I can also add in my smoothies 😋. Using from long time and am repeating customer. I would recommend to others
Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt

35 reviews

This yogurt is thick, creamy, delicious, natural and affordable. Easy to find where I shop. My entire family loves it and I would buy it again for sure. Yummy!!!
Foremost plain yogurt

1 review

I like Foremost plain yogurt because the taste is just perfect and the texture is also good, it is not very thick or very watery so just perfect. It is also very easy to find in all grocery stores.
Liberté greek dark chocolate and honey roasted almond and caramel

1 review

Quel plaisir de pouvoir prendre une collation santé avec seulement 2% de matière grasse , et avoir du chocolat noir qui est un bon élément et des noix grillées . La texture est très bonne de ce yaourt ainsi que j'ai bien aimé les petits compartiments séparés pour y...
Oikos Greek Yogurt Vanilla Bean and Apricots $ Oikos Greek Yogurt Lemon Zest

1 review

I have never really liked yogurt, of any kind. It just wasn't for me. Until I happened upon a real good sale on Oikos Greek Yogurt. It is delicious!!! Smooth, creamy and great tasting. I can't get enough of these yogurts. I love the apricot and lemon zest flavors, but also...