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Yogurt Reviews

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IÖGO Protein<sup>e</sup>

292 reviews

It's so gross! It smelled and tasted bad, even worse once I stirred the chocolate into the yogurt. Maybe mine was bad? I won't be buying it again to find out though.. it was just so gross...
Oikos Greek Yogurt

293 reviews

Oikos really has some delicious flavours available. I just tried the pineapple recently and it was so good! I can never decide which to buy so I end up with at least 4 flavours at a time!
IÖGO Nano Pouch

232 reviews

J’adore pour apporter partout avec nous, c’est une collation idéal pour les lunchs, les sortie et les fringales santé. Les enfants adorent que se soit en pochettes!
IÖGO Creamy Yogurt

232 reviews

I was so surprised when I tried this yogurt. It's absolutely delicious and not ridiculously priced. Finally a yogurt our whole family agrees on and a lactose free version which is awesome.
Liberte Greek Yogurt

160 reviews

Liberte is my number one yogurt choice, I don’t usually buy anything else. Caragenan is not listed in their ingredients which is a huge buying factor for me. The flavors are great, and I feel the value is good for the product you’re receiving.
IÖGO Greek Yogurt

129 reviews

I really wanted to like this yogurt since I consume large quantities of yogurt and this option seemed most convenient to me. It also came in low fat plain which is my go-to yogurt combo. The smell and flavor though of this product is a total turn off. Compared to other yogurts...
IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt

111 reviews

My 2 year old loves her yoghurt! Its a staple in my pantry/fridge as well as everytime i go out. We used to purchase the pouches from Costco because it was convenient. Now they have the small bottles which took some time getting used to but my toddler can independently drink...
Danone Activia Yogurt

146 reviews

I enjoy eating yogurt everyday as part of my diet . I suffer from IBS and find this type to really help settle my digestive track and bowel issues. The variety of flavors makes it an easy choice to buy and the price you pay is so worth the value you get.
IÖGO 0% Yogurt

51 reviews

J'aime sa texture crémeuse. Le fait qu'il ne contient pas de gélatine est un grand atout. Son prix est très intéressant. Son emballage est attirant. Les saveurs offertes sont très variées.
IÖGO Probio Yogurt

51 reviews

Ce produit fait partie de mon épicerie hebdomadaire. Autant adoré par les tout petits que les plus vieux. Son onctuosité et son goût est tout simplement parfait. Je le recommande fortement.
Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt

33 reviews

I love this product, it is so creamy and rich, I like the product for a reason that they don't have chunks into the yogurt, so the kids who don't like chunks in there yogurt loves this.
Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

62 reviews

I don't often enjoy yogurt, but this brand is awesome!! I have tried a few kinds now and loved them all. I enjoy their unique flavours and love the Mediterranean style!
Yoplait Yop Yogurt Drink

44 reviews

J'adore les boissons YOP. Je me souviens de les avoir bu quand j'étais enfant. Ils ont plusieurs saveurs que j'adore. Pour moi ce sont certainement la meilleure boisson au yogourt sur le marché. Le seul reproche, c'est qu'il est difficile d'en boire un seul et chez-moi il y en...
Danone Activia Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt

38 reviews

This yogurt is very creamy and very flavorful HOWEVER it is definitely more of a decadent yogurt. Being made with cream and a high amount of sugar, this yogurt is not as healthy as it is advertised to be. Its nutritional content is more comparable to that of a pudding and its...
Danone Danactive

61 reviews

these actually taste great. my son needed an extra boost for his immune system and hated vitamins. these are so easy for him to drink that he doesn't even consider it as a chore to have. he asks for it all the time, twice a day. would have more then 2 a day if i let him.
Astro Balkan Style Original Natural Yogurt 6%

22 reviews

This yogurt is always one of the cheapest in the store. However, its texture is very gummy and the flavor is not the best. Id use this yogurt to bake with or to make sauces/dips with but I'd never eat it on its own since the flavor and texture is far less superior to other...
Yoplait minigo

27 reviews

This yougurt has been perfecf for me because I can send it on the lunch bags to my girls. They love the taste and even in the house is perfect, you can freez it and you have a pop. So I will keep buying it.
Astro original all natural yogurt

21 reviews

My family likes Astro yogurt. We are buying it every week. I love every flavour except vanilla so I avoid the package with vanilla flavour. It is really creamy and tastes great with fruit on the bottom. It’s really tasty start of the day.
Ïögo Drinkable Yogurt

19 reviews

My daughter loves it , I even give this to my one and three months baby I mix it with chia seeds it’s a fantastic and easy to do breakfast, I feel confident to give this yogurt to my daughters.
Tim Horton's Yogurt Parfait

39 reviews

This is such a yummy treat. I like it for breatfast or just for an easy snack. The yogurt is good, the cereal is good, and the berries are great!! I will definitely being buying this a lot more.