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Yogurt Reviews

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Oikos Greek Yogurt

312 reviews

these are a nice quality of yogert. It s a great price if you can get them on sale at Costco. They have a wide selection of different flavours with different seasonal flavours always as well. Its thicker yogert and not runny.
IÖGO Protein<sup>e</sup>

294 reviews

I tried the chocolate flavour and it was so good. Mixing it up is even better. It tastes so good. The yogurt is creamy and rich. You never get enough in a little cup. Yum.
IÖGO Nano Pouch

235 reviews

I arrived in canada 2 months ago and one thing that we miss a lot is yogurt, we still haven't found any flavor, it lacks flavor, we don't like it, I bought two flavors, but none of them taste anything.
IÖGO Creamy Yogurt

243 reviews

I like the packaging. Easy to squeeze out just the right amount without making a mess. Also it is easy to find space for the packet inside the refrigerator. The package keeps the product fresh for a long time.
Liberte Greek Yogurt

169 reviews

for this yogurt. I have noticed it is watery sometime after you open it. I know that greek yogurt is really good and healthy but you make it tastier if you add fruits in it.
IÖGO Greek Yogurt

132 reviews

Absolutely and completely perfect. Greek yogurt has a particular taste that always makes you want to eat more and it is absolutely the best ever. Buy it is a must for a healthy diet
IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt

124 reviews

Kids love these! Parents love the cute cover design and that they can take them in their lunches! I give my 19m old one and he can feed himself! Great value and yummy taste! Totally a win for kids!
Danone Activia Yogurt

159 reviews

Activia is a great yogurt and offers many different flavours and combination options. It may seem a bit pricier than other yogurts, but I find that the efficiency of the yogurt itself is well worth the extra dollar spent.
IÖGO 0% Yogurt

52 reviews

My all time favorite yogurt. Tastes amazing and because it's sugar free it doesn't make my blood sugar spike. It's also less expensive than other brands.
IÖGO Probio Yogurt

51 reviews

Ce produit fait partie de mon épicerie hebdomadaire. Autant adoré par les tout petits que les plus vieux. Son onctuosité et son goût est tout simplement parfait. Je le recommande fortement.
Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt

35 reviews

This yogurt is thick, creamy, delicious, natural and affordable. Easy to find where I shop. My entire family loves it and I would buy it again for sure. Yummy!!!
Yoplait Yop Yogurt Drink

51 reviews

Mes enfants adorent les yop et celui aux bananes/fraises est un incontournable à la maison. Le seul bémol c’est que je trouves qu’il y a un peu trop de sucre. Mais c’est une question de préférence.
Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

67 reviews

I live this Liberte yogurt it is so creamy and delicious and comes in many flavours. Its my favourite yogurt by far. Would recommend it especially for the price and quality.
Danone Activia Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt

46 reviews

Activia makes great quality yogurt products and I love this particular one! The Vanilla is a nice flavour as it doesn't taste too artificial. The texture is creamy and thick so you don't need a lot to satisfy your mouth.
Astro Balkan Style Original Natural Yogurt 6%

33 reviews

Le yogourt balkan c’est mon préféré! La texture est ci délicieuse! Quand j’en prends je n’est pas l’impression de prendre de l’eau, mon yogourt est consistant et très savoureux.
Yoplait Gogurt

19 reviews

My grandson is a very, VERY, picky eater. So, one day while shopping, he spots the Gogurts. He wanted them, but I was skeptical because I know he's another Mikey lol. However, when we got home and he tried one, he absolutely loved it. He actually ate about 3 in 5 minutes. I...
Danone Danactive

63 reviews

My kids loves this yogurt! Sometimes they could drink 2 bottles at a time! They want it for school also! Every time when I go to Costco I will get 2 packs they could finish one pack in one week for only two kids!
Danone 100% natural

12 reviews

Finally a no added sugar yogurt that tastes great! I love the vanilla flavour the most. The texture is very creamy and it goes with everything (fruits, granola, etc).
Silk Strawberry Banana Yogurt

1 review

I tried this yogurt for the first time the other day. I absolutely loved the flavor and texture. It is so creamy and smooth. My kids kept stealing it from me. I can't wait to try the other flavors.
IÖGO blueberry yogurt

4 reviews

Well IOGO is a very good brand, it's a natural yogurt, made with real cream and I find it has better value than most other brands, price is okay, fluctuates from time to time I recommend