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Yogurt Reviews

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Yo-Plait Yo Plus Yoghurt

8 reviews

I am always looking you try new yogurts and finding healthier options for the family. I do like this one but I think people might overlook it due to cost.
Yoplait Pear Flavour

1 review

Yoplait has a new pear flavor yogurt. Is is absolutely delicious it even has little pieces of pears it. Great snack for anytime of day or night
Yoplait Whips! Chocolate Mousse Style Yogurt

9 reviews

It taste really good in my opinion. Now chocolate in yogurt is a bit different, but I think it taste well. It isn’t necessarily my favorite flavor, however if someone gives it to me I will eat it.
President’s Choice Greek Yogurt

10 reviews

I bought this on a whim when my normal brand of Greek yoghurt was out of stock. I was pleasantly surprised as to how delicious and thick this yoghurt was. It has a delicious tang and goes so well with any fruit and granola combination. It is also lower in calories and sugars...
Chobani Greek Yogurt Apple Cinnamon

4 reviews

Omg- so far, the best chobani yogurt I’ve had. Not much of a fan of mixed berry but the new apple cinnamon...my ultimate, fav. Also, the banana and strawberry, not so bad.
Chobani Greek Yogurt Pomegranate Fat Free

9 reviews

I loved the taste of this product. Something I will most definitely be buying again. Instead of eating a cookies I have one of these and feel satisfied.
Liberte Greek Yogurt

169 reviews

for this yogurt. I have noticed it is watery sometime after you open it. I know that greek yogurt is really good and healthy but you make it tastier if you add fruits in it.
Olympic Krema Greek Style Yogurt

25 reviews

I really don't like yogurt. I've always tried it, every once and a while, to get more protein in my diet, but the flavor has not appealed to me and it would leave me with an upset stomach. Then, on a WestJet flight, their breakfast meal came with a Vanilla single serve. I was...
Olympic Krema Greek Style Coconut Yogurt

2 reviews

This is the best greek yogurt I've ever tasted. I'm addicted to it, when I start eating it, I can't stop, even if I tell myself, this time I'll only eat a little. Wrong,,,,,,,,, I can't stop until the container is empty. No other greek yogurt compares to it. You've got a winner...
VOSKOS Yogurt - Plain Original

1 review

I did this on purpose chickadvisors :) To me, yogurt is an important supplement. It is a must of my diet. And I do not like getting those low fat, zero fat ones. I cannot understand what is wrong with most of the yogurt manufacturers. The grocery stores are full of sugary...
Danone Activia Yogurt

159 reviews

Activia is a great yogurt and offers many different flavours and combination options. It may seem a bit pricier than other yogurts, but I find that the efficiency of the yogurt itself is well worth the extra dollar spent.
Iogo Nano Yogurt Tubes

6 reviews

My3 year old absolutely adores the Iogo Nano Yogurt Tubes! These are the perfect snacks that you can easily pack for on the go. They are yummy and have a great nutritional value, they are definitely a snack you can feel good about giving your child. My son will be starting...
Fage Greek Yogurt

5 reviews

This is the best Greek yogurt on the market! I always purchase the plain flavor and add my own granola and fruit and sometimes honey. Most mass retailer and grocers sell this. Great for any diet!

2 reviews

My 4 kids love it... And it provide then calcium at the same time!!
Yoplait Drinkable Yogourt

16 reviews

My daughter is almost 3, she loves her yogurt, I was looking for something quick for when we are on the go & this one is her absolute fave we will definitely be buying this again
IÖGO Creamy Yogurt

244 reviews

#Iogo yogurt is the best that I've ever tasted! I've never considered yogurt to be an indulgent dessert, but this could easily pass for one. I love all the different unique flavours that are available, especially the key lime!
Oikos Greek Yogurt

314 reviews

I am not too sure a great fan of this YOGHURT brand. The after taste is yucky and a bit weird. Dead cheap so I guess you get what you pay for. Not totally a fan. I bought a large pack from Sam's Club. Now I've to figure how to get rid of the remaining 10 or so packs in my fridge.
Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

68 reviews

I’m a freak of the yogurt variety and let me tell you, this sh*ts good! It’s thick (thicc) yogurt over ice cream any day. Buy it on sale, throw a coupon on it and you’re set or pay full price, you won’t be disappointed
astro greek yogurt creme brulee

3 reviews

I wasn't impressed with the taste of this yogurt. I love creme brulee, but I found this yogurt didn't have much flavour. It tasted more like plain yogurt. However, if you are buying it for the price, then this is a good choice as it's cheaper then most. That being said, the...
Source Greek Yogurt

6 reviews

This to is another great yogurt. smooth and creamy. taste is superb. great for adding to smoothies for a nice creamy consistency.