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Downy Unstopables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster

I use the beads regularly and they smell amazing. This scent is my fav besides the pink and orange ones as well. Costco sells the big pack but I also get them off of stores when they go on sale

rug doctor carpet cleaner

This is the best carpet cleaner in the world. If you get the right cleaner to put in it such as the formula recommended for best quality you will have the cleanest carpet in the world! definitely worth renting

iRobot Roomba

We got our Roomba a few months ago and now like to joke that it's the newest member of our family. Its done a great job keeping our house clean and entertaining us (super fun to watch it scooting around). Although we purchased this item used, if anything ever happens to it I...

scentsy car warmer

I recently purchased some Scentsy car candles to try since I love everything else from Scentsy that I have bought. I don't remember which scent I purchased, but I did really like them and found that they worked well. I did think that they were a little pricey for what you are...

New Arm&Hammer;+Oxi Clean ouder blaster

New Arm & Hammer + Oxi Clean odour blasters eliminates it attacks tough odours with a fresh burst of clean smell I like it a lot gets my stains out of my top thanks 2 new arm & Hammer doing it's job of taking odours and stains out