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Arm and Hammer laundry soap

We usually get a massive bottle of this, we always buy it on sale and it does a decent job on our clothes, my husband is in co destruction so his clothes are the real test. It gets out concrete so what can I say Sometimes you can get really good deals on arm and hammer too. I...

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus

We live by these lysol wipes. If there is a mess, we use them. Someone is sick, we use them. They kill so many germs, and help keep the house clean and smelling fresh. They are convenient and easy to get out for all members of the family.


I absolutely love Febreeze one Bamboo scent. I am literally addicted to this. I am so glad that it has no aerosols, dyes and heavy perfumes. I have a home with two little kids so this is almost used everyday. It is so nice that it can be used both on fabric and as air freshener...

Febreze Air - Fresh Citrus

This is my favourite product. It eleminates all the lingering ofour from the house. Sometimes my house is full of unpleasant smell due to my neighbors cooking. I always use febreze to get rid of that smell. I always have febreze in my washroom. I use febreze before and after...

Downy Unstopables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster

I absolutely love this in wash scent booster I’m obsessed with the smell and how long it last on my clothing and towels! I always getting compliments on how good it smells and everyone is always shocked when I tell them it’s downy unstoppables!