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Fruit & Passion concentrated dish detergent - Cucina

This product works well and smells good bit it's expensive. It would be a total splurge but nice once in a while as a treat. Doesn't work any better than the regular store bought stuff.

Dawn Ultra Platinum Powerwash dishsoap

This product works great but leaves such an artificial strong smell! I would use it for heavy duty items outside only because of this. It worked great for the BBQ and other heavily soiled good!

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

This product works great. It's nice and soft and works well for cleaning up little masses too. There are many roll sizes. The mega size can be too big for some holders but works great for me! I'm a Charmin brand household!

Ultra sunlight triple clean dish soap

I grew up with my mom always buying sunlight and now I can see why! Great value for a great price and always gets the job done. Would highly recommend to all!

Microfiber Dishcloth

While this product is at a very cheap price, it's not for no reason. When attempting to dry the dishes with this cloth, it was almost like it wouldn't absorb all of the water, leaving the dishes with wet marks and water stains. I felt like I had to wash my dishes again after...