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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I am not always the best at dyeing my own hair and have sometimes stained my counter, the vanity and the bathtub. When this happens I get out the magic eraser and it removes these stains even if I don’t do it immediately after. They are amazing

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus

Even before the pandemic I used these. I like them because I am lazy and like the new fresh towel every time. I keep them in both of my bathrooms for daily quick clean ups and disinfecting.

Downy Unstopables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster

I was in charge of washing stinky 15 year old boys hockey jerseys after every game and I used this product and it was great. It keeps its fresh smell for a long time. No more stinky jerseys. Some of the boys even commented on how good they smelled. Use it all the time now for...

Tide Laundry Pods

It is a great detergent for all my clothes and very convenient. The only thing I hate about it is that sometimes the soap sticks to my clothes, it gets caught in my clothes and doesn't disperse properly. Then I get sticky clothes. It is an easy fix, just have to rewash the item

Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

The big size, and the quality is awesome! i live an hour and a half from the nearest costco but this is the only toilet paper i’ve bought it years! very soft