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Nintendo Switch Console

22 reviews

Not a cheap item to purchase so I’d suggest ensuring that it will actually be used. But having said that, as a family device it’s great. We all loved the Wii, but I also love this, proper family time when playing, with the added benefit that the little cherubs can ignore...
Amazon Firestick With Alexa Remote

20 reviews

Love the Alexa Amazon firestick. Use to use and load. Many different ways and features. Storage large space amazing. Quality great , try this and you will swear by it. No more cable bills ever
Google Home Mini

14 reviews

I definitely could not live without my google home mini devices in my home, not only does it help control the heating in my home it comes in handy for when i am out as it will play relaxing music for my dog to listen to while i am out,

13 reviews

Okay so let me start off by saying I loved my TCL roku tv!! Best tv Ive every owned. You can even costumize the screen to play your personal photos and use your phone as a remote if you ever lose the remote. It has tons of features!! Welp mine broke one day. It wouldnt turn back...
Amazon echo dot

17 reviews

I love my little Amazon Dot. On sale I got it for $30 but even $60 regular price is not unreasonable. I use it to play music, turn on/off some smart devices, for setting timers/alarms, verbally “googling” things, sleep sounds and more. There are some extra features like...
Roku Streaming Player - Ultra

10 reviews

This is by far the best roku i have ever owned!!! Its super fast... And I'm definitely loving the roku channel... I highly recommend this product for the price!!
Amazon Fire 7

11 reviews

Not enough memory, not even with an sd card because its not a main storage area for anything that this tablet comes with. That being said it is a great tablet otherwise. I like getting into my accounts quickly and so far this is my only device not to break and im on year 3. All...
Daewoo blue tooth headphones

1 review

Lightweight . Adjustable . Small setting fits my 4 year old grandson head . Loves wearing them when playing on the computer. Love the fact they put L & R inside each earpiece So easy to use and set up . A bargain at £10 so bought 3 pairs .
JBL Bluetooth speaker

2 reviews

This brand of speaker is power and you always get an impressive range of volume and bass from it. We used this in Iraq, it was left out in sandstorms, dropped from heights as high as 8 feet and constantly used for 6 months and never brike, never skipped a beat. Amazing speaker.
Bose 700 Soundbar

1 review

Did some research and took a chance. My suggestion: BUY THE BOSE 700 SOUNDBAR AND SUBWOOFER! Best music app. You can connect multiple speakers and soundboard and subs as you want. The app is awesome! Sound is above par (as usual). But with the 700, it thumps, it’s...
Fifa 2020

1 review

I am not a football fan and I sick playing games like this! But my partner got this game and it was a surprise! Graffics and story is amazing and now you can play street football which makes it more interesting! There's a story you can play at street football, called VOLTA, and...
Google chrome

1 review

The google chrome is the best! The price of it is amazing and not expensive at all and you get so much for your money! It has a touch screen and all! You can do anything and everything on it just like a regular sized computer! I highly recommend this!
E-mazing Lights Chroma Evolution Glove Set

1 review

I love my Chroma evolution glove set from e-mazing lights. These led gloves have so many different colors and settings that ill never get bored. I like the power i feel when wearing these while doing my lightshows.
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

1 review

I absolutely love these Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. I’ve owned several sets of headphones in the past, but none have came close to the sound quality of these Bose headphones. I also love that it has an app that you can use with them to enhance the performance. The...
Mx keys

1 review

MX Keys is one of the best wireless keyboards I’ve ever used. With its light and dark gray styling, the MX Keys look great with my computer. The keys are very smooth and I really love idea of slight dip on the keys that ensure that fingertips feel comfortable. It can pair...
iPad Air 2

7 reviews

Both of my children have an iPad that they watch cartoons on during long car rides. They were very easy to setup and even easier to install needed apps. I love the extra security options! My kids are able to navigate them with no problems!
TCL 55inch tv

1 review

The TCL ROKU tv has been amazing. Not the best brand but we have not had any issues with it. We love the smart tv feature and being able to download apps on it is awesome. You can also pause live tv
Nintendo labo

1 review

My husband and som recently put together the Nintendo labo kit and they had the most fun putting it together and testing it out. It was a great father son moment and it brought them closer by doing something they so much enjoyed.
Pokemon lets go pikachu

1 review

The game really brings back the nostalgia while playing as it takes place after the original red/blue version of pokemon and it shows with the call back of certain pokemon. A bit pricey but the Mystery box for Pokemon Go is good if you are willing to play through and reach for...
The Daughter

1 review

My mum bought this for us to read during a holiday and we were so impressed! The book made us laugh, cry and so much more. It kept us intrigued throughout and taught us too. The ending was fantastic and let us satisfied. We really hope to read the other books that the author has...