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Nintendo Switch Console

54 reviews

Amazon Firestick With Alexa Remote

30 reviews

We ditched cable and went to full streaming. You can find one of these little miracles in every room of the house that has a television. Easy to use, we can share a digital library, and if the TV remote is lost you can still control the power and volume. Having the Alexa...
Google Home Mini

27 reviews

From telling the forecast to advising you of your trip to work, we absolutely love our little Google Home. Sometimes she’s cranky and doesn’t hear us properly, but most of the time she can do almost everything we need a device to do - such as controlling lights, from Spotify...
Google Chromecast

20 reviews

My chromecast is definitely my favorite buy, I have one on every TV in my house, easy to connect to phone or tablet, whether it is streaming YouTube videos, TV chanel or leaving up pictures I've taken as a background feature in my home, easy to connect to wifi
Amazon echo dot

26 reviews

I have multiple of them in my house. I have worked on making most of my house run on this device. It is ideal for being super duper lazy. It does get some issues with the I ternet being down, however it is still great. I control my tv from it. It also lets me know when my...

18 reviews

I absolutely love ny tcl roku television. The selection of apps for download is great. And the picture quality is amazing .I would definitely recommend this television.
iPhone 11 pro

11 reviews

This is my current phone and it's a great option for a camera that comes with a phone! I bought this knowing it would replace my camera on vacation and I am very happy. I also love that it's somewhat water proof so I can play music while in the shower and not worry about the...
Amazon Fire 7

18 reviews

Got this as a back up tablet for our kids. Unfortunately it’s so slow and difficult to manoeuvre through they they just don’t use it anymore. It’s quick to fall asleep and takes a while to charge.
Amazon echo dot 3rd Gen

6 reviews

I love my echo. I was always hesitant to get one because I didn't think I needed a smart speaker. Boy was I wrong, I love asking alexa what the weather is or to play music. I also purchased a plug so now I can use it to turn my lamp on and off.
iPhone Xs Max

3 reviews

This is 100% the best phone I’ve ever seen. I have it (I’m typing on it just now) and can’t recommend it enough. I have tried newer models, but I still think this is better. It has face id, maximised screen space and two cameras. The camera is absolutely brilliant and...
Purple cow internet provider

1 review

Just switch from having full cable with all the bells and whistles. To just internet and this is awesome great speed. We have teenagers in the house so at least two phones Xbox and tv running at the same time and no glitches. Full speed as before. Great value but definitely not...
ON AIR Halo Stick

1 review

The assets that I like about this product is that it folds and is expandable and you can set up for video conferencing and podcasts plus 360 degree adjustable phone mount and a ring light that has 3 color lightening modes and very portable
Roku Streaming Player - Ultra

13 reviews

we use this all the time and it has never dissapointed. I highly recommend this over any cable or company. there is a lot to explore on the roku. we love it
Apple AirPod pro

1 review

I enjoy using my AirPods pro they have great life and never have any connection issues. These AirPods pro stay in my ears at all times. They come with 3 ear tip for every ear size. They sound amazing and the transparency mode is very useful.
Seviz bluetooth Headphones

2 reviews

This is my first time trying these headphones and these are really great. The quality is amazing. I love the way they sound and they are very comfortable. I highly recommend these.
Lg g7

1 review

I am happy with my LG G7. After 3 years the battery is still great. It has never broken down. The apps are not getting out dated. This is the longest I’ve ever kept a phone

1 review

Our Microsoft cortana smart speaker is used pretty frequently in our house. She does alot of commands for us. The only downside is she only picks up some voices when spoken to.
Xbox Elite Controller

1 review

I’ve used my elite for a couple years now. It just feels great in your hands. I don’t actually use the included paddles, but they’re a nice addition. The rubber side grips are starting to come off, but I’ve read that’s a common problem.
ONN CD Boom Box

1 review

I wanted a boom box I could take with me to the park or listen to on my patio or use in my aerobic classes and this does the trick plus the sound quality is very good for the low price and it is very cute looking and easy to use
Onn soundbar

1 review

I was looking for a cheaper soundbar that has bluetooth connection to take outside for movie night. I found the onn 36 inch 2.1 soundbar for a very reasonable price. Hooking it up through my computers bluetooth was super easy and not complicated at all. The sound is clear and...