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Nintendo Switch Console

42 reviews

It’s convenient to bring with you on the go but also works great when you want it on the big screen. The controllers are not my favorite, they are quite small if you want to play on the big screen. I bought wireless controllers which are really good, so fun to play with. I...
Amazon Firestick With Alexa Remote

29 reviews

Amazing product! It is so easy to set and begin using right away! You can find all your favorite apps and use them right on your television! Watching tv was never so fun!
Google Home Mini

19 reviews

I absolutely love our Google minis. We have 4 of them in the house so far and looking to get more. Wherever I am in the house I can have my music or news playing or control our TV.
Amazon echo dot

23 reviews

I purchased this as a gift for my son who was 11 at the time. HE ABSOLUTRLY LOVES IT! He can play music through it or ask for a joke to be told. This is seriously fun!

16 reviews

So many channels to choose from, beautiful picture. I absolutely love this TV. The screen is so clear makes it like you are right there in the movie. Very easy to use and set up
Roku Streaming Player - Ultra

14 reviews

we use this all the time and it has never dissapointed. I highly recommend this over any cable or company. there is a lot to explore on the roku. we love it
iPhone 11 pro

6 reviews

I updated to ios 14 and it became very laggy and shut off at random times this review is more about ios 14 beta dont download it. even the best of phones can hardly take it
Amazon Fire 7

15 reviews

We got this for my 3 yearold son for Christmas. Super durable and Kid Proof. Has been dropped several times and is still good as new. Also has amazing apps for learning and entertainment.
Apple AirPod pro

1 review

I enjoy using my AirPods pro they have great life and never have any connection issues. These AirPods pro stay in my ears at all times. They come with 3 ear tip for every ear size. They sound amazing and the transparency mode is very useful.
Seviz bluetooth Headphones

2 reviews

This is my first time trying these headphones and these are really great. The quality is amazing. I love the way they sound and they are very comfortable. I highly recommend these.
Lg g7

1 review

I am happy with my LG G7. After 3 years the battery is still great. It has never broken down. The apps are not getting out dated. This is the longest I’ve ever kept a phone
ONN CD Boom Box

1 review

I wanted a boom box I could take with me to the park or listen to on my patio or use in my aerobic classes and this does the trick plus the sound quality is very good for the low price and it is very cute looking and easy to use
Onn soundbar

1 review

I was looking for a cheaper soundbar that has bluetooth connection to take outside for movie night. I found the onn 36 inch 2.1 soundbar for a very reasonable price. Hooking it up through my computers bluetooth was super easy and not complicated at all. The sound is clear and...
ONN CD Player

1 review

I wanted something to carry around with me when I am walking or relaxing in the Park or during lunch time and not only is this cd player very portable and lightweight but has good sound quality for the price
Direct Tv

1 review

I have had this such a long time.It has the channels that my family loves to watch.Its easy to maneuver. Always gets a clear picture on every size tv that we have.
iPhone Xs Max

1 review

I love my iPhone Xs Max! The screen is huge, and it has basically taken the place of my computer. I can do everything on it, it has so much space . It has dual cameras with flash and, the camera has a better picture then my canon.
Hisense 4K 75" Roku TV

1 review

I love my Hisense 4K 75" Roku TV. This is the best, biggest TV, I have ever owned and I am so happy with it. The 4k picture is beautiful with bright colors and super clear, and the speakers are crisp and loud so there is no need to add extra speakers. The Roku built in is...
Monopoly Cheaters Edition

2 reviews

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a fun game but at the same time makes you think. How sneaky can i be to cheat and not get caught! I bought this game for a family game, and my kids love it. There are handcuffs, multiple cheater cards to choose from.
kobo forma

1 review

This Ereadet is the bomb! It has a 8 inch screen which you can customize how you want to read. Make it look like a real book. The best thing is its waterproof. So more relaxing bath reads and I don't have to worry what of it gets wet. Yes, to know more books getting wet. You can...
Google Chromecast

10 reviews

Google chromecast is a great price and works great. Easy to hook up on the fly. Only thing is it over heats way to quickly and I dont know why. Definitely cant wait to get another one so I can use it again, miss not having one. I would definitely say it's a must have and so...