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Home Fragrance Reviews

Just as perfumes enhance our personal style statement, home fragrances can set the tone in your living space.  The wide range of product types allow for personal expression in the way you scent your air, whether incense, decorative reed diffusers, discreet plug-ins, or romantic scented candles.

Top rated brands on ChickAdvisor include Febreze, Glade, Slatkin & Co (available at Bath & Body Works), and Yankee Candle.

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Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle

306 reviews

Bath and Bath Works candles are a big favorite of mine. I love the different variety of scents and how strongly scents they are! They burn great and the jars are reusable! If you're not sure of the scent, they sell single wick candles which are great to test out a scent rather...
Febreze  Bedding Refresher Sleep Serenity

295 reviews

I usually love febreze products. But this one has such a strong and not nice odor that it didn't help my sleep at all. I got bad headhache and had to wash my bedsheets again
Febreze Air Effects Spring & Renewal Air Freshener

263 reviews

In general I like febreze. I was looking forward to this one - it sounded and looked like it would be a pleasant and refreshing floral fragrance. How wrong i was! I can't believe this horrid scent still sells while they have discontinued their heavenly lavender vanilla sleep...
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener in Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain

215 reviews

These are the best plug in you can buy in a store unless you go to bath n body .Their scent last longer than 45 days and is not over powering like some and doesn't smell flowery and great price
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla

194 reviews

I had a fussy baby at home and was remembered that chamomile was very soothing. I purchased the chamomile and vanilla plug-ins and was pleasantly surprised. The vanilla was a bit overwhelming but it did subside pretty quickly. I moved the plug-in into the hallway outside the...
Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher

167 reviews

This product I would recommend for anyone trying to get rid of a nasty smell that’s in your home ! This product picks up the ugly smell and leaves a wonderful smell behind! Great for pet odors or a cigarette smell or even garbage smell!
Glade Wax Melts Warmer

166 reviews

The warmer works well and the scents are quite powerful. My house smells wonderful. I am very happy with the easy clean up and the clearly marked switch that let's you know if the warmer is on or off.
Glade Wax Melts

178 reviews

Spray it on, close your eyes and inhale. Instant relaxation - almost like angel take me away! Seriously though it does a great job of removing smells and blends in really well. its a definite repeat buy for me!
Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky Air Freshener

119 reviews

This is my favorite febreze, the smell is so nice! Reminds me of home. When I spray around the home, it doesn't linger heavily. It is quite light in the air.
Air Wick Scented Oil Electric Plug In Air Freshener in Crisp Linen

106 reviews

Purchased this not too long ago and WOW the power of the scent right after pulling in is wild! So so strong, turned it down to the lowest setting and found that to be the best for the space I have it in. Love the smell! Lasts a good amount of time, cannot complain
Scentsy Wickless Candles

131 reviews

I love that there are so many scents to chose from! They smell up the whole house. Blueberry cheesecake is my favourite scent. Will continue to buy for a long time to come
Febreze Air effects spray

85 reviews

When I change the cats litter box... this helps eliminate litter box odors. And also useful in the bathroom for any lingering smells. Also use it on blankets for in between washes so they smell clean
Glade Candle 2 in 1

106 reviews

I absolutely love this candle! It smells so darn good! I am honest and have bought other candles that last longer as when we burn candles in the house it is a length of time. This candle lasted us 2 days. So not worth the price for us :(
Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray

123 reviews

Love this gadget! Makes and keeps my bathrooms smelling awesome...automatically auto shouts a smell so uou don't forget to spray your bathroom after you do. Recommend to all
Febreze Air Effects with Gain

74 reviews

This is one of my all time favorite products! The scent is absolutely noticeable and extremely fresh, and works instantly! It makes a huge difference as it not only masks the smells we want to mask, but it actually eliminates them leaving a wonderful scent behind! The particles...
Febreze Candles

60 reviews

Glade Spray Air Freshener in Lavender and Vanilla

81 reviews

I use this when something smells funky and it masks it permanently, periodt! We stan the best spray! I only get it when it's on sale at Pharmaprix though but I think if I have the budget, I'd get it nonetheless lol
Little Trees Air Fresheners

58 reviews

If used as intended purposes (meaning you leave the bag on and pull the tree out every couple days) then it lasts a little bit longer but not by much! Disappointed in the fact you can’t just pull the entire tree out of the bag and hang.
Glade Air Freshener in Clean Linen

59 reviews

I was excited to try this as I've used a similar scent in another brand before. I find it alittle too strong for me and sprays too much out at once. It is a good price though.
Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles Black Cherry Merlot

39 reviews

Absolutely love this candle!! Bought one for my mom and soon realized I needed one for myself too. Love the smell of black cherry and this did not disappoint.