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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Liv Clean Apple Cider Vinegar Multipurpose Spray Cleaner

1 review

Product: Live Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner (Apple Cider Vinegar) Clean and green. I like to do my best to eat this way, wear this way and clean this way. As a famous frog once said, ‘It's not easy bein' green!’ Green living can be more costly, can be harder to find products...
Dr. Bonner castile liquid soap eucalyptus

1 review

I tried this because I had heard good things about the brand, and now I will be trying other products by Dr. Bonner. I really like the Eucalyptus scent and feel of it. It is a very unique scent for a hand soap, and what I like most is that it is a very natural scent. My hands...
Bissell SmartClean Robotic Vacuum

2 reviews

The Bissell Smart Clean Robotic Vacuum is hands down the best vacuum I've ever used! This was my first time using a robotic vacuum and I am very impressed! I have 3 dogs who shed like crazy. I am constantly sweeping several times a day. Being a busy mom, my time is very limited...
Kaboom cleaning foam

9 reviews

I bought a couple of these assuming they worked as good as my regular brand. It was interesting spraying my bathroom with this and it came out blue/purple and then turned clear (as it is done doing its job and can be wiped/rinsed off). It did not work nowhere near as good as I...
Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Morning Meadow, 23 oz, Trigger Bottle 44714EA

2 reviews

I really liked using Natural all purpose cleaner. Usually when I use cleaners I find my eyes burn and the scents are strong. The Natural all purpose cleaner was just fresh smelling and I never noticed any discomfort with my eyes. I also feel good using this on my kitchen...
dust off electronic duster

2 reviews

I use this product on all my electronics to remove dust and debris from vents and tight places. The cans last quite a bit and is very effective and safe to use in electronic items
Mr Clean Antibacterial Spray

20 reviews

One of the important thing about your cleaning product is right here. Strong and fast. It smells good, it cleans fast, and the price is great. I would recommend this product as a GREAT product.
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power

31 reviews

I picked up a pack to try being very skeptical that they would work,but i went home and put them right to the test and started seeing real cleaning before my eyes and tough stains and soap scum before the end of the afternoon i was sold and now they are part of my everyday...
Lysol Disinfectant Spray Crisp Linen

8 reviews

The scent is so fresh smelling and works great in any room I love it for the washroom especially if you have company. I have even used it in the car when I have had a wet dog driving home with me. :)
Aleva naturals bottle & dish liquid water lily

1 review

This dish soap smells heavenly!! It is my all time favourite scent. The soap is also amazing because it is all natural and safe to use for babies too. Once I tried this soap I can’t use anything else to wash!
Ivory Dish Soap

34 reviews

No idea why the photo doesn't match the product but Ivory dish soap is great! My aunt was using it for years and always told me it was a great product and once I started to use it I knew why she wouldn't use anything else. It works great on dishes, suds up well and you don't...
Bar Keppers Friend Cleaner

1 review

Porcelain sinks have got to be the hardest material to clean with this and a little elbow grease it comes out spotless and it is very affordable.You can also use it in the bathroom,cookware and outdoors.
Hertel Multi-surface cleaner apple and pear

1 review

We love Hertel and it's one of the regular brand names we turn to for effective cleaning products. Apple and pear fragrance smells great and whether it's used on kitchen counters or floors, it's always practical since no rinsing is needed!
Allen’s cleaning vinegar

2 reviews

I love Allen’s Cleaning Vinegar. I’ve been using it for a while now. My husband went through chemo recently and we have five cats. I wanted to make sure everything was clean but not use toxic chemicals. It worked great. Also our town gets it’s water from a well with a high...
Lysol Disinfectant Spray spring waterfall

2 reviews

2020 is going to go down as the year of extreme washing, cleaning & disinfecting. In my arsenal of products to keep COVID away, is this spray. I use it on door knobs and garbage, recycling & green bins mainly. It says it's an all in one, can also be used on some fabrics. As far...
Bounty plus paper towel

3 reviews

We always have paper towels located in strategic locations in our home. Accidents always happen and you need to be prepared. We also use them for general cleaning of our home
No Wet Wonder Foam

1 review

I bought this off the As Seen On Tv ad,and I am very impressed,one bottle goes a very long way.You only use a capful to a gallon pail of hot water.You don’t need to soak the place you are trying to clean,only pat the liquid on,scrub with a brush,let dry and vacuum.No need to...
SOS scrubbing pads

12 reviews

Nothing will clean your baking/barbecue racks better. Great for shining up the pots and pans. When you’re done the dishes, use it to scrub the sink and drain. There’s a reason they’ve been around forever!
CLR Bathroom And Kitchen Cleaner

13 reviews

CLR is a product that I find suits many purposes. It cleans the rust out of the clasp on my dog's lead, the lime out of my laundry room sink and a calcium, as well. It works well to clean both drains and toilets. My husband finds many uses for it in the shop.
Finish Quantum Max Dishwashing Detergent

2 reviews

Well I didn’t think a dishwasher tablet would get any better than what I was using but since trying this product I am amazed. It actually did what it said! I have Squeaky clean dishes and the tough to remove first that is usually still left behind from my previous tablet, was...