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Laundry Care Reviews

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Downy Unstopables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster

3192 reviews

I love the long lasting scent; I open my closet and it smells so good! I bought this product on a whim and never looked back. I will admit this product is a bit pricey but all you have to do is wait for a sale!
OxiClean™ Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover Powder

538 reviews

I find that you have to soak the clothing in a bucket or a sink for a lot longer than suggested. For whites, I have used very hot water and soaked them for several days. They turn out great. For colours, I use warm water and keep checking to make sure that the colour is still...
OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray

534 reviews

This is a must have item in my house! With two toddlers, meal times are very messy. Spray the stain let it soak in and then start the load of laundry. The price is very affordable.
Tide Laundry Pods

566 reviews

I have found myself using more pods than I should and sometimes the pod does not dissolve completely (I do have good front loaders). I love all liquid tide laundry detergent and I have gone back to use that instead.
OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Stain Remover Powder

474 reviews

This has to be the best ever stain remover on the planet. It does what ir says. stain is out the first time. It does bring back the white if a white piece of clothing has yellowed. Just dissolve some in a bucket of hot water and add the white piece of clothing and let it soak...
OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Foam Laundry Pre-Treater

458 reviews

No matter how bad and strong the stains are it’s great I love my kids make lots of oil and ketchup stains and this is the best stain remover ever it works perfectly for all types of stains also if you want to make your white clothing whiter it also works great for that too I...
OxiClean Laundry Detergent

339 reviews

Ok this product is amazing, seriously I will not do my laundry with out it. When oxi clean first came on the market I bought some to try. My daughters cat had kittens on her new white t-shirt. And I said ok oxi time to put you to the test. I diluted some in hot water and sprayed...
Gain Original Laundry Detergent

308 reviews

I really like Gain laundry detergent. It does a great job washing my clothes. It smells great and my clothes look clean. The smell lasts until you wear it again. Gain is one of my go-to's for washing my family's clothes.
OxiClean Max Force White Revive Laundry Stain Remover & Booster

264 reviews

First time using this product and im sold! I use it mostly on my whites like shirts and pillow cases. This spray nozzle is very efficient. Leaves no scent. Bleach does work better but i can't stand the scent. Haa.
Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

244 reviews

I love my Tide to Go pen. I keep one in every bag; however, I do have issue using it on certain colours like white or certain fabrics. It can make great, but I often find it better to spot clean with a cloth first and then use the pen.
Persil ProClean Power-Liquid Detergent

149 reviews

I absolutely love this and I can't get enough of the fragrance. I use to be a gain fan but now I only by persil it is a little expensive but worth every dollar.
Gain Apple Mango Tango Laundry Soap

155 reviews

LOVE this product!! One of the best smelling and effective laundry soaps Can get the stink out of anything, even the dog blankets and use it on my car interior and couch's
Bounce Dryer Sheets

157 reviews

I like these dryer sheets, they have an amazing scent. I woudn't say they are much different compared to other brands, but the do the job reasonably well. I am happy.
Gain Flings

139 reviews

I don’t think I’ll buy any of the packet style laundry detergents. I have boughten a few containers and out of all of them I keep getting the goopy plastic left on my clothes. I also don’t find they freshen the clothes very well
Purex Cold Water Laundry Detergent

112 reviews

As someone who has allergies and problems with laundry soap I love this product. I never have to question whether or not it will get our clothes clean and they smell fresh
Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent

107 reviews

This product has saved me so much money. I love that it washes the clothes in cold water, the smell is not to strong , I don't like strong perfumes and it does a great cleaning. All my clothes come out great..Never have to rewash them and the clothing never had any residue left...
Downy Unstopables Fresh Scent

122 reviews

L’odeur est vraiment bonne mais faire attention car si trop de produit est mis, il y aura beaucoup trop de parfum! Rend le linge doux et l’odeur restes dans le linge même s’il est serrer longtemps
Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent

109 reviews

I would definitely recommend this detergent. As new parents I feel safe that my child is using this and know that it is sensitive enough that won't cause irritation.
Tide Original Acti-Lift Liquid Laundry Detergent

129 reviews

Tide is the best detergent hands down. I can't afford it most of the time tho. I finally got the dollar general app and add digital coupons. Now I can get tide for $2!!!!whoohoo.it works great in a bucket to mop with. The sent are amazing and fresh. Not so over purfumy
Gain Apple Mango Tango

99 reviews

Senteur A1 Efficace A1 Produit A1 Quantité A1 Bref j'aime j'adore pis mon linge est propre et sens trop bon :) Et si tu veux que sa sens doublement bon rajoute les feuilles d'assoupliseur de Gain