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Paint & Art Supplies Reviews

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Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

29 reviews

these are one of the orignal erasers from school. They work great for removing writing., They are usually the only eraser that i will but simlpy for the effectiveness that it has
Crayola 24 Count Pencil Crayons

25 reviews

This brand of crayons is very good, I buy it every year for my kids to school. It has the right amount of colors and tones to paint. Year after year I know they don't fail me. Excelente product.
Sharpie Pen Fine Point Pen

31 reviews

Out of all marker pens that I use this is the best one. I need this pen for documents that are going to last 14 years and it does!!! I've been in office management for almost 20 years and this has been my go to marker pen as long as I can remember.
FrogTape Painters Tape

26 reviews

I decided to paint my room in a complicated pattern at first I didnt use frog painters tape and was immediately unsatisfied with the paint running where it wasent supposed too. I was told to go get frog tape and it saved me so much time..I definitely recommend..
Sico furniture and cabinet paint

1 review

I absolutely love this paint!! I bought 1 gallon of this paint to give some old furniture a new look. The coverage is so good i was able to paint a desk, dresser, night stand and headboard without even using half the can. Works well with a brush or roller.
Diamond Dotz Kits

1 review

A friend recently posted a picture on FB of her completed Diamond Dotz picture of flowers. It was beautiful and I had to find out more, she directed me to Michael's, and that's where I bought mine. I bought the Van Gogh's Starry Night. The kit comes with everything you need...
Prismacolor penciles

5 reviews

Les prismacolors sont définitivement les meilleures crayons. Ils ont de belles teintes vives et lors de l’aiguillage contrairement aux autres marques populaires la mines ne casse pas. Oui, certain diront que le prix est élevé mais ces crayons au traits gras sont un...
Happy planner Classic

1 review

This is a super versatile planner that is dated and laid out in a simple functional way. But you can add in pages as you see fit, like beautiful printables available online (many for free)! And the are a ton of accessories like stickers, pen holders, and charms in arts stores...
Sunba Beach Tent

1 review

This has become a summer day essential for our family. No more having to truck around bulky, awkward to store/carry beach umbrellas - this beach tent has it all! The tent looks exactly like the picture when set up. Upon getting my beach tent, the first thing you notice is that...
Marks a lot dry erase markers

1 review

I absolutely love these markers, especially the newer slim ones. The ink quality is top notch and once dry it stays on quite nicely. Removes easily for reuse. Id definitely recommend to anyone!
Gorilla Glue Clear Grip

2 reviews

I recently purchased and used the Gorilla Clear Grip glue to repair my favourite pair of ankle booties! I used and abused my suede shoes this winter and they were not hiding my unhealthy relationship with them! The Gorilla glue was quick and easy, not overly smelly and appeared...
Elmers Glue-All

13 reviews

I use this to make slime and it works perfectly! Makes a thick and glossy slime and fun to play with. Safe for kids to use and comes in different sizes which is perfect for measuring out the perfect slime.
Saman water based wood stain

1 review

This stain is amazing used it a few times now..... it has no fumes dries in an hour and NO streaks. It comes in a varitie of colours. And the pigment is perfect!
Ez strip

1 review

I came across this paint stripper when I decided to tackle my kitchen. I had to do most of the stripping inside and didn't want to damage my counter floor or burn myself. This stuff is legit! Works great and can use it inside. Re fumes are low so low I've done it inside with...
Tadkin gel pens

1 review

These pens are great quality. The ink flows freely. Whatever you imagine you can create with these pens. They have regular colors and neon colors and glitter colors. Your possibilities are endless with these pens. Plus they have a 100% guarantee. I really recommend these...
rust oleum chalk paint

3 reviews

Rust oleum chalk paint... Ist thing is its an amazing product. Its a reasonably prices product . It covers more than any other chalk paint I have tried. It also holds up to more abuse. My family always leaves a glass on the table top and It has never made a ring. I trust...
livre de coloriage (mandala) de johanna basford

1 review

j'ai acheté les livres de coloriage de johanna dans une librairie , ses dessins sont vraiment tres beau , le niveau de difficulté est un peu elevé car il y a beaucoup de detail a colorier
Staedtler triplus roller

2 reviews

J’aime vraiment beaucoup ces crayons pour écrire. J’aime que la pointe soit fine. C’est plus facile d’ecrire et d’avoir une belle écriture soignée. Il y a plusieurs couleur disponible dans la boites. Pas besoin de peser fort pour écrire.
Crayola ultra-clean washable markers

4 reviews

Crayola makes the best art supplies, hands down! I've tried buying other companies and they do not compare to the quality of crayola. Crayola is very reasonably priced and easy to find. The fact that the makers are so vibrant and yet washable is amazing. My little artist...
Staedtler Triangular Coloured Pencils

1 review

I admit, colouring makes me happy! I got on the bandwagon of the adult colouring books and was on the hunt for decent colouring pencils. Imagine my delightful surprise when I saw Staedtler branded colouring pencils! I love the triangular design, feels natural in my hand...