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Blue dawn dishsoap

Versatile in use, not only for washing dishes. I use it with vinegar in a spray bottle to clean windows, mirrors and bathroom fixtures. Great for getting grease out of clothes. Suds and cleans dishes too!!

Instant Pot duo 8 quart

Easy to use. Time saving for busy moms, just put all the ingredients in and let it do its thing. The food that comes out is full of flavor and tender and juicy.

Dawn Ultra Dish Washing Liquid

It is really the only dishwasher brand that I have used and it has left me satisfied, quickly remove the grease from the dishes, it is gentle with my hands and leaves a rich aroma

Finish Powerball Quantum Max Fresh Dishwasher Detergent

I have used many dishwasher products. They all left food, they weren't completely clean or spots. Not with this!! Everything is clean and pretty. Fully clean no spots ect. I will never go back to anything else.

Dawn dishwashing soap

This is the only dish soap i trust, i use it to wash my car, when i was dishes, i gets stuck on grease with ease, especially works great on my husband's hands after he has been outside working on something and comes inside with black nasty grease this is the ONLY dish soap i...