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Vitamix Blender

I will admit I felt kind of ridiculous spending $700 on a blender but this thing is amazing. It is super powerful so will blend anything you put in it (I accidentally blended the handle of a wooden spoon so I know from experience). Makes creamy smoothies, nut butters, grinds...

Dawn Ultra Dish Washing Liquid

For whatever reason dawn seems to always be on sale, and quickly became one of my favourites. It smells good and does not dry out my hands like some others have.

Cuisinart toaster oven with convection

This was ideal for me living in a small apartment with no stove hook up. I cook cakes, cookies, pizzas, everything I need in this! Small enough to sit on countertop! I love this!

Cranston rainbow mirror 20-piece flatware set

Absolutely love!! This set was an amazing price & they are oh so beautiful!! I was definitely not disappointed! Bought as a gift for someone else and I loved them so much I will for sure be buying me a set as well!

Yeti Cup

I am so glad I decided to spend the money on this cup. With it being the winter time and that I work nights, I struggled to keep my hot chocolate and coffee hot. NOT ANYMORE!! My coffee stayed hot in this cup for over 2 hours. I was shocked and impressed. This cup seems like it...