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Bakeware & Cookware Reviews

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Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 10pc Cookware Set

6 reviews

I love the Rachael Ray cookwear set! It is so easy to use and they clean so easily. Food cooks evenly and I have not had any issues. No need for any cooking spray. Food slides right out of the pans for super easy clean up.
Wilton NonStick 12 Cup Standard Muffin Pan

27 reviews

I use this often and recently tried it without parchment paper to see if it truly is non stick, it is! I had to let my muffins sit for longer and cool off but they came right on out! I'm truly impressed with this
Wilton 9X13 Oblong Cake Pan

10 reviews

Another Wilton cake pan l use for baking brownies and squares. I love all the Wilton bakewares. This is one name brand I trust to baking. A very happy consumer.
Wilton Medium Loaf Pan

19 reviews

i like using the glass pans for baking bread but i love these ones for when im making any of my meat recipes. I think that the metal ends up cooking the meat perfectly
Pyrex 2 Cup Measuring Cup

114 reviews

Pyrex. Quality. Trust. Savings. Longevity. Is there any better measuring product? It’s the go to and last for life. I cannot recommend enough. You can trust this product and know it will ensure years of baking and measuring and dishwashing. It’s a staple in my cupboard.
Wilton Cake Caddy

38 reviews

This is a game changer! Whenever I had to bake cakes for relatives, I didn't know to transport the cake, I would place the cake on a plate and lightly wrap aluminum foil over the cake. Not the bake way to present a cake... I purchased this cake caddy at Walmart and have been...
Wilton Bakeware and Decorating Supplies

15 reviews

These are amazing! I honestly did not think they would make a difference but with the bake even strips all of my cakes come out even and flat, I no longer have to cut the tops off to make them flat. Worth every penny.
Wilton Deluxe Piece Cake Decorating Tip Set

23 reviews

I really like this set, comes with everything I need. I have made many beautiful cupcakes using this set. I always get compliments on my cupcakes, thanks to this set. There are lots of u tube videos to show you how tp correctly use eat tip.
Wilton Cake Decorating Set 8 Icing Gel Colours

12 reviews

I really like that these colors are so vibrant. It only takes a tiny drop to color my icing. The colors don’t water down the icing and don’t leave a taste.
Styrofoam Cake Form

1 review

I actually picked one of these up about a year ago, you can pretty much buy them at any home store! I use it for practicing my piping skills and for practicing icing cakes. Practice makes perfect and this product is perfect for making sure I will do a good job on the actual cake.
Wilton Pastry Bag 10"

6 reviews

These Wilton pastry 10 inch bags are of great quality which means no tearing or leaking and are so easy to handle. Wilton is the only brand of bags l use.
Wilton 24 Lavendar Polka Dot Cupcake Liners

3 reviews

Wilton 24 Lavender polka dot cupcake liners are adorable. Really cure for a little girl party. Wilton is a great brand, the cupcakes did not stick to the liners like some of the cheaper brands.
Rachael Ray 10 Piece Non-Stick Cookware

9 reviews

I received these for free from a family member. They’re great.... until you wash them and the non stick starts peeling off 😒 I guess they’re worth what I paid 😆🤷‍♀️
Paderno World Cuisine Cooling Rack with Feet

2 reviews

I love this cooling rack, it has come in handy for me. I bake a lot and I find that a lot of the cooling racks out there are too small.. this one works perfectly and fits a lot of baked goods on it.
Betty Crocker Measuring Cup

9 reviews

I love using this measuring cup. I love that it is glass and the measurements are easy to read. I also love that the measurements are in red on the cup.
Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan

3 reviews

I recieved this as a gift from my daughter. The first time I used it I made a recipe that was too soft and it all stuck to the pan. I have since realized that you need to make sure your recipe is designed for use in a bundt pan, or let your boxed cake mix sit in the pan for...
Oster Rice Cooker

1 review

This is a really good rice cooker. I literally just put the rice and water in, and it cooks and does everything to perfection by itself. I sometimes leave to go outside after turning the cooker on and when i copme back, i have perfectly cooked rice ready for me to eat.
Betty Crocker Scraper

5 reviews

Betty Crocker's scraper is a handy utensil to add to your culinary utensils. So easy to hold and use, you can quickly get all the cake mix (or whatever) out of the bowl. No more wasting or using spoons that take so long...yay!
Betty Crocker Measuring Spoons

41 reviews

I have purchased this set of spoons in the past and I will not be repurchasing in the future. The measurements rubbed right of in less then 10 hand washes
Pampered Chef Cookie Sheet

1 review

The Pampered Chef is true to it's name... It is an amazing quality stoneware for all types of baking. I love our cookie sheet because the maintenance is very low maintenance, you don't need to grease or butter it before putting your dough on it and they always bake to perfection...