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Coffee Makers/Machines Reviews

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Keurig - K425 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - Black

18 reviews

Never used a Keurig until I moved in with my fiancé. The machine is a bit too large for my liking, but it's convenient to make a single cup instead of a full pot of coffee. Love how fast a cup brews and how easy it is to clean the machine.
Kuraidori French Press Coffee Maker

1 review

cheap but good quality French Press. Makes great coffee, it is just as easy and quick as a regular coffee maker. Comes with a spoon to help you add the right amount of coffee. its best to buy whole beans and grind them up because you need coarse coffee grounds which arent as...
Salton Coffee, Spice & Herb Grinder

1 review

I love this grinder! it is perfect to grind up coffee beans for my french press. simple and easy to use, as well as easy to clean. it is a little noisy but that is to be expected from a grinder, especially an electric one.
Hamilton Beach Elite Programmable Coffee Maker

1 review

After years of issues with multiple Keurig machines, I finally decided to go to a drip coffee maker. After a lot of research and personal reviews from people, I bought this one. I love that I can program it to make my coffee for any future time I want, it doesn’t take long and...
Salton Space-Saving Coffee Maker

1 review

I love this coffee maker! its perfect for if you live alone and don't drink a lot of coffee because its a single serving machine. easy to use and clean. makes a great cup of coffee. only thing is it doesn't turn off automatically once its done brewing, so you have to do it...
Keurig K-Select

1 review

My old Keurig finally decided to kick the bucket after 7 years. So I got this one to replace it in Oasis turquoise and it's so cute! It's a little less heavy than my old one and an inch more narrow which means I save a little more space in my small kitchen. I like that it has an...
Kureg duo machine

3 reviews

For the past 5 years we have owned nothing but kureg. For the longest time we had the single serve models, which meant we had to buy a coffee pot to accommodate for filling my husband's thermos for work. When the duo came out we bought it instantly. It solved all our problems...
Hamilton Beach 12 cup Brew Station.

5 reviews

Every morning I grind my own beans and turn this machine on mere seconds after my feet hit the ground. I grab my first cup in moments. No overly bitter taste. No burnt taste. Simply said, but this machine. It is one of the reasons I get out of bed every morning.
Cuisinart k-cup machine

1 review

I love this coffee maker! I had one of the older k-cup machines and upgraded to this one and oh boy what a difference! This machine has 6 different options for cup size and it boils water! You can’t go wrong with this! If you wanna use a tea k-cup in it you can! It has a...
K-Duo Essentials Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker

1 review

The concept of this coffee machine is great! An affordable 2 in 1 coffee machine really intrigued me. I purchased this machine with high hopes. I previously had a different brand single serve brewer and thought it was time for an upgrade so decided to go back to the Keurig...
Keurig 2.0 K550 4-cup coffee maker

1 review

Honestly I did really like my Keurig but after only a few years of having it, it completely stopped working. Though it was quick and simple to use, having that happen really was a disappointment. Especially since Keurig’s can be fairly expensive. Maybe i just got unlucky but I...
Davids tea thermos

1 review

I love this thermos! I actually use it more for cold drinks as if you fill it with ice and add the liquid you’ll still find ice in there 8 hours later! I will say though to throughly remove the silicone inside sheiks as it will go mouldy. But hands down the best for cold or...
Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System

13 reviews

I was looking for a coffee maker that had the ability to serve single cups at time, but without using K cups. I love that this is environmental I bought a reusable filter aswell so I don’t use filters either. The program feature saves my mornings! Love love love it!
Sunbeam 12 cup coffee percolator

2 reviews

Now when it comes to coffee makers I've used a lot and killed a few as well according to my family. Iam a big coffee drinker like my late father and having worked at a lot of coffee shops learned the value of the bottoms cup and the perfect brew.
Hamilton beach coffee grinder

1 review

I love my Hamilton beach coffee grinder it has different settings for grinding your coffee it has measurements inside the stainless steel bowl it can also grind herbs I highly recommend this product
Keurig k cafe

1 review

A cafe experience all in one machine...it comes with options to either have coffee, espresso or cappuccino...it also include a frother hot or cold. Make yourself at home barista with this super easy to use machine.
Kurig 2.0

1 review

I got my kurig for a gift 2 years ago, and I love it!!!! Quick and easy for on the go, the only thing I don't like is I have to run it 2x for my work coffee cup..lol
hamilton beach flexbrew

6 reviews

I stumbled upon this coffee maker when my last one stopped working unexpectedly. It has been a total dream! The ability to make a full pot or a single cup is very convenient. We typically make a full pot in the morning and then use k-cups for single serve in the afternoon. The...
Black & Decker mill & brew

1 review

I don’t drink coffee but this coffee maker grinds the coffee beans before it makes the coffee but you also have the option to use already ground coffee. You can set the timer for either one. It is easy to clean and my son loves it!
Delonghi cappuccino machine

4 reviews

My daughter spends a small fortune at a cafe for lattes and I decided to get this for her as a gift for the holidays. She was very happy and so is her bank account Everything works as it should Tastes delicious