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Food Processors and Blenders Reviews

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KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

179 reviews

Owning a KitchenAid mixer has always been a dream of mine and when I got mine for mothers day, it definitely did not disappoint!!! I am an avid baker, I am always up to something in the kitchen and this mixer makes baking 1000x easier. I will say, its difficult to keep the...
Crock Pot

89 reviews

Crock pot is my top brand in this foray of small kitchen appliances. This particular one is the slim profile version. It has digital buttons instead of the old knob type.Has a locking lid as well as a recipe book that came included.
Vitamix Blender

56 reviews

Impressionnant, efficace, extraordinaire! On parle d'un produit simplement PARFAIT! Cher à l'achat, mais économique à l'usage. Tout ce qui y est fait est excellent, nutritif, extrêmement rapide. Sans compter que ça se nettoie tout seul et que tout les modes sont...
Ninja Professional Blender 1100 watts

58 reviews

I really was sceptical of this purchase seems like a lot for a blender. I do not regret it at all it does a great job making my smoothies so smooth and silky. It blends in no time with no lumps or chunks. I have had a lot of blenders in the past and this puts them all to shame.
Zyliss easy pull food processor

1 review

Has become a must have in the kitchen for me. Perfect for finely chopping onions and carrots for the bases of dishes really quickly and with very little mess. The blades are extremely sharpe, which while this is a huge pro you have to be super careful when cleaning, but I...
KitchenAid 5-Cup One-Touch 2-Speed Food Chopper

1 review

As an avid baker and cook, anything that makes my life in the kitchen easier is a MUST and this is a must. My husband was skeptical but after seeing it in action, changed his mind. One of the most time consuming things I do is pie crust. Incorporating COLD butter chunks into...
Black and Decker blender

1 review

I really love my black and Decker blender .it makes amazing milkshakes and other things as well but I like making milk shakes the best. Overall I think this product is great.
Ninja blender

1 review

I do love the ninja blenders but not this one. Every time we try using it we have to stop it and stir the stuff up in it just to get it to move. Also the outer part that looks like glass has all these scratch marks all over it and we aren’t sure why it did that. I do own...
Cuisinart Smart Stick

19 reviews

Anybody who likes smoothies or milkshakes must have this appliance. It is small and easy to store. It whips up a smoothie just as quick and easily as my blender or food processor without the hassle of having to wash numerous pieces.
SharkNinja BL660C Professional Blender

2 reviews

This blender is amazing and I like how it comes with 2 to go cups for on the go mom's such as myself....smoothie on the go for breakfast at work and the kids school. I love this blender.
Betty Crocker coffee Grinder 3 in1

1 review

I don't drink coffee but I bought this to grind nuts and spices and it does a really good job and the best part is the top is removable so I never make a mess and easy to clean
Ninja fit

2 reviews

I absolutely love love my ninja. It makes the creamiest smoothies. Even when using frozen fruits I never have the problem of chunks left behind nothing but creamy dreamy smoothies.
5 in 1 Patec Mandolin Food Slicer

1 review

I diced a large onion in less than 2 minutes! I always hated chopping onions before because it took so long and my hands would smell after. Not to mention the tears. But with the slicing guard there was no smell on my hands and no cut fingers either. It gripped the onion letting...
Black and Decker Cyclone Blender

1 review

Black and decker's cyclone blender has 12 speed and is a very powerful mixing blender. It is designed to be able to blend through tough liquids and food products. It's perfect for protein shakes milkshakes smoothies salsas and many more things. It is very reasonably priced...
Ninja master prep

1 review

I love cooking and baking but often skipped on recipes that needed lots of chopping but I found the perfect solution. The Ninja Master Prep is a definate must have in the kitchen. I use it to cut veggies or fruits for my muffins, making nut butters, energy balls and chopping...
Black and Decker coffee grinder

1 review

It works well but stats to heat up fast and sometimes the grinder stuff starts coming out from the bottom of the machine it does the job but hard to clean
Starfrit Manual Food Processor

2 reviews

this is the best chopper I have ever used. I have a tupperware one that was around 85.00 dollars and I like the star frit better because it doesnt seem to slide as much.
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

23 reviews

My son started going to the gym and wanted a single serve blender to make his Smoothies and other health drinks and this one was perfect. It cost less than fifteen dollars and for a countertop appliance it works well. He has even used it to blend frozen fruits and it got the job...
Oster 8 Speed Blender

18 reviews

For the price, this blender is pretty good. I am happy with my purchase. I've used it to any smoothies, baby food, puree soups, chip ice.. I've also had it for years now and it's still going strong.
Tupperware chop n prep chef

7 reviews

I would never have thought an accessory of this size would live up to the claims, but I was so pleasantly surprised. I find this product to be a little pricey, however it works very well