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Food Storage Reviews

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

254 reviews

I have 5 of these in various sizes and they are amazing! With food allergies we rely heavily on our fruits and veggies as snacks and in meals. And these containers are amazing. A little expensive for a storage container, but it works so it's worth it! They keep everything fresh...
Ziploc Freezer Bags

127 reviews

I haven’t used these for food, but I just used them to help pack clothes for my kids for our family vacation. It was so helpful using these to pack and label each days clothes then just pull that day from the suitcase. It was one less thing to worry about while we were away.
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Containers

57 reviews

Rubbermaid makes the best products ever. My family has always bought Rubbermaid products for as long as I can remember. We have always been very satisfied with them. They are quality made and the price is good
Swell bottle

17 reviews

I literally never leave home without my S’well water bottle. I have the 17oz one and it has been through the wringer. It has dents and gouges and is scratched up but it works as good as the day I got it. I have a hard time drinking water but will if it’s ice cold. It just so...
Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container, Medium

12 reviews

I finally found one at Walmart the other day. I've heard a lot of good stuff on this product so I purchased it. Omg I'm so impress. I made soup and put the leftovers in the container. I turned it upside down and nothing leaked. What a seal on this container. I'm hoping to...
Roots Lunch Bag

13 reviews

J'ai re^cu une boîte à lunch Roots en cadeau. Je trouve que le compartiment est grand assez et que la chaleur/le froid (selon ce qu'on veut) reste. Elle est thermo et je ne peux plus m'en passer. Je peux facilement mettre mon repas principal, un brevage + un contenant à...
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit

15 reviews

These little "blocks" all fit together nicely, they snap together, which makes it harder to lose. They aren't too difficult for my 6 year old to get apart, either. i thought they ran a but pricey, but if they continue to hold up, they're worth it!
Mickey mouse sandwich bags

1 review

I absolutely love the sandwich bags. They have a cute design on them and my son loves opening his snacks at school with the picture. And they are reseable so you can always save some for later. They are really cheap and you can find them at Dollar tree.

1 review

This aluminum foil works the best. we use it to cover leftovers, pack lunches, cover and take food. it is strong and durable. good value for the price as well.
Silicone lid couvercle

1 review

I purchased a silicone lid that suction’s onto a bowl so you can store your food. At first I was a bit scepticle but once I used it , I found my leftovers lasted a bit longer , especialiy salad (didn’t go brown or soggy) so it could be packed for lunches the next morning...
manna hot/cold bottle

4 reviews

I received this water bottle as a Christmas present and it has become one of my favorite items. I have another water bottle that I have been using for MANY years which I received from work as a welcome gift when I first started. Since then I have been on a search for a similar...
Tupperware mermaid lunch set

1 review

Bought this Tupperware set for my daughter and it is the cutest set ever. My daughter loves it and can’t wait to start school in September so she can use it
Hefty storage slider

2 reviews

The zipper storage bag is easy to open and close. It has been reliable for me and has not had an episode of the plastic ripping. It is thick enough to maintain it's integrity.
Press and seal

4 reviews

Every kitchen should have this item. I use it to wrap containers that doesn't have lids. When I marinate my meat and need to leave it in the fridge for a short period of time. It clings better to the containers than regular saran wrap. This product is awesome.
Manna stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle

1 review

As someone who works outdoors during the summer in the heat it sucks when there is no cold water to drink. so i bought Manna and it changed my life. It keeps water so cold and the ice in the bottle doesn't even melt for hours on end. it survives months of being dropped on the...
Rubbermaid Take Alongs Rectangles

1 review

I use these flat rectangle rubbermaid take alongs for lunch every day. They are the perfect size to put in a sandwich and sides or lots of dim sum or rice and stirfry or pastas. I love it that these are reheat-able in the microwave and that they are also dishwasher safe. That...
Rubbermaid Take Alongs Small Bowls

1 review

I've been through my fair share of tupperware and it's nice to get a sturdy version of it that you can throw away if it gets too gross. For $2.97 at Walmart you can get this set of four small bowls which are great to store soups, sauces, or smaller portionings of food or to use...
Starfrit burger maker

2 reviews

Pratique pour faire des boulettes sans se tacher les mains de gras. Une belle grandeur pour les pains hamburger, uniformité, et permet de conserver dans le contenant, tout ensemble. Je recommande.
Ziploc Brand Freezer Bags-Medium

4 reviews

You might wonder why different bags for the freezer. . . I say they are so worth a few more pennies! I even use them for non-freezing items. They are so much stronger and less likely to tear and spill their contents.
Mighty Hippo Lunch Containers

1 review

Looking for the ultimate lunch and snack containers? Safe, lightweight, stainless steel, leak-proof and dishwasher safe – the Mighty Hippo containers promise to have it all! Let’s take a peek! COST The products are sold through Amazon and are only available for purchase...