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Food Storage Reviews

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

277 reviews

I love these storage containers just for produce. Keeps my food fresh and definitely helps extend the crispness of greens. The containers are vented and easy to clean. Another household favorite in my home.
Ziploc Freezer Bags

131 reviews

We use these freezer bags for basically everything! The zippers work really well and are easy to close and stay closed in the freezer. No worrying about freezerburn.
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Containers

58 reviews

I was really looking forward to my purchase of these containers. Its nice to have the lids together. My issue is with the plastic container uses one in the microwave for soup and it look like some melting issuses on the inside. I only use them for cold items now.
Swell bottle

26 reviews

I used to have a knock off S'well bottle and thought it was the greatest thing. I thought the real ones were over rated and just a trendy accessory because it was well marketed. Then my mom got me one for Christmas. I was blown away that it actually made a difference. If I put...
Egg Holder

2 reviews

This is a great container for eggs! It makes the fridge looks more organized and of course. Easy cleanup as well. We bought a couple of these containers and gave our mom and dad so their fridge would be organized too.
blue nike lunch kit

1 review

blue lunch kit keeps food cool longer than other lunch kits its really good quality and awesome and cool and awesome and cooooooool and aaaaawwwwsssssooooommmeeeee
Roots Lunch Bag

14 reviews

I bought my lunch bag from Costco for around $20. This lunch bag is made with high quality material that is durable and washable. The bag itself comes with a freezer pack and it's own 3 piece plastic tupper-ware that fit's perfectly inside. There is a special netting inside to...
Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container, Medium

12 reviews

I finally found one at Walmart the other day. I've heard a lot of good stuff on this product so I purchased it. Omg I'm so impress. I made soup and put the leftovers in the container. I turned it upside down and nothing leaked. What a seal on this container. I'm hoping to...
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit

15 reviews

These little "blocks" all fit together nicely, they snap together, which makes it harder to lose. They aren't too difficult for my 6 year old to get apart, either. i thought they ran a but pricey, but if they continue to hold up, they're worth it!
Ziploc à légumes

1 review

Depuis que j'utilise ces sacs je ne jette plus de légumes ou fruit, J'ai été capable de garder frais un brocolis 1 mois dans mon frigidaire et c'est comme si je l'avais acheter la veille. Je recommande !!
s'well water bottle

1 review

I could not believe after 24 hours there was still ice in my water bottle. I thought it was just hype for name and being cool. Boy was I wrong .It is worth all that money.
contigo 32 oz bottle

3 reviews

I really like the design of these waterbottles. I prefer to drink from a straw and find that I never spill water on myself with these water bottles, which is great
OXO Good Grips Pop Containiers

2 reviews

I first got this for my Father who is handicap. Then got a few for myself and my wife. They are easy to open and close. They seal up tight. The lids com-apart easy to clear and put back together.
Bernadin jars

1 review

I can from 60 - 80 products a year of various fruits & vegetables. Their various jar sizes & shapes are perfect for my size allotments required & storage.
Mickey mouse sandwich bags

1 review

I absolutely love the sandwich bags. They have a cute design on them and my son loves opening his snacks at school with the picture. And they are reseable so you can always save some for later. They are really cheap and you can find them at Dollar tree.
Contigo infuser cup

1 review

I love these water bottles. It is a great way to get some flavour In The water. I drink alot more this way. Kinda sucks that I can't get the water out of the infusion section, but I LOVE the straw!!
Hefty storage slider

3 reviews

Hefty storage sliders work great We use them not just for food but for toys, wet wipes, even clothes for camp. Items stay in place, no leaking, and with the big slider even small kids can open and close them!

1 review

This aluminum foil works the best. we use it to cover leftovers, pack lunches, cover and take food. it is strong and durable. good value for the price as well.
manna hot/cold bottle

5 reviews

This water bottle is the perfect accessory to take to the gym. When I need my pre-workout or BCAAS to stay cold this is my go to. It’s also the perfect size to carry around with me all day to make sure I get my ice cold water in.
Silicone lid couvercle

1 review

I purchased a silicone lid that suction’s onto a bowl so you can store your food. At first I was a bit scepticle but once I used it , I found my leftovers lasted a bit longer , especialiy salad (didn’t go brown or soggy) so it could be packed for lunches the next morning...