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Cat Food & Treats Reviews

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Temptations Cat Treats

845 reviews

I've purchased these treats in different flavors for my cat multiple times and she absolutely loves them. The price is not too much and they can be found is almost every store, grocery and pet stores..I would definitely recommend!
Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Cat Food

227 reviews

Depuis près de 2 ans je nourris mes 2 chats d’intérieur avec nutrience subzero et les deux n’ont jamais été plus en santé! Ils ne prenne pas de poids excessif tout en restant en parfaite santé. J’adore cette nourriture !
Whiskas Cat Food Meaty Selections

81 reviews

This is one of my cat's all-time favorite food! There's just something about it that he goes crazy for and I can't seem to keep his bowl full enough for his liking! There is a variety of shapes and textures within the food, and I think that could be what he likes about it. I...
Whiskas perfect portions

69 reviews

I really do love the portion sizes (fast and easy) and my cat has always loved whiskas. They always have plenty of flavors to choose from, but it does get costly apposed to getting large cans and doing your own portion sizes.
Temptations Dentabites Cat Treats

53 reviews

My cat absolutely devours these tasty little treats and I think its great that they are designed to help with dental cleaning! Its a double agent and easily takes care of his teeth while he enjoys a tasty treat in the process! They are extremely affordable and is something I...
Whiskas Original Cat Food

76 reviews

The best food for my cat! She just loves it so much. She has gotten more plump and healthy! She always goes back for more! Shes a more happy kitty now
Friskies Chicken Party Mix

1 review

This comes in a see through plastic container which I find good for kitchen containers. My cats just love these and I always have them in the house. I used to buy temptations (which are good also); it;s just that for the same size container there is a difference in the price so...
Simply Nourish SOURCE Freeze Dried Cat Treats

1 review

I love these treats because they are 100% natural and grain free. They have different flavours (chicken, salmon, shrimp) and my two cats love them all. They are high in protein but contain just 2 kilo calories per piece. The only downside is that since they are dried, you will...
9 lives kitten food

1 review

My 2 cats love this cat food. They absolutely will not eat any other kind. I only buy dry food for them because the wet food just tears their stomachs up. But they love it and that's all that matters.
Temptations creamy dairy flavor

1 review

My cat just loves these treats. She not fond of me going out. Yet when I walk in the door she is there asking for her treats. If I want her attention, when she's ignoring me, I shake the bag and there is my best friend again. We never go without or boy do I hear about it!...
Temptations mixups cat treats

1 review

JJ comes running any time he hears me get the bag of treats out. He even comes into the kitchen and meows at me and walks over to where he treats are stored.
Inaba Juicy Bites Fish & Clam Flavour

1 review

my cats love these treats. these are super juicy with a lot of flavour. is made with real fish and is naturally preserved. comes in a variety of different flavours and forms. you can get fillets, bites or puree. one my males will try to rip into the bag if he sees it.
Temptations Chicken, Catnip, & Cheddar Mixup Cat Treats

18 reviews

The cat goes crazy for these treats. She knows when you shake the bag, she runs every single time. Based on my cats reaction they must taste great. Recommended
Royal Canin Urinary Feline Treats

2 reviews

My cat loves her treats, she's on a diet so she loves just about anything but anytime I mention treats she runs to the cabinet knowing exactly what I mean. They are a bit higher in calories so she can't have too many but she still loves them
Purina Moist LUV Cat Treats

49 reviews

My cat LOVES these treats! They are so moist and he eats them up faster than I can get them out of the package! They are the least expensive cat treats to buy and absolutely one of his favorites for sure. He seriously cant get enough of them and it makes me feel like a good cat...
Friskies Indoor Wet Cat Food

19 reviews

We received the sample in the mail, my cat absolutely fell in love with it. Even my one cat who is very picky, and doesn’t like most wet food fell in love with that Friskies wet food. They enjoyed it so much that we ended up purchasing a case of it after receiving our sample...
Temptations Mix Ups Chicken, Catnip & Cheddar Flavor Cat Treats

18 reviews

I gave these to my cat the first time I got her treats and she has snuffed her nose at any other treat since! She will not eat any other flavors of temptations even if my other two cats are munching them down, she will walk over like she’s interested, smell them and walk away...
Friskies Surfin' & Turfin' Favorites Adult Dry Cat Food

1 review

I purchased several types of cat food, both expensive and non, my cat refuses to eat them. I checked the local grocery store and found Friskies, thankfully my Cat ate. Every time I walk in the door he runs and greets me placing his paws up on my lap looking for more. We have...
First mate cat food

1 review

The food is very affordable and my kitten loves it. It doesn’t have a bad or strong Odor like other cat food may have and it is also very high in protein.
Meow Mix Tender Cuts

1 review

My cat is super picky and very finicky! He does NOT EVEN LIKE FISH OR CHICKEN! But when it comes to the Meow.Mix Tender cuts.. he literally.meows like ccrazy! Crunchy on outside and meaty inside!!! Tasty and full of Essential vitamins and minerals as well. And the price is very...