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Cat Food & Treats Reviews

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Temptations Cat Treats

592 reviews

These are one of the only treats my cat loves! He comes running when he hears the bag. It doesn't matter what flavour, he will eat them all. I buy the big tub size often
Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Cat Food

225 reviews

Our new kitten seems to be very picky with food. We tried numerous other brands of kitten food and yet he still chose to eat our dogs food. This food is fantastic and he actually eats it! He loves the freeze dried pieces in it as well. I’m happy that it is grain free.
Whiskas perfect portions

60 reviews

Whiskas Perfect Portions are a great way to ensure you feed you cat the correct portion of food. I also like that the food is opened fresh for each meal. By opening only one meal at a time the second meal can be kept at room temperature which is what my vet recommends for both...
Whiskas Cat Food Meaty Selections

69 reviews

My cats seem to really enjoy Whiskas Meaty Selections with Real Chicken Dry Cat Food. I just changed my cats dry food, I always buy a large bag, because I have 5 cats and a large bag does last approx a month. I change the flavor and brand because my cats get tired of the same...
Whiskas Original Cat Food

69 reviews

Mes chat en ont tout dabors raffolé mais ensuite ca m'a coûté très cher au vétérinaire parce que mes chates ont faites de l'infection urinaire. Mon vétérinaire m'a prévenue que cette nourriture crée souvent des ennuis parce que c'est beaucoup trop salé.
Purina Moist LUV Cat Treats

45 reviews

these are great to use if you have to medicate your cat - just stuff the pill inside, roll it in a ball, then give to cat - depending on the cat (some are very very smart! lol) they dont even notice the pill inside and are happy to get a nice smelly treat!
Purina Friskies Lil' Soups With Tuna

1 review

I received this lil' soups with tuna as a sample for my cats. I opened the packet & I was pinching my nose it stinks sooo bad. Lol The look of the food looks so gross, but my two cats absolutely LOVE it. Lol. I swear the stinkier the food the more my cats love it. haha. They...
Royal Canin Veterinary Care Dental Dry Cat Food

1 review

My cat loves the Royal Canin Veterinary Care Dental Dry Cat Food, My cats name is Porsche and Sierra. Porsche has a few every day as a snack. She knows the time of day she gets her snack and she sits up tall and waits patiently for them. Sierra does not eat them, she likes wet...
Temptations Chicken, Catnip, & Cheddar Mixup Cat Treats

10 reviews

my cats have tryed these snacks, come in differant flavors but these have catnip in them so they get some of their engery outand snack to their lightsmall bite sie is just rightand big on flavor, i will try other flavors
Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

1 review

My cats are not very picky when it comes to wet food, so it was no surprise when I put this down for them and they gobbled it up in no time at all. They seemed to really enjoy all three flavours, either served as-is or when mixed with water, and afterwards it never seemed to...
Weruva paw lickin chicken cans

1 review

This cat food is human grade food. The chicken is thin shreds of chicken breast,in a gel that the cats lose their minds over. Mine love this flavour the best. I’ve tried tons of brands and we just keep coming back to this one. Truly worth the money.
pure balance pour chat

1 review

La nourriture est fait en petite mini croquette. pour ma part, depuis que mes chats mangent cette nourriture leur poil est plus beau. De plus, étant donné que le croquette est petit mes chats ne vomissent plus la nourriture. Je l'adore! Même pour la nourriture pour châton ma...
Friskies Indoor Wet Cat Food

11 reviews

My cats go crazy. I always buy them there little treats. I don't like the smell of them but it makes my cats happy. I only trust this brand. Will definitely be buying
Rachael Ray Cat Food

3 reviews

Out of all the cat food brands I’ve tried, my cats seem to love this one the best. Not only do they scarf it down when I fill their bowl, but I’ve noticed that I don’t have to clean the litter box as much and no hairballs!
Whiskas Perfect Portions Cuts

1 review

WHISKAS PERFECT PORTIONS™ Cuts in Gravy Chicken, Turkey, Salmon & Tuna Selections 24pk is a product that all 5 of my cats seem to really enjoy eating, mind you 2 of my cats will eat anything that is put in front of them. :) I always buy the 24pk because I like to save $ when I...
Purina Friskies Shredded Cat Food

1 review

I have 5, very spoiled and loved cats, range from ages 4-12. They were all adopted except the oldest fur baby. I feed them dry food in the morning, and prior to going to bed I make sure that their dishes are full... but when it is supper time, they each get their own little...
Temptations Seafood Medley Cat Treats

1 review

TEMPTATIONS® Seafood Medley treats, are my fur babies favorite treats. I have 5 sweet, but fussy kitties, and trying to find any type of food or treats that they all will enjoy sometimes can be a bit tricky. I am happy to say that with the TEMPTATIONS® Seafood Medley, all my...
Meow Mix pate toppers cat food

1 review

Little cups of cat food, one container is good for one meal. The cat liked it. It was a bit hard to find, I had to go to three stores before I could find it. It costs about the same as other wet cat food.
Purina Beyond wet cat food

1 review

Well the cat ate it. It doesn't smell awful like some cat food. It comes in 85g cans which is enough for a meal. The cat did seem to like the salmon one best.
BeerPaws Meowijuana Catnip

2 reviews

I received a free sample of this cat nip, and before I could even get it out of the envelope my cats were going crazy! I've never seen such a thing. Then I took it out of the bag and they just rolled around for hours. Plenty of fun for humans and adults.