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Cat Food & Treats Reviews

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Temptations Cat Treats

547 reviews

Shake, Shake, Shake that’s all it takes and your cat will come running to get these treats. My 15 year old cat Hamm, will insist that these treats be his only form of nourishment. As an elderly cat I tend to give in. He’s loved them his whole life.
Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Cat Food

223 reviews

I tried to fool my cat, but she wouldn't take to it. I'm afraid my cat is the pickiest cat in the world and turns up her nose at so many things! I will try again and I will try mixing in a little at a time to see if I can fool her!
Whiskas Cat Food Meaty Selections

66 reviews

I have been buying this cat food for over 5 years. No complaints really. My cats enjoy it and its not too expensive. I will keep buying it in the future.
Whiskas perfect portions

56 reviews

Initially I thought that I would give you the try, the price seemed great, so easy for the portions just open it up it in the bowl and that's it don't have to worry about covering up can or anyting. Then I actually read the feeding instructions. You're apparently supposed to...
Whiskas Original Cat Food

68 reviews

Whiskas original cat food is all my cat eats she is 8 years old and loves the tasted of it and all the flavors . she want eat just anything you giver her she is very picky
Purina Moist LUV Cat Treats

43 reviews

I have 3 cats, i am giving them the best food, and i am not a big fan of treats. However, i had to try these to give a pill to one of my cat, and it worked very well. Some "treats" are made especially for that purpose, but they are very expensive considering my cat has to take...
Rachael Ray Cat Food

3 reviews

Out of all the cat food brands I’ve tried, my cats seem to love this one the best. Not only do they scarf it down when I fill their bowl, but I’ve noticed that I don’t have to clean the litter box as much and no hairballs!
Temptations Chicken, Catnip, & Cheddar Mixup Cat Treats

8 reviews

Our fur babies love all the temptations however this one is absolutely there favorite! As soon as they hear the bag crinkle they go crazy for them! Our one kitten wouldn't eat anything but these when we first brought him home.
Friskies Stuffed Morsels

28 reviews

Friskies stuffed morsels is the only kind of dry food Raider will eat.. Tried others.. Nope! Raider is very finiky..and when his bowl is empty.. He'll let us know.. More friskies please!
BeerPaws Meowijuana Catnip

2 reviews

I received a free sample of this cat nip, and before I could even get it out of the envelope my cats were going crazy! I've never seen such a thing. Then I took it out of the bag and they just rolled around for hours. Plenty of fun for humans and adults.
Friskies Indoor Wet Cat Food

9 reviews

I've used this brand of wet cat food for 3 months now and my cat just started refusing to eat it after having a taste of another brand. The cans are too big for my kitten I have to split them for her and the fish flavors are too stinky.
Purina Beyond Simply White Meat Chicken and Whole Oat Cat Food

1 review

When I’m trying out a new dry cat food, the two things that matter most to me are a) what does the nutritional information and ingredients list look like, and b) how much do my cats love it? For this food from Purina, I was happy to find that both of those criteria were...
Purina Focus 11+ Salmon & Tuna Entree Classic

1 review

My cat just turned 13 this September and is very picky and she also has digestive issues if things are too hard on her belly now that she’s older. Purina’s Focus Adult 11+ Salmon & Tuna Entree Classic was my attempt at finding a brand she liked plus she wouldn’t get sick...
Aldi can cat food

1 review

That’s 35 cans for $10! It is such a great deal and my cats beg for it the ingredients are the same as frisked brand and it’s patte! My cats really love this and I do too for the price! My cat also has a very sensitive stomach so this being she doesn’t eat sick from it is...
Fancy feast

2 reviews

Out of all the canned foods that I have tried for my cats. This is the only brad that does not make them sick. It has even been recommended by my vet.
Purina Indoor Catfood

1 review

Purina has always been a family staple here and over the years I have tried many other brands but none compare with Purina.. not one. Purina has everything you need for your fur babies
Purina One Wet Cat Food

1 review

My cats go crazy when they see the cans of Purina Pro Plan. Most foods they seem indifferent about but not this food. As soon as I grab a can to open it they are meowing constantly and doing circles around me. They eat it so fast that they look disappointed that it's gone...
Rachel Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Cat Food

1 review

I recently made the switch from another indoor cat food formula because I'd heard such great things about Rachel Ray's Nutrish line of pet food. It definitely didn't disappoint. My two cats love it and we've noticed a significant improvement in the condition of their coats. I'm...

1 review

Of all the snacks I buy my cats, these are their favorite. It helps with hairballs which is a plus. They can have up to 10 a day or 10 every other day. Depends if the need it or not. These treats also help support a healthy digestive tract. I always get them the chicken flavor.
Faim Museau

1 review

Un de mes chats souffre d'allergies alimentaire depuis 2011. J'ai TOUT essayé et payé une fortune, tant en médication qu'en nourriture. Nous essayons le cru depuis 2 mois et cela marche très bien. Elle a un peu de difficulté avec la texture ou le goût (c'est un chat très...