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Cat Food & Treats Reviews

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2 reviews

Nutro Grain free Adult cat food with Duck & potato is one of the only duck & potato blends one of my cat can eat. It took many bags of cat food to find out the problem with my cat. Everyday shed be sick Id have vomit to clean up every day. After about 9 months of trying...
Purina Hairball Control Cat Chow

3 reviews

This product promises big but delivers small. I tried different types of catfood to prevent my cats from having hairballs and this one did not work at all. In addition, it made my cats gain weight. I do not recommend this product.
Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)

2 reviews

My cat eats an expensive brand of wet food. Each month I like to sneak in another brand of wet food. I tried the can and also the pouch from this brand and my fur baby just took one lick and walked away. I am sure other cats enjoy this brand but for my cat, it was a big NO.
Compliments Cat Food 2kg

2 reviews

This is one cat food i do not recommend. I have tried it for my cats more than once and it just does not agree with them. They jut leave it sitting there and won't eat it., unlike the other brands I buy. So, after reading the bag of what is actually in it, I have decided it is...
Harringtons Chicken with Rice Cat Food

1 review

I wanted to try a more healthy, higher end option for my cat, as she is getting older. I thought this cat food sounded good, as it claims to have prebiotics, taurine, cranberry, omega 3, and natural wholesome ingredients. My cat refuses to eat it. On to the next brand, I guess.