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Cat Food & Treats Reviews

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Whiskas Original Cat Food

76 reviews

The best food for my cat! She just loves it so much. She has gotten more plump and healthy! She always goes back for more! Shes a more happy kitty now
Temptations Cat Treats

845 reviews

I've purchased these treats in different flavors for my cat multiple times and she absolutely loves them. The price is not too much and they can be found is almost every store, grocery and pet stores..I would definitely recommend!
Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Cat Food

227 reviews

Depuis près de 2 ans je nourris mes 2 chats d’intérieur avec nutrience subzero et les deux n’ont jamais été plus en santé! Ils ne prenne pas de poids excessif tout en restant en parfaite santé. J’adore cette nourriture !
Purina Moist LUV Cat Treats

49 reviews

My cat LOVES these treats! They are so moist and he eats them up faster than I can get them out of the package! They are the least expensive cat treats to buy and absolutely one of his favorites for sure. He seriously cant get enough of them and it makes me feel like a good cat...
Friskies Stuffed Morsels

31 reviews

I bought this cat food for my fur baby to try when they were sold out of his usual brand. He can be a bit of a food snob when he wants to be, so I didnt know how well this would go over. Turns out he absolutely loved the tastes and textures! I could not pour it into his bowl...
Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control Chicken & Brown Rice Cat Food

4 reviews

Before I was a Royal Canin fan, but since my siamese had stomach problems the vet recommended this, and she loves it, the price and quality is perfect.
Whiskas Cat Food Meaty Selections

81 reviews

This is one of my cat's all-time favorite food! There's just something about it that he goes crazy for and I can't seem to keep his bowl full enough for his liking! There is a variety of shapes and textures within the food, and I think that could be what he likes about it. I...
Whiskas perfect portions

69 reviews

I really do love the portion sizes (fast and easy) and my cat has always loved whiskas. They always have plenty of flavors to choose from, but it does get costly apposed to getting large cans and doing your own portion sizes.
Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)

2 reviews

My cat eats an expensive brand of wet food. Each month I like to sneak in another brand of wet food. I tried the can and also the pouch from this brand and my fur baby just took one lick and walked away. I am sure other cats enjoy this brand but for my cat, it was a big NO.
Purina Hairball Control Cat Chow

3 reviews

This product promises big but delivers small. I tried different types of catfood to prevent my cats from having hairballs and this one did not work at all. In addition, it made my cats gain weight. I do not recommend this product.
Harringtons Chicken with Rice Cat Food

1 review

I wanted to try a more healthy, higher end option for my cat, as she is getting older. I thought this cat food sounded good, as it claims to have prebiotics, taurine, cranberry, omega 3, and natural wholesome ingredients. My cat refuses to eat it. On to the next brand, I guess.
Temptations Indoor cat treats

8 reviews

My kitty goes crazy when I shake the bag of temptations. She totally loves them and would eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let her. Recommend you try these treats if you have a cat you will not be disappointed
Purina Cat Chow Naturals

12 reviews

I have tried many different brands of cat food and I can't find one better than this. I have two cats that eat this daily and have never been sick in 9 years. I find this has all the vitamins and minerals that my indoor cats need.
Purina One Smartblend Kitten

3 reviews

This food works wonders, my kitty was being very fussy and the big cats were also not helping with kitty's weight gain. Brought this to help him eat more and gain weight and within a week he was gaining. Very happy and will be sticking with this brand.
Purina Cat Chow.

20 reviews

Purina cat chow is our go to cat food every year, when we donate to our local Siamese cat rescue shelter. Every year the shelter contact me and tells me how much they love purina cat chow and they thank me for the donation. They said that their cats preferre the purina cat...
Whiskas Cat Milk

13 reviews

My cat can not get enough of this milk. Other products make his tummy upset, but not this one. Every time I get the milk, I get swarmed with kisses and love! :)
Whiskas Salmon 8kg

5 reviews

Real talk (as you can always expect from me), this is absolutely fine, but it's a low-range food. If you don't earn much and need something to keep your cat nourished, this will do. In fact, over other lower level food brands, they seem to really like the taste of...
Friskies Stuffed Morsels 2kg

1 review

Another feline favourite for my cat who is totally spoiled.They are not really hard as most dried cat food is and my cat seems to eat them easier.
Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey & Duck Formula

4 reviews

I love this food for the great ingredients but it's very expensive. My cats don't like it as much as other premium brands but I do rotate it into their diet for variety.
Whiskas Meaty Selections Real Chicken

8 reviews

My cats absolutely love this catfood. They love the temptation pieces in it. I also like how it is not too expensive to buy. Also my cats like the salmon flavor as well.