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Cat Litter Reviews

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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter

365 reviews

After trying all different types of litter this one is the one im stuck on. Has the best clumping I've seen with litters but doesn't hold the smell in the best so i just have to clean more often which isn't a big deal.
Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter (Multi-Cat)

226 reviews

I like this litter.. I do feel it is a bit expensive as far as cat litter goes.. I wish they made an unscented version that would be just as effective. The perfume smell is a bit overwhelming. We do continue to use it and it works as described.
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal LightWeight Litter

244 reviews

This litter does clump up well and make emptying easier. Its easier to scoop and to dump all at once. Absorbs odor well for a few days. It also helped clear up one of my cats allergies because its not as dusty as other litters.
Purina Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat Litter

100 reviews

Having 3 cats in a house we need a good litter that works well. I have had no issues with this one and I don’t notice any weird smells, which can happen with multiple cats.
Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter with Glade

23 reviews

I have several cats adult and younger cats as well. This litter works wonders, by killing the acidic odor of urine and the smell of poop. Leaves behind a smell of glade which is great. Wish this product was a little cheaper and came in a larger quantity.
Purina Maxx Scoop Small Spaces Cat Litter

39 reviews

I live in a very small apartment and this cat litter for small spaces is absolutely amazing keeps the smell down the dust is low and does not stick to my cats paws
Tidy Cats instant action clumping litter

9 reviews

Love this litter. It kind of went off when they changed the formula for a while but I'm glad to see it's back to it's regular self. The price is the only off putting point in this litter. At 15$ for 12 kg 120$ for litter a month is just too much :/ I would buy it more if it...
Fabreeze Air effects spray

3 reviews

We always have this product on hand -- at home, when camping, in the car and even on vacation. It help refresh the air and fabric around us. This really helps everything smell better. It is a great product we can't live without -- well it makes things smell better.
Fresh Scoop Cat Litter

1 review

Fresh Scoop Cat Litter is amazing! I would definitely recommend this Cat Litter to everyone. It has a pleasant smell, no dust, and clumps well. My 12 year old cleans the litter box and he doesn’t complain about it.
Tidy Cats Free and Clean Unscented cat litter

2 reviews

My cats and I absolutely love Tidy Cat Litter. Even though it is unscented it is still excellent scoop quality and still doesn't really smell like cat poop. I try various "scents" of Tidy Cat -- but it is the only brand I will use. Doesn't act like clay and scoops excellent.
forever pals

1 review

I have tried many clumping cat litters and was needing something a bit cheaper so decided to try this one. My cats enjoy the texture. I like how easy it makes cleaning the litter boxes and saves me some money! It pays to shop at places like Dollar General sometimes.
Feline pine

1 review

I have a cat that is allergic to most cat litters because of the scents and dust. When we discovered this litter we were amazed! Our house no longer gets the strong cat pee ammonia smell and my cats love the litter.
tidycats catlitter

1 review

the multi cat tidy cats 4in one is the only litter for us. With 3 indoor only cats, it keeps the house odor free and fresh with minimal maintenance...it's the best we have found to date thanks so much
Fresh start Multi Cat Clumping Kitty Litter

2 reviews

Litter is something that you should be picky with. Fresh step is the best. Perfect for multiple cats. Clumps great. Not only a great value but their rewards program is awesome.
Grreat Choice Multi Cat - Cat Litter

1 review

The PetSmart brand Grreat Choice Multi Cat - Cat Litter is by far one of if not the best clumping cat litters I have found. It has beat out all the name brands litters I have tried over the last few years. It lasts longer than the others as well. Like the name says, it is great...
Tidy cats instant action cat litter

3 reviews

The first time I used this it was great. The next couple of boxes were no good at all. It didn't clump and the smell was terrible. I don't recommend this at all.
Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

15 reviews

I нave alwayѕ υѕed тιdy caтѕ. ιғ мy ѕтore ιѕ ιт oғ ιт i go тo a dιғғerenт ѕтore. wιтн мυlтιple caтѕ ιn тнe нoυѕe тнιѕ worĸѕ вeѕт and i нave тrιed plenтy oғ caт lιттer over тнe yearѕ. тнιѕ мaѕĸѕ тнe ѕмell...
Worlds best catliter

1 review

This liter works excellent. It is made from corn instead of clay. It absorbs well, kept out Odor and the best part it was easier to scoop compared to other liters as it clumps tightly.
Odour booster cat litter

1 review

Odour Booster at PetSmart is great Cat litter. 99.9% no dust which is better for my cats and their breathing and safe. Ordour booster still is clumpable and gets the job done. I am so glad I switched brands. The cost for odour booster is great too its $7.50 for a small bag. I...
So fresh cat liter for multi cats

1 review

Got this liter with a coupon from petco recently and it works great. I have three cats and it keeps their stink at bay. Lower cost over other liters and the pail can also be refilled at petco.