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Cat Litter Reviews

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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter

461 reviews

This is good clumping but tracks really bad. Did an ok job on odors not as good as other brands I have used. Low on dust. I did not care for all the litter I had to vacuum every day but not too bad over all just not for me.
Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter (Multi-Cat)

248 reviews

This stuff does slide right out. I have quite a few cats and this is perfect smells good slides out it is a perfect product. If I had more money I would buy all the time but between my income and the amount of cats it is a hard buy but I do love when it is on sale
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal LightWeight Litter

246 reviews

Unfortunately we couldn't keep buying this cat litter even though it did work well for our four cat household. It worked exactly the same as the heavier version and was much easier to carry around.
Purina Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat Litter

102 reviews

My cats tracked giant clumps of this litter all over the house. I was so dismayed to find it in the carpet. I was even more disappointed to find out how hard it was to get it out of the carpet. It was a sticky, smelly mess! I’m going back to the tried and true recycled...
Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Cat Litter (Multi-Cat)

53 reviews

The worst part of cheap cat litter is dust, second-worst is odor, and this took care of both of those. The only downfall is its price point, this is premium cat litter in comparison and you will be paying the premium price.
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

86 reviews

This product is great, however, it is just baking soda in a different container. I just buy regular baking soda from arm and hammer and it works just the same at half the price.
Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter with Glade

40 reviews

When I had one kitten/cat I found this product amazing! When I got a new kitten he had this litter all over my house! It is really light, smells great, holds smells in and awesome if your cat is meticulous however is you have a cat that isn't so tidy that is another story. For...
Dr. Elsey’s Crystal Cat Litter

1 review

I’ve been trying to find a good cat litter for 7 years! After trying many brands of clay and paper litter, I happened upon this Silica Gel Litter and never going back! No smell, no messy clumps, light weight!
Arm and hammer double duty litter deodorizer

1 review

I live in a small place. I had three cats, only one now. Yet I still use this all the time. It worked with 3 and even better with just one. It really does absorb the litter box. And I only have to clean it every other day, instead of every day. I find it also helps lower the...
Cature brand Tofu Cat Litter

1 review

I found this stuff while looking for a cat litter that was safe for cats AND the environment, that clumped and was flushable. As weird as the concept of tofu cat litter is, it does all those things. I have tried two kinds of tofu cat litter so far, via Amazon, and the Cature...
Fresh Step Extreme Cat Litter

1 review

The fresh step febreeze extreme blast is my favorite! It's been one of the only litters I've found that truly blocks odor for long periods. I have 3 cats and I've found this one works way better than the multi cat litters.
Tidy Cats clumping, scented litter

34 reviews

Tidy Cats with glade. Amazing!!!! Is only one I will buy now and is worth every cent. Sand thats for clumping Tidy cats is only one will actually clump and easily scooped out and NO WASTED SAND as any other brand dont clump well and ammonia is bad and the sand is wasted. Tidy...
Fresh Step Extreme Febreze Hawaiian Aloha

5 reviews

This cat litter frim fresh step works best for our cat. It eliminates odors and has a scent that covers the smell of the cats litter box. Definetely recommend this cat litter.
Tidy Cats Free and Clean Unscented cat litter

10 reviews

I love my cats, but not their litter. I have 6 cats (crazy cat Lady) and I used to foster kittens. With a limit on the number of garbage bags and their weight in my city, I was looking for an alternative litter. I tried the corn litter but while it was lighter, my cats...
Tidy Cats instant action clumping litter

13 reviews

I have 3 indoor cats and have tried several different types of litter. The Tidy Cats Instant Action clumping litter has been the best so far in helping cover the odor left behind. The clumping action works very well too.
Dr Elsey's Clean Litter

1 review

Having four cats means expense after expense. After using Dr Elsey's cat litter as a cheaper alternative we found it works quite well. Not completely dust free like the Arm and Hammer brand but when you are paying 40% less you don't mind a little dust cloud.
Odor buster kitty litter

3 reviews

After trying several litters, I like this one best. The dust is low and manageable. There is no scent added, which makes both my cat and I happy. It is easy to scoop and easily available where I live. They had problems in their supply chain about a year ago, but once that was...
Purina Maxx Scoop Small Spaces Cat Litter

39 reviews

I live in a very small apartment and this cat litter for small spaces is absolutely amazing keeps the smell down the dust is low and does not stick to my cats paws
Breeze Cat Litter Box System

1 review

We have two cats and tried many different types of cat litter and would use two to three boxes a month and it would still have a pee smell. With the Breeze Cat Litter Box System we change the pad once a week and pellets once a month. Keeps the pee smell away.
Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter

1 review

This litter is fantastic. Doesn’t get kicked around by my kitty. Doesn’t smell. Flushable. Pleasant scent (I bought the green tea variety). Can’t ask for more out of a cat litter!