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Cat Litter Reviews

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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter

383 reviews

I've tried a handful of different kinds of litter, and this one is the best. It clumps well and doesn't create a lot of dust. It also is amazing at containing the smell
Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter (Multi-Cat)

229 reviews

I fell in love with this product. It keeps my litter box so much cleaner, holds in the smell, next scooping so much easier and my cats love it. All the things a girl can hope for in your kitty litter.
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal LightWeight Litter

244 reviews

This litter does clump up well and make emptying easier. Its easier to scoop and to dump all at once. Absorbs odor well for a few days. It also helped clear up one of my cats allergies because its not as dusty as other litters.
Purina Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat Litter

101 reviews

Decent product but a little pricey, works great for 2 litter boxes and 2 cats. I try to buy it when on sale. This product doesn't get gummed up like the ones with glade in them. Overall, is better than most litter brands.
Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter with Glade

30 reviews

this product works very good at clumping and also i enjoy the factor it has the glade scent to it and you never smell cats in your house while using this product it controls the urine smell very well and is a product i would recommand
Purina Maxx Scoop Small Spaces Cat Litter

39 reviews

I live in a very small apartment and this cat litter for small spaces is absolutely amazing keeps the smell down the dust is low and does not stick to my cats paws
Tidy Cats instant action clumping litter

9 reviews

Love this litter. It kind of went off when they changed the formula for a while but I'm glad to see it's back to it's regular self. The price is the only off putting point in this litter. At 15$ for 12 kg 120$ for litter a month is just too much :/ I would buy it more if it...
Johnny Cat Scoop Anti-bacterial

1 review

This kitty litter is a great lower priced litter compared to its competitors and eliminates litter box odours while effectively clumping for easy removal. Its scent free and anti-bacterial too!
Special Kitty Clumping Cat Litter with Carbon

1 review

I originally bought this litter to see how well the carbon aspect worked with regards to smell. I am extremely impressed with how the effect of the carbon works. Area around litter box doesn't smell, no strong smell left on the cats after digging around in the box and the...
Fresh Step febreeze freshness Hawaiin aloha

1 review

I constantly buy fresh Step with febreeze. The litter smells nice and keeps away the odors unlike other cat litters. I can often find it on sale and sometimes they add extra for free. The price is reasonable and the best part is the paw points where if you save enough you can...
Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

17 reviews

This litter is affordable and it clumps like a dream which makes it easy to scoop. It is effective in reducing oder as well. My only issue with it is how dusty it is.
Tidy Cats Free and Clean Unscented cat litter

3 reviews

I was never a fan of unscented cat litter because I never felt like it actually worked to keep the smell of litter yuckies at bay...THIS product change my mind. The charcoal in this actually works better than any scented litter I have ever used. It's amazing how well this stuff...
Fresh Scoop Cat Litter

1 review

Fresh Scoop Cat Litter is amazing! I would definitely recommend this Cat Litter to everyone. It has a pleasant smell, no dust, and clumps well. My 12 year old cleans the litter box and he doesn’t complain about it.
Tidy cats natural

1 review

I’ve tried cat litter after cat litter this has been the only litter that my cats don’t track all over the house. It doesn’t stick to their fur, it clumps well. It doesn’t contain smell well, but compared to everything else it holds it better than anything I’ve used
forever pals

1 review

I have tried many clumping cat litters and was needing something a bit cheaper so decided to try this one. My cats enjoy the texture. I like how easy it makes cleaning the litter boxes and saves me some money! It pays to shop at places like Dollar General sometimes.
Feline pine

1 review

I have a cat that is allergic to most cat litters because of the scents and dust. When we discovered this litter we were amazed! Our house no longer gets the strong cat pee ammonia smell and my cats love the litter.
tidycats catlitter

1 review

the multi cat tidy cats 4in one is the only litter for us. With 3 indoor only cats, it keeps the house odor free and fresh with minimal maintenance...it's the best we have found to date thanks so much
Fresh start Multi Cat Clumping Kitty Litter

2 reviews

Litter is something that you should be picky with. Fresh step is the best. Perfect for multiple cats. Clumps great. Not only a great value but their rewards program is awesome.
Grreat Choice Multi Cat - Cat Litter

1 review

The PetSmart brand Grreat Choice Multi Cat - Cat Litter is by far one of if not the best clumping cat litters I have found. It has beat out all the name brands litters I have tried over the last few years. It lasts longer than the others as well. Like the name says, it is great...
special kitty clumping antibacterial multi-cat scented litter

2 reviews

So we were referred this litter from a friend who had 2 cats and swears by it. We bought it once and we did NOT like it at all. It seems cheap if that makes sense. The scent wasnt bad but the way it clumped seems odd to me. My husband did not like it either so its a no for us...