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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

346 reviews

I was drawn to purchase this dog food for my 80lb American Staffordshire Terrier because the first thirteen ingredients are meat! I've done my fair share of research, and I know that brands will often list the first ingredient as meat. This can be misleading, as once the meat...
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

139 reviews

my pups love this treat, its their favourite snack and it keeps their teeth and breath fresh and clean! i always buy this when i find a coupon for it, its the only treat ill buy fir them
Greenies Dental Chews

99 reviews

So far, this is the only product we have found that made any difference on the amount of tartar on our dog's teeth. It doesn't remove all of it, however, it has made a significant difference and we plan to have his teeth professionally cleaned then keeping these for future...
Milkbone Brushing Chews

54 reviews

Milkbones brushing chews have great intentions but after giving one to our Rottie, I can’t say her teeth are any cleaner. They also have a unique smell which I don’t think helps the cause of “brushing.” Not really with the money but overall our dog like them as a snack.
cesar wet dog food

42 reviews

my dog is very fussy eater,and i must have bought every brand going,and my dog would only eat human food. until i found cesar wet food,he loves it a clean bowl everytime.
Pedigree Dentaflex

38 reviews

My dog absolutely loves this! I bought it from Longos while going down the dog aisle. He enjoys all dental treats. It took him a while to finish it which was good cause it gave him time to eat it instead of him just inhaling it! I would definitely buy it again!
Milk Bone Mini's

37 reviews

My 2 dogs loves these treats. Both girls need to watch their weight so they get to have a treat without all the calories. We use these to reward for good behaviour and training too.
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

22 reviews

these are a very good treat for your cats i always have these on hand because my cats enjoy them very much they love the cruncy outside and then the middle and they always look for there treat every moring and i would recommand these
Denta stix dog treats medium

25 reviews

I have 2 dogs and they go wild for these , they love the texture and the taste . The product has shown some cleaning in my dogs teeth and breath , they love it as a treat I would highly recommend this fir your dogs
Denta Stick Original

8 reviews

My four senior dogs (2 beagles and 2 dachshunds) love Denta Sticks (the original as well as the other flavors). I usually buy the regular size, but only give them each a half stick as a treat. They are soft enough to divide.
Pup-peroni training snacks

9 reviews

dogs love these treats , but what treats don't they love. I like the fact that they are snack sizes,, good for smaller dogs. The go to treat for your dog will but again
Cesar Dog Food

37 reviews

For the longest time I couldn't get my dogs to eat ANY dog food, then we discovered the Cesar wet food. Soon it was all they would eat. I did get them to start eating the dry as well!
Kibble and bits

1 review

I know that this brand is great for my dog and that she loves loves eating it. It's safe for my dog and keeps her going back for more and more, she even come back to beg for more.
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

26 reviews

Having 4 large breed dogs these are my go to for their daily treat. As soon as they hear the cupboard open they are sitting there patiently waiting for me to give them their cookie. Always have them on hand.
Royal canin puppy milk

1 review

A must have for your whelping kit where there is no time for you to go to get milk replacement it’s better to have it there Iv always given my litters a bit even if they have fed of mum too
Nature's Recipe Chewy Bites Chicken & Apple

1 review

My Shih Tzu Molly loves Nature's Recipe Chewy Dog Bites.I give my pets the most nutritious treats and food. I found the qualities I look for in these bite size treats which my small dog prefers. I like they are grain free, no preservatives or artificial colors,They also contain...
Iams proactive health chunks beef rice carrots and green beans flavor in gravy

1 review

Both dogs liked it. It looks good and doesn't smell terrible like some dog food. It's in a bit of a smaller can than some of the others and a bit more expensive. However anything both dogs like is good enough for me.
Taste of the wild

5 reviews

Only cat food I will feed my cats. It has no nasty fillers or meals (cornmeal, etc) in it which can cause issues for your pets. It keeps their coats full, shiny, and soft. It’s worth the price for the size of the bags they have available. Can be found at most pet stores.
Pedigree denta stix original

3 reviews

We are a multi dog household , so daily dental care is important. I like to give these to my retired sled dogs who for most of their life were fed raw with no bones to help clean teeth. So when I got these dogs teeth were bad. I give daily to help with plague and tartar...
IAMS Proactive Health Kitten

1 review

My 7 year old cat is beyond picky to the point of losing substantial weight. We have taken her to the vet in fear of an illness but she checks out perfectly fine just an extremely picky food eater. We tried tons of brands from vet recommended high end brands to cheap canned food...