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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

345 reviews

My dog loved it! I was having a hard time finding something my dog enjoyed. He gets excited every time I open the bag now! I think it is because of the freeze dried prices! It gives him something new along with the kibble! Definitely recommend it if you are having a hard time...
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

125 reviews

I feel good that dentastix are helping my dogs teeth while they enjoy a snack. I wish these lasted a little longer as our dogs ate them as a treat rather than having something to chew on to keep them busy for awhile
Greenies Dental Chews

93 reviews

Greenies are a great product and our dog really loves them. He gets one as a treat every evening after his walk and if we forget to give him one he always comes and sits in front of us to remind us that we haven't given him his evening treat. He does not let us forget his...
Milkbone Brushing Chews

52 reviews

Mon chien adoré ces biscuits au lait . Quand mon chien apprécié ce qui mange , sa fait plaisir . Je les conseils pour votre pitou. Sil vous êtes comme moi et recherche de la qualité pour votre animal de compagnie
cesar wet dog food

40 reviews

My dog is so picky that he won’t eat his hard food with this being mixed in with it. He’s not picky about the kind he likes them all. If we run out he won’t eat hard food til he’s really hungry.
Pedigree Dentaflex

36 reviews

Once these arrived I gave them to my medium ish size Eskimo spitz he’s about 36 pounds or so. He smelled them through the package and couldn’t wait. He loves minty things and chewing. He’s 11 years old and one was gone in the blink of an eye and he was looking for more...
Milk Bone Mini's

36 reviews

This product is great! My dog loves these. I feel comfortable feeding these to my dogs. She loves them and would gladly eat the whole box if I let her.
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

22 reviews

these are a very good treat for your cats i always have these on hand because my cats enjoy them very much they love the cruncy outside and then the middle and they always look for there treat every moring and i would recommand these
Denta stix dog treats medium

24 reviews

My dog lovesssss theese he gets so excited every time he sees me go for the package but they could last longer for chewing he has them gone in like less than 5 mins
Pup-peroni training snacks

9 reviews

dogs love these treats , but what treats don't they love. I like the fact that they are snack sizes,, good for smaller dogs. The go to treat for your dog will but again
Denta Stick Original

6 reviews

My dogs love these treats, they love this brand the best probably. It keeps their teeth healthy which is great. I would purchase this brand again.....
Cesar Dog Food

36 reviews

J'ai un petits chien qui a besoin d'une nourriture plus petite et elle adore césar au boeuf ou au poisson. C'est seul marque de nourriture comme ça qui est abordable.
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

25 reviews

This is my go to for treats for my dog. He loves them and I feel good about feeding them to him. I have others at times for a change, but I am never without Milk Bones. I like the fact that he thinks it is a treat, but I am also giving him something good for him. I trust the...
Taste of the wild

5 reviews

Only cat food I will feed my cats. It has no nasty fillers or meals (cornmeal, etc) in it which can cause issues for your pets. It keeps their coats full, shiny, and soft. It’s worth the price for the size of the bags they have available. Can be found at most pet stores.
IAMS Proactive Health Kitten

1 review

My 7 year old cat is beyond picky to the point of losing substantial weight. We have taken her to the vet in fear of an illness but she checks out perfectly fine just an extremely picky food eater. We tried tons of brands from vet recommended high end brands to cheap canned food...
Pedigree denta stix original

3 reviews

We are a multi dog household , so daily dental care is important. I like to give these to my retired sled dogs who for most of their life were fed raw with no bones to help clean teeth. So when I got these dogs teeth were bad. I give daily to help with plague and tartar...
Milkbone Farmers Medley Chicken

1 review

Picked up this treat recently for something different. It was a hit, our pup loves them and I can feel good feeding them. They are also a great price! A must try for your pup!
Big Little Piggies Dog Treats

1 review

Both my dogs adore these treats! You open the bag and they come running! Plus, they're so cheap with a limited number of ingredients that you actually can read the names of!
Holistic Blend My Healthy Pet All Life Stages Formula Chicken, Rice & Vegetable

1 review

This is one of the best dog and/or puppy food I have ever bought! It is definitely worth the money !! I have been feeding this to my Australian Shepherd, who has severe allergies and he absolutely loves this food and it doesn't irritate his allergies AT ALL !! It is the only...
Milk Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats - Healthy Joints

1 review

When Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats - Healthy Joints was first advertised, I knew that this was something that I wanted to give to my German Shepherd fur baby, as I will do anything that I possibly can to keep her happy and healthy ! The first time that I saw the Good Morning...