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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

354 reviews

where to start. Grain free is better for sensitive dogs ,cost a little more but no corn no wheat no by product, I like that my dog just luvs this food and no more skin n coat issues with the no grains it def helped her
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

212 reviews

This is a great little treat for my massive dog. He gets one for Christmas guaranteed every year and he can sniff it out. He absolutely loves these treats and they are not super hard on his old teeth
Greenies Dental Chews

147 reviews

One of the better dog treats I have found that my yorkie enjoys ! She enjoys the flavour and I like the fact that they clean her teeth as the chew ! Win win situation!
Milkbone Brushing Chews

68 reviews

My dog is 15 years old and loves his Milk Bone Brushing Chews. As a dog ages tartar increases so it is important to brush them as well as give them treats that help control their tartar. Since my dog loves them, they are an important part of his diet.
Pedigree denta stix medium

50 reviews

When I can’t handle my dogs breath I give them one of these.. I try to give them one every other day or so to help with the grime in their teeth as well.
cesar wet dog food

47 reviews

First of all, I would like to say I have a dog that is an extremely fussy eater!! And for a while I had been struggling to find the perfect meal for her, but she was going through a stage of hardly eating any of her meals and this was worrying to say the least!! Having tried...
Pedigree Dentaflex

41 reviews

Everytime I go out shopping and come home my dog mia who is a border collie, looks in ever bag for her treat. Once i said well if im getting her a treat every time i shop just as well get her something healthy and then they fell in love. Thanks so much amazing product.
Milk Bone Mini's

50 reviews

I buy two boxes of these at a time because they love them so much. My dogs are tiny so the minis are best for them. I try to limit them but I;m not too good at it because I just can't deny them
Denta Stick Original

17 reviews

i have 3 dogs that range from small shih-tzus to a big Akita- husky. They both love these! for the smaller dogs i just break them in half and its the perfect amount for them
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

28 reviews

I have a picky dog now that refuses to eat dog treats and only wants Temptations now. Everyone whether they are a cat or dog, loves them and loses their minds when they hear the bag be touched. We buy the value bags of this stuff for the dogs and cats at the farm.
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

38 reviews

My big boy absolutely loves these, I found out a couple years ago he has allergies to certain treats but these never bother him and it's so hard to find treats this size, big mouth needs a big treat and these definitely do the trick
Pedigree tasty minis

3 reviews

My two dogs love the Pedigree Mini range and they are the ideal 'treat size' and because they are dinky, you know they won't spoil their main meals if they have 1 or 2.
Benny Bully’s Beef Liver & Real Apple

6 reviews

My large breed dog goes crazy for these! They are definitely a hit, he can smell them through the bag. They are about 1”x1” squares. Very lightweight and break up easily so great to being on walks and feed them tidbits along the way to stretch them out longer. Give them a...
Cbd dog treats

1 review

I love these Cbd dog treats, they worked really well. My pup suffers from some serious anxiety disorders and it's hard for him to be alone for extended periods of time, as well as licking his legs obsessively until they are raw because hes anxious. These treats helped calm him...

1 review

Order my first at 75% off for a large puppy. I must say I'm really impressed with the choices and how it's deilvered and the care that's been out into his food. Came in a huge box for a 14week pup. They helped with his daily recommended amount and his very happy and healthy...
Orijen Six Fish Treats

2 reviews

Orijen is one of the most expencive choices for ours pets. But well worth it , the ingriedents are telling us all about the high qiality of theirs treats . I do use orijen mix with a few other brands ( just to balance the cost ) for my cat and dog and they absolutely love it !!...
Freshpet select slice and serve roll tender chicken recipe

4 reviews

My dog stopped eating because he was sick with cancer. I tried everything out there and finally found this, he loved it!.I got to spent a extra 6 months with him.The only down is that you can’t reseal it.
Stella and Chewy's freeze dried raw Marie's Magical dinner dust

1 review

My first thought was that it is extremely expensive. However, I don't use much at one time. Just a little sprinkle over the dogs regular dinner. It comes in a 198gr package so it will probably last awhile even with two dogs. It does have a lot of ingredients but it is mostly...
Barnsdale Pig Ear Dog Treats

1 review

These dog treats are simple and easy, and my conscience feels good when I give them to my fur baby. They're literally just baked pig ears, so I know exactly what my beagle is eating. My pup loves them! It's been my go-to treat for when I have to leave her alone for any period of...
Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Healthy Puppy Food

1 review

First time trying. Definitely will be continuing with this product. My puppy loves it she is a Chocolate Lab / American Bulldog/ Presa Canario. She always finishes her bowl wether it’s dry with some warm water or mixed with wet food. After researching many other Kibble this...