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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

356 reviews

We have a very energetic 3 year old pit bull who's stomach is quite picky when it comes to food. We started her on Nutrience Sub Zero about 1.5 years ago and I don't think we will ever change her food again (except maybe flavors.) Our pupper gobbles up the food and she hasn't...
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

224 reviews

My dogs love these. I have 2 golden retrievers so I buy a couple of packs a week for them. They really seem to enjoy the treats and they seem to be doing a good job on their teeth.
Greenies Dental Chews

157 reviews

Been giving these to my 2 dogs and they love it. Their teeth have been very healthy so far and the chew factor makes them happy to use this product. Would recommend definitely for medium to big size dogs due to the size of these chews
Milkbone Brushing Chews

70 reviews

My dog loves these so much I give him one every night and they clean his teeth very well plus he thinks he's getting spoiled its a win win for both of us
Pedigree denta stix medium

56 reviews

My sister dog absolutely loves these and I’m so glad cause I can not stand her breath she’s not a very picky dog at all she wants to eat these all day!!
cesar wet dog food

51 reviews

Out dachshund used to enjoy these, but recently (has the formula changed?) she will rarely eat them - and the rare times she has, she has gotten diarrhea. We now buy only premium canned food for her - Wellness brand.
Milk Bone Mini's

52 reviews

J'aime le petit format de ces gâteries pour chien. Je les utilise pour apprendre des tours à mon chien. Ziva aime bien ces petites récompenses, elle est toujours très contente de les recevoir.
Pedigree Dentaflex

41 reviews

Everytime I go out shopping and come home my dog mia who is a border collie, looks in ever bag for her treat. Once i said well if im getting her a treat every time i shop just as well get her something healthy and then they fell in love. Thanks so much amazing product.
Denta Stick Original

21 reviews

When we got our first dog, a rescue, she would hide anything of value in the house. Many times I would find a dentastix under my pillow lol! Luckily she grew out of that habit, but still goes crazy when I bring the bag out! She's now 5 and we have never had any teeth issues and...
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

42 reviews

My dog loves her "cookies" and we always get them. Big box is economical and always found at Wholesale Club. No digestive issues for our Golden Retriever.
hill’s science diet sensitive stomach and skin

1 review

We have a Boston terrier who had issues with his skin… he was always itchy and flakey. We tried elimination diets and bought quality food with little success. We switched him to raw which fixed that but he developed an ulcer and a heart murmur! With the help of our vet we...
Pedigree tasty minis

6 reviews

Ive been using these treats to train my puppy for a while now and they have really been helping. The packet is great and tells you how many to give your dog depending on its weight
Deley Naturals Glucosamine Supplement

1 review

Glucosamine for Dogs - Advanced Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs - MY DOG LOVES THEM. I am now on my third container of these. There's so many studies on Turmeric for dogs and finding these chewables with the ingredients in them (besides the Turmeric) was impressive but just an...
Merrick can dog food

2 reviews

I have a shitzu who is very fussy and has allergy issues with alot of dog food She has been eating it for over two years and I am very happy with the wholesome ingredients and limited ingredients
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

28 reviews

I have a picky dog now that refuses to eat dog treats and only wants Temptations now. Everyone whether they are a cat or dog, loves them and loses their minds when they hear the bag be touched. We buy the value bags of this stuff for the dogs and cats at the farm.
Greenies Pill Pockets

1 review

After having tried many different solutions to get my dog to take her medicine (cheese, bananas, peanut butter), I found pill pockets and quickly learned that they are the easiest to prepare, the least messy, and surest way to get my dog to take her medicine. They have several...
Natural balance duck and sweet potato for puppy

2 reviews

Fussy dog home here, and she loves these she will even pick them out when she is given 2 bag options. I break them in 2 some flavours came in 2 sizes but limited stock at times.
Nutrience + Care Calm & Comfort

4 reviews

I was thrilled to receive a complimentary sample of @nutrience_ dog food. I was anxious to see how our dog would respond. He is extremely picky ... Well he loved it!. At first he thought it was a treat lol but once he realized he could have it all he ate it all up. He is a high...
Purina One Smart Blend Lamb And Rice 14kg For Dogs

3 reviews

For the dog: My dog has a very sensitive stomach, and this is the only food that has helped him. He is excited to eat it, eats every morcel, and doesn't have any issues afterwards. He is healthy, his coat is soft and vibrant, and he is full of energy! I definitely recommend this...
Barker's complete filet mignon

1 review

Comes in little tubs. Easy to serve. Both dogs love it and eat it right away. Costs about the same as similar products. Can be a bit hard to find, I can only get it at PetValu.