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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

354 reviews

where to start. Grain free is better for sensitive dogs ,cost a little more but no corn no wheat no by product, I like that my dog just luvs this food and no more skin n coat issues with the no grains it def helped her
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

202 reviews

My three dogs absolutely love these and they keep their teeth nice and clean. Great value and I no longer have to try to brush their teeth a job both the dogs and I hated.
Greenies Dental Chews

132 reviews

These sure are very expensive. My dogs go bonkers for these though. I buy the petite for 2 very large dogs to try and make them last longer. They love these!
Milkbone Brushing Chews

66 reviews

I have 3 dogs. Dak 3 20 pounds, Dallas 2 50 pounds and Thor 75 ponds at a year old. My dogs absolutely love their treats and always know when it's time. They absolutely love their milk bones and I will buy them again.
Pedigree denta stix medium

49 reviews

My Cockapoo LOVES these treats. They are very cost effective and really do work great. They keep my dogs teeth from tar-tar and build up and that's what I love most about this product. I highly recommend these and will continue to buy them.
cesar wet dog food

44 reviews

My Yorkie is 13 and has very few teeth left. I have tried many different brands of wet foods and this is the ONLY one he will eat. Very happy with the variety.
Pedigree Dentaflex

41 reviews

Everytime I go out shopping and come home my dog mia who is a border collie, looks in ever bag for her treat. Once i said well if im getting her a treat every time i shop just as well get her something healthy and then they fell in love. Thanks so much amazing product.
Milk Bone Mini's

47 reviews

I bought these minis to help train my first puppy and he absolutely loves them. They’re a perfect size and texture for puppies or small dogs and I will definitely be re-purchasing.
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

27 reviews

My cat just loves these temptations cat treats. She is such a picky eater and so far these are the only treats she likes and when I say likes she loves them. She practically shove my hand out of the way to get at these treats when I am trying to put a couple on the table for...
Denta Stick Original

14 reviews

Now that our puppy is over 6 months old, he has been enjoying dentastix. A dentastix keeps him occupied for a good amount of time, and has helped keep his teeth and gums clean and fresh. This is a staple product in our household now. It would be nice if there was a more natural...
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

37 reviews

I feel good giving these to my dogs. I like that they are crunchy, to help reduce tarter. My dogs love these treats. They are a great price and are a good size too.
Benny Bully’s Beef Liver & Real Apple

4 reviews

These are one of the most natural treats you can buy and my dogs love them! My vet gives them out as treats and i gave them out to client dogs when i worked at a petstore. AMAZING!
PC Nutrition First Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food

1 review

Love this dog food! My vet recommended it. Bancroft store was DNO also, I called head office the answer I was given...after being very persistent... was that it was an unexpected issue with the manufacturer that's why no notice to us loyal customers. They also said the...
Freshpet select slice and serve roll tender chicken recipe

2 reviews

When we first got our puppy we used this cut up as treats and almost lost a few fingers she loved it! Two years later and both my dogs come running when they smell it! Made from all natural ingredients so all the best for my pups.
Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food

1 review

We bought this when our dog was just a puppy. It has excellent ingredients that includes real food. Our dog loves the different flavors. Including Beef and Chicken.
Nylabone healthy Edibles chew

1 review

My golden retriever lives to chew. We had very bad luck with Rawhide in the past as well as some other treats that made her ill. This lasted a long time and she had no problem digesting it or subsequent belly issues in the days that followed. Plus it smells delicious! I didn’t...
Naturvet aches & discomfort chews

1 review

Most dogs (including mine) hate taking medicine, however this one goes down like a treat. It contains glucosamine and really helps with an older dogs aching joints. She looks forward to taking her 'medication' every day.
Pup-peroni Bacon Flavor

3 reviews

My dog absolutely loves these things! If she has more than one option in front of her she almost always goes for this one! We normally break them in half to make the package last longer
purina one turkey and venison dry dog food

1 review

I have been buying this dog food for several years for all four of my dogs, 2 chihuahuas, 1 chihuahua mix, and 1 jack russell after my vet recommended it. It has been well tolerated by all of the dogs and they have all thrived. It is a little bit more expensive but we have no...
Chicken Soup For The Soul Puppy Food

1 review

I own and breed French bulldogs and this is all I feed my mothers and puppies. I found this food after much research on dog food advisor. It has all the good quality ingredients and none of the cheap filler crap and it contains chelated vitamins and minerals. I like that the...