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Misc Reviews

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DidiPets Animal Water Fountain

1 review

What is my favorite feature of this pet fountain you may ask? The viewfinder. I have had similar decorative fountains and HATE not knowing how much water is left until I hear the pump sucking air. Another nice touch is the number of extra carbon filters, you can't beat having...
Off Deep Woods Towelettes

1 review

Whenever I go outside, I try to always keep my son and myself protected by Off Deep Woods but sometimes I forget to bring the bottle with me, then we come home with bug bites so when I saw the Off Deep Woods made a towelette, I was super excited because that was something I...
Avon Skin So Soft

2 reviews

Okay so my grandma likes this but it’s not just for old ladies! I have found out during this hurricane that Avon skin so soft is great for deterring mosquitoes off while providing moisture to your skin as well.
EnhancePet hemp oil for pets brand, 250MG

1 review

I had my doubts about this hemp oil doing anything for my cat but I have tried everything to keep him calmed down when my grandkids come over and stay for a few days. My cat is 9 years old and gets pretty grumpy when the little ones are around running and making loud noises. He...
PetSafe Multi-Laser Interactive Laser Cat Toy

1 review

I said keep your cat entertained but I also found it entertaining, lol. This product has two, not one, automatic laser lights. Cats can chase after two lasers rotating in a 360 degree, it has a random pattern so when the cat starts "catching on" it changes, haha! It has an...