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build-a-bear workshop

I took all of my kids to get a birthday bear this year and the staff and experience was wonderful. They all love their new bears and take them to bed every night.

Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm

My son got this for Christmas and it quickly became his favourite thing to play with. It has even helped him progress in the development of his speech.

Scruff a luv

The packaging is so deceptive and my daughter is so disappointed! The end bunny looks like roadkill. Flat, fur still mattered/balding. Would avoid at all cost!

Crayola silly scents sticker maker

It’s not quite what I expected, but my kids enjoy playing with it. My biggest issue is that they go through the “sticky” sheets so fast and unfortunately, I can’t find refills.

Sophie the Giraffe

We received Sophie as a gift. I ended up throwing it out and telling my daughter we lost it as she would always chew on a leg, end up with it too far in and gagging.