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Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Race Car

the zero gravity laser race car from Airhogs toys is great my grandson has been playing with it for several days now and he really enjoys it he has several of the airhog brand toys and enjoys them all

Bakugan Collectible Starter Pack - 3-Pack

When first recieving the Bakugan collectable starter 3 pack, I assumed my 7 year old son would be the one to give it to. He opened them and was instantly fascinated with it, my 6 and 3 year old daughters came to inspect the excitement and quickly joined in on it as well, they...

Candylocks Scented Collectible Surprise Doll with Accessories

This doll is so much fun, my daughter was excited to unwrap all the hair and see which doll she received. She was very ecstatic with how good it smelled and that it smelled like the delicious cotton candy that she loves too! She spent a good hour playing with this doll and...

Candylocks BFF 2-Pack Scented Collectible Dolls with Accessories

My daughter was so happy . She loves the sweet scents . The ability to style the hair is amazing. You can make alot of different styles . I recommend it .

Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus 8-Inch Transforming Figure

I gave this to my 8 year old and he loves it! We had never heard of them before but this right up his alley! It's a transforming action figure that lights up and makes noises - just what most little boys love! I like that there are different characters that we can collect...