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Rainbow Jellies - 2-Pack

These rianbiw jellies are very cute and so easy to make. There are two different characters to be made in this pick and you can pick there hair, eye, and color however you like. Once the mold is set up you take the color bag and pop both color and mix them together without...

Monster Jam Dirt Squad Monster Truck

My nephew enjoys his dirt squad monster truck. This truck is very sturdy and made with nice details. My nephew likes to pretend that he’s hauling things around the house with it.

LOL Surprise Doll House With 85 surprises

Who doesn't love lol surprize. I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of my kids and some of theyre toys. We love this doll house. Im also proud to say I put it together on Christmas eve. My husband was busy with other items. It may have taken my a bit longer but we finally got...

Baby alive doll

My now 11 year old has been obsessed with this doll since she was 5. We have several. My 3 year old loves changing diapers. I love that the newborn diapers fit these babies. Feeding time is the kids favorite. My 5 year old son also enjoys these dolls. He likes making the food...

kinetic sand

The kinetic sand is super neat. It's so cool how it sticks together and falls apart in your hand. We love the multiple color option, especially the green.