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Mega Blocks First Builders

Oui mon peit-fils s'amuse vraiment beaucoup avec ses méga blocks. La facilité de manipulation, les jolies couleurs et la facilité à les emboiter, tout pour donner du plaisir aux enfants. En plus ils durent des années donc les enfants même plus grands peuvent s'amuser avec...

Leap Frog My Pal Violet

Although Violet is suggested for infants aged 6 months & up, we introduced her to our daughter when she was only a month old. She loves the little songs, and can recognize when Violet says her name. The night time lullaby songs helps her relax at bed time too 🙂

Bubbly bubbles

You have to stick the bubble wand right into the lid piece which kind of sucks when you get your fingers off all over bubbles. But over all they make pretty good bubbles but you can’t make any big bubbles which really sucks but it makes bubbles lots of bubbles

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

My son got this game for his birthday and absolutely loves it! I wish there was a case of some sort for the characters, because we have a lot and our toddler likes to touch them. But it's a great game and the whole family likes to get in on the fun!