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Action Figures Reviews

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PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

79 reviews

We purchased this a while back for my oldest son and it has quickly become on the favorite toys With all our kids and their friends! It’s in amazing condition still and works just as well as the day we bought it!
BATMAN Rapid Change Utility Belt 12-inch Deluxe Action Figure

53 reviews

I have been a fan of Batman since the early sixties. He has been around since 1939 I believe. I collect and search for anything Batman. Some are better than others. This Batman gets a five star. Cheers
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Pup and Dinosaur Action Figure Set

46 reviews

The combination of dinosaur and pup are perfect for little one who loves both. My daughter is a big dinosaur fan and this combo is a perfect addition to her collection.
Batman 12 inch Movie Figure, Wingsuit Batman

41 reviews

This toy was the perfect size for my 4 year old. He was so excited to receive it and immediately started playing with it. Days later it is still getting a lot of attention!
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Set with 6 Collectible Pup and Dinosaur Figures

40 reviews

My both kids like paw patrol characters and they watch it daily so they like it and play with it.Every character have their own function and toys show it's specialty.My kids happy to get it and enjoy to play with it.
PAW Patrol Action Pack Collectible Figure

36 reviews

My son was absolutely over the moon with this he takes it everywhere with him! Very good quality and cool little features on the toy. Thank you very much
Batman 12 inch Movie Figure, Batman

27 reviews

Nephew enjoys his new toy, Batman. The quality is great. I wish to get him a bigger one soon for him to play. My only advised is for it to have more little accessories to go with it.
Bakugan Collectible Starter Pack - 3-Pack

36 reviews

I cannot tell you how many bakugan we have in our home! I have three kids ages 7,4,&2;. They all love bakugan! We have a lot of fun with then as a family too. My son thinks it is hilarious to set one off next to me when I'm not paying attention because I will jump. 🤣 These...
Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus 8-Inch Transforming Figure

37 reviews

My kids love Bakugan, and Maximus Dragonoid is no exception. It's a little difficult to fold into its storage form but after a few tries they got it. It can't be used with the card game but this is definitely great for younger kids who just want a cool toy to play with.
Bakugan Platinum Power Up S4

24 reviews

My daughter liked this toy. She is still new to Bakugan. You had to really throw them to get them to “activate”. Probably would buy again when she’s a bit older. Or for a gift.
Bakugan Evolutions, 2-inch Tall Collectible Action Figure

20 reviews

My child absolutely loved this toy. He played with it for hours and enjoyed the action of turning into a ball then "battling" with it. The bursting effect was fun to watch.
Batman Gotham City Guardians Set

20 reviews

So my son got this and he was so happy to receive it and he has so much fun playing with the toys it keeps him busy and entertained. I love that he can use his imagination and he always gets me to play with him
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Mighty Twins - 2-Pack

36 reviews

Cute set of pups, they’re the same size of the other pups which is great and comes with two pup tags. The light up noses are a really cool idea, and the way they magnetize. However they not the easiest to put together especially for the target age group. We have one that...
Batman 12 inch Movie Figure, Selina Kyle

21 reviews

I gave this toy to my grandson and he was thrilled, he loves anything Batman and other action toys. He played with it for hours on end, and when he was ready for bed, he made sure it was put high up away from his 2 little sisters, as he says, they break everything. I love how...
Bakugan Platinum Series S4 Dom

20 reviews

I gave this to my son who is 9 and he likes that it has so many different ways to open up, he liked the bright color and cool design. He thinks if it made noise when it rolls it would add more fun. It was a great battle Mate ! He also said that you should have an option to...
Bakugan Collectible Battle Pack 5-Pack

30 reviews

My 7 year old bought his first set of Bakugans with his birthday money! He was so excited to finally start his collection. As much as he loves them, I found them a little pricey and even as an adult, they’re a little tricky to fold into their battle shapes. But he was proud...
Bakugan Battle Strike Pack

22 reviews

After receiving this toy my son was initially excited but soon lost interest in the toy. He did not find it engaging enough to keep him entertained. It did not meet my expectations.
Batman The Joker Vs. Batman 4-inch Action Figure Set with Transforming Tech Armor

25 reviews

My nephews are huge Batman fans so really anything from this brand would have made them happy. Still, they love having villains to make their gameplay better (previously used their sister's Barbie, which was not always ... allowed!). They have had hours of fun with this toy. I'd...
PAW Patrol Chase Interactive Movie Mission Pup 6-inch Action Figure

18 reviews

My son loves this toy. He is obsessed with Chase and spends hours playing with him. Chase talks, has cool buttons and is a great toy for kids. It is great quality and I definitely want to buy the other characters now.
Bakugan Geogan Rising Geogan Deka Jumbo Collectible Transforming Figure

18 reviews

These are a really welcome addition to the Deka line, and more interesting than the normal ball Dekas. My kids really like these, and just wish they also came with a game piece that could be used with the TCG.