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Action Figures Reviews

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PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

60 reviews

Unless your kid is super in to fire trucks, this thing is just ok First - it’s giant, second - it doesn’t do much. It makes sounds, the ladder extends and the mini truck detaches, shoots a few things out, but really this thing was not a huge hit in my house & my kids lost...
Bakugan Collectible Starter Pack - 3-Pack

34 reviews

This starter pack comes with 3 Bakugan figures, 6 cards, 6 hide matrix tiles as well as a game rule sheet that tells you exactly what everything is as well as how to play the game. It is a two-player game where you battle Bakugan against one another. As a Mother, I feel it's a...
Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus 8-Inch Transforming Figure

34 reviews

We were so excited to receive this item. Our 8 year old was instantly happy to have gotten a new toy. He loved that it is like a transformer and combined with Bakagun. It is very well made and if it can withstand how my 8 year old and his cousins play with toys then it's very...
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Mighty Twins - 2-Pack

34 reviews

My two toddlers love playing with their PAW PATROL MIGHTY PUPS SUPER PAWS MIGHTY TWINS - 2-PACK. It's beautiful that they both can have their own figurine without having to worry about fighting each other. They love to pair these figurines with their Paw Patrol tower and...
Bakugan Collectible Battle Pack 5-Pack

29 reviews

My son opened this toy and loved it immediately. He is 8 years old. He had never played with this type of toy before but he really enjoyed it so much. He has looked up more products that are similar online and had asked for them. As a parent I don’t love the little pieces but...
Bakugan Deka Jumbo Collectible Transforming Figure

26 reviews

My sons absolutely love playing with their Bakugan Deka Hydorous. They were fighting over who turn it was to play with it next and my youngest son would not put it down carried it and played with it every where we went .It kept them busy for hours transforming it back and forth...
Bakugan Ultra Collectible Action Figure and Trading Card

27 reviews

A new collectable toy for boys. So there is a tv show that the toy comes from. And now your kids can play at home. Its kind of cool they clise up into a ball and when you toss it and it rolls over its card it opens up. You battle against your friends. My son was super excited...
BATMAN Rapid Change Utility Belt 12-inch Deluxe Action Figure

6 reviews

Great you for a young boy to play with! I would recommend to anyone to purchase this action figure to add to their collection! Would be a great addition to any child's or adults collection of action figures! I would purchase this product again in the future!
BATMAN Rapid Change Utility Belt 12-inch Deluxe Action Figure + a BATMAN Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

3 reviews

Because both my six year old niece and three year old play together a lot they play with each other's toys that's why I know that they both will love playing with this Deluxe Action Figure Plus Batman Bat Mobile and Bat Boat 2 in 1 Transforming Vehicle.
Paw patrol figurines

12 reviews

My 4 year old son is obsessed with anything paw patrol. He loves playing with the figurines. Any kid who loves paw patrol would have a blast playing with these. Even better if u have some vehicles or other play sets to go with them. These figurines are a great deal and made...
True Moves Robin Action Figure

2 reviews

This Action Figure is amazing! He really is very articulated and its great to see all of the new additions to this line of figures. I have them all! I can't wait to see the new figures and amazing detail.
PJ mask headquarter

5 reviews

Got this for my son for his birthday and he just absolutely loves it. Plays with it for hours on end. Was very impressed with it, glad that I decided to buy it.
Monster Jam Monster Dirt Deluxe Set

3 reviews

My boys are super excited for this Monster Jam Dirt Deluxe Set! The toy is really well made and is ready for tough game! For sure will keep your little ones busy!
Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure

2 reviews

Our little one received Buzzy as a Christmas present and adores this toy! Buzz lights up, makes noises and has the natural Buzz voice as in the movie. This is such a great toy for children who love Buzz and Toy Story.
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Karate Chop action toy

2 reviews

This will be an excellent purchase for any child who loves Toy Story my niece absolutely loved it and it was a great idea for us to buy it I would certainly purchase again in the future
Buttheads- Grim Ripper

1 review

My son just had to have a Buttheads toy. It is great quality. It’s load and has like five fart noises. You pull it’s finger down and it farts. It come in a few different designs. Like most boys my son thinks it’s hilarious. It was worth the money seeing the smile on my...
Paw patrol-paw terrain vehicle

1 review

This is one of my daughter toys that I think is awesome, the paw terrain vehicle lights up and makes noises, it comes with a parrot, jungle rider and a panther. It has a wench on the back of the truck for the panthers cage, the cover for the back of the truck comes off and you...
Terra by Battat – Bunny Hutch

1 review

I really like a lot of Battat toys and while this one might have a few less pieces than the big multi-packs, the quality is really lovely. You get the hutch, two rabbits, a bowl and a carrot. The rabbits are very detailed (lots of fur lines) and perfectly painted. The bowl is...
Monster Jam Zombie Monster Dirt Starter Set

1 review

We are a family of monster jam lovers! The trucks are great, fun, & super exciting to have. This set is really cool - you can make an actual arena with dirt which is what my son loves to do!
Hasbro Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Power Rangers - Blue Ranger

2 reviews

My son just the mega mighties power rangers for his birthday and they were a big hit they are very well made they are just the right size for younger kids i will definitely be buying more