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Action Figures Reviews

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PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

79 reviews

We purchased this a while back for my oldest son and it has quickly become on the favorite toys With all our kids and their friends! It’s in amazing condition still and works just as well as the day we bought it!
BATMAN Rapid Change Utility Belt 12-inch Deluxe Action Figure

53 reviews

I have been a fan of Batman since the early sixties. He has been around since 1939 I believe. I collect and search for anything Batman. Some are better than others. This Batman gets a five star. Cheers
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Pup and Dinosaur Action Figure Set

46 reviews

The combination of dinosaur and pup are perfect for little one who loves both. My daughter is a big dinosaur fan and this combo is a perfect addition to her collection.
Batman 12 inch Movie Figure, Wingsuit Batman

41 reviews

This toy was the perfect size for my 4 year old. He was so excited to receive it and immediately started playing with it. Days later it is still getting a lot of attention!
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Set with 6 Collectible Pup and Dinosaur Figures

40 reviews

My both kids like paw patrol characters and they watch it daily so they like it and play with it.Every character have their own function and toys show it's specialty.My kids happy to get it and enjoy to play with it.
DC Comics, Speed Force The Flash Action Figure 12-inch

24 reviews

My children love this toy! It is so posable! They love the lights and sound effects! All the voice clips are really great and now they are running around playing as The Flash!
PAW Patrol Aqua Pups Zuma Transforming Lobster Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure

24 reviews

I am so thrilled to receive this amazing toy PAW Patrol Aqua Pups Zuma Transforming Lobster Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure from Spinmaster who have everything to engage your child’s mind and bring out their creative skills and liven up their imagination. This action...
Bakugan Legends, Nova Bakugan, Light Up Bakugan Action Figures, 1 Character Card and Metal Gate Card (Styles May Vary)

24 reviews

I receive this product #forfree from #butterly #Spin Master Holiday 2022! for my kids to review the product. I would not lie this light up toy is a hit in my house since the day I receive it. This is with them 24/7. They get excited rolling it on the Bakugan board and gets...
Wizarding World Harry Potter Magical Minis First-Year Set

24 reviews

This set is so cute I love it. As a Harry Potter fan the characters were perfectly executed and made very kid friendly. My niece loved playing with this set. Every time I look at it I smile!
Bakugan Legends, 2-inch-Tall Collectible Action Figure and Trading Cards (Styles May Vary)

24 reviews

My son absolutely loves Bakugan. Every creature is so beautifully made and unique. My son loves folding it up and rolling it onto the card just to see it open. This toy is better with several so you can battle them. Even with just one it's still cool to watch them open up. Would...
Black Adam Movie 4-inch Figures

25 reviews

Small action figure. I wish that these companies would be more mindful with the packaging. Too much plastic in my opinion. It's a pretty small toy; my kids were excited to open it, but weren't wowed by it or anything. If your kids like the small action figure, then it's probably...
PAW Patrol, Big Truck Pups 8 Piece Figure Gift Pack

23 reviews

My 2 kids absolutely loved this toy. My son is a huge paw patrol fan so he was super excited. The figurines were easy to play with and the Rider toy was a bonus as we haven’t found a lot of sets with Rider included. Although the figures were smaller that I originally thought...
Batman + Superman vs. Darkseid

23 reviews

This 3 pack toy set is amazing! The figures are nice and big for my son to play with and the details are excellent. Lots of fun and I like that it comes with the “good guys” and a “bad guy” for lots of creative play.
PAW Patrol Aqua Pups, Chase Transforming Shark Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure

23 reviews

I received this Chase Transforming Shark Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure as a part of promotion. My son was so excited, Chase from Paw Patrol is his favorite pup. The shark vehicle can be opened and closed and has additional parts to put on. Now we have idea of gathering...
PAW Patrol Action Pack Collectible Figure

36 reviews

My son was absolutely over the moon with this he takes it everywhere with him! Very good quality and cool little features on the toy. Thank you very much
PAW Patrol, 10th Anniversary 2-inch Collectible Blind Box Mini Figure with Lookout Tower Container (Style May Vary)

23 reviews

When my daughter opened this she could not contain her excitement. She tore into the box and was overjoyed to find Everest in her tower. Both my girls love these little figurines and can't wait to get more ❤️
PAW Patrol Micro Movers with Al Truck Storage Case

24 reviews

My grandson loved it...used it with his other toys. Still plays with it off and on. Adds other trucks to it to make it more dun to play with. Definitely would purchase for another little boy for a gift.
Firebuds Diecast 3PK

24 reviews

I finally received this free sample toy in the mail after some delay. My child was able to play with this toy for a bit but did start losing some interest in it very quickly. There are not a lot of play options with this toy other than the fact that it was more like a figurine...
Bakugan Legends Starter 3-Pack, Collectible Action Figures (Styles May Vary)

24 reviews

These are really fun for kids to collect! I do like that it comes with a card and the character. The Starter Pack is the most epic way to build your Bakugan collection! Every Bakugan included has awesome detailing and its faction symbol! My older son and his younger brother...
Firebuds Core Bo and Flash

24 reviews

Overall my son enjoyed that Bo & Flash, would we buy it again? Probably not. However, I really want to give appreciation to the fact that the packaging is minimal and in a manner that seems more friendly for the enviroment.