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311 reviews

I grew up playing with Playdoh and I loved it, I still do today with my kids. It is something that both boys and girls can play with and you can never outgrow it. Very easy to use and mold and there's a variety of colors that are bright and vibrant.
Twinkle Clay Princess Studio

60 reviews

Both my son, and daughter love this. They are very creative. They love making their own creations, and showing them off. They often have competitions with each other on what clay creations they can make. It is fun, safe, and perfect for kids.
Cool Maker GO GLAM Nail Stamper Nail Studio

52 reviews

This is a great product for glam girls who like to play with nail colours and nail art! This Glo Glam nail stamper is a new and totally different idea from Spin master... No muss, no fuss...fairly easy to use, worth every penny!! I would buy the refills again and again!!...
Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

53 reviews

We actually bought it for our son cuz he likes stuff like this. He had a lot of fun with both guy and girl friends. It's a bit pricey for something like that and we thought about if we wanted to spend such money on something this "girly". Turned out it was good not only for...
Crayola Classic Markers

68 reviews

It does not matter what product you buy from crayola, it is always high quality at a far price. I will always love the classic markers. Great colors, great price, great for any project!!
Gifeez Spinning GIF Art Studio

29 reviews

This is a super neat and interactive toy my daughter enjoyed playing with it she also enjoyed sharing it with her cousins will definitely be purchasing more as gifts in the future really recommend it
Crayola 64 crayons

19 reviews

Crayola makes.the best products amd its budget friendly low cost and affordabil no matter you money problems I love crayola products and wouldmt get any other products
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

43 reviews

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk offers an amazing variety of color options for kids to select from. The chalk lasted perfectly and didn't break easily when my toddlers played with them. It brushed right off their clothes and instantly washed off their hands. Couldn't ask for a better...
Cool Maker 2-in-1 KumiKreator Necklace and Friendship Bracelet Maker

10 reviews

I had purchased this for my friend’s 7 years daughter and she loved it. Pro: so colorful, so fun and simple to operate Happiness of the outcome. Cons: needed an adult to show it first as my friend’s daughter is impatient to get it to work right away... and refused to read...
Play Doh Cupcake Tower

13 reviews

My little ones love play doh and making cool things with it. This cupcake tower was awesome being able to create fake cupcakes and make a tower of it, it was very fun doing with my little ones. I recomend this product to anyone with young kids
Lil Shuckies Pearl Party

3 reviews

Well worth the fun for the low price! I loved that there was multiple aspects to the toy with jewelry making, slime, and excitement of the pearl reveal. Each part provided lots of entertainment with the kiddos with ohhhs and ahhhs. There is a surprise pearl that varies in...
Melissa & Doug water wow

2 reviews

I bought some for a flight for my 1 year old. She was able to scribble and create “art” with just a little bit of water. They are small enough to toss in your purse for taking around town, and the pens are secure enough to not leak in your bag. I was surprised at how much...
Play doh baby shark

3 reviews

The kit includes a bunch of play doh in multiple colors and a bunch of different shape and sizes cookie cutters. You can make the whole family from the song “Baby shark.” When your finished making the shark family go ahead and sign the song!
Color wonder

1 review

These Color Wonder books have been one of our best purchases ever. My son can color freely and I do not have to worry about him coloring on anything else. This one is small enough for us to carry in a bag for using at a restaurant or when child is bored out and about.
Sculpey clear coat

1 review

If you’re going to craft with Sculpey clay, you have to try this clear coat! There’s a matte and shiny version available and it makes them look much more finished and it protects them as well.
Sculpey Bake Shop clay

1 review

We love the bake shop line of Sculpey clay! The colors are super vibrant, the clay is the perfect consistency without being sticky and it’s bakes solidly. We use it for so many crafts!
Crayola Construction Paper

28 reviews

this is a great selection of coloo do so many things with projects personalized items and so on easy to cut glue tape paint glitter and bend great buy
Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set

2 reviews

The kinetic sand set is super entertaining and entails long hours of fun for my daughter she is super artsy and loves to do her own thing and this set is perfect for her and her creativity will definitely be buying more in the future
Crayola UltrasmART Case

1 review

This is literally one of the best things we have purchased in a long time. We are a coloring family and love to just pull this out on rainy days and color away! It includes: 48 Crayons, 24 Pip-Squeaks Broad Line Markers and 24 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies Markers, 8 Fine Line Markers...
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

6 reviews

Works perfectly with a brush or hand painting if you dare to go that far. Goes on smoothly and covers everything up perfectly, easily washes off great. Will buy again and again.