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Dolls and Accessories Reviews

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Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Blonde Hair

56 reviews

My 3 year was so happy when this came she plays with it all the time . she was excited that it responds to her the way it does and it talks and it lifelike. Thank you for the opportunity again and this was so freaking awesome.
Twisty Petz Collectible Bracelet Set - 3 Pack

54 reviews

The kids loved it.the fact that they could ware it and play with it was wonderful but they both wanted one n liked them.and the price was not to bad so that helped alot
Luvabeau Responsive Baby Doll

51 reviews

My 8-yr old daughter recieved the Luvabella doll to test. She was extremely excited to test the item, but our 3-yr old neighbor was even more excited! The doll is WAY more life-like than expected much to the delight of our neighbor who has a newborn baby brother. It was adorable...
LOL Surprise Dolls

55 reviews

LOL Dolls are a great, fun toy for girls and boys! My daughter and son can play with them from hours, changing their clothing and such. They use them to play with he houses and vehicles we have for other toys.
Twisty Petz Babies Collectible Bracelet Set - 4-Pack

54 reviews

I thought these would be perfect for my jewelry-loving 7 year old. She thought they looked great in the box but after opening them, she had a hard time figuring out how to twist them back into the animals. I showed her how to do it several times and, though she got better at it...
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Dark Brown Hair

54 reviews

I got this doll for my daughter only to find out the hair color is peeled off and the bow was strategically placed on to cover it. My daughter loved it so much but now we are really disappointed.
Party Popteenies Party Surprise Box Playset

52 reviews

I purchased this set for my daughter's 7th birthday. She loves all dolls and anything that involves surprises inside. She loves the doll and all the tiny accessories. It was definitely a hit!
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Brown Hair

50 reviews

My 5 year old daughter had mixed feelings about the Luvabella interactive baby doll. Her first impression was sheer excitement about the doll being able to talk and learn new words, as well as the fact that it had brown skin and eyes and a tan skin tone just like she does...
Party Popteenies Poptastic Party Playset

48 reviews

This adorable play set came in a party surprise box which made it a perfect gift for my girl she love the tiny gift boxes along with the party popper which added the zing to her party full of confetti and her surprise cassidy inside,the cute photo booth balcony is just perfect...
Party Popteenies Double Surprise Popper

47 reviews

Our 4 year old daughter is really into all the surprise toys which don’t usually have any replay value once they’re opened. I was very skeptical about the party popteeniesbut our daughter kept asking for one. Once it was “popped” open (which was really cool to watch) she...
Monster high dolls

12 reviews

I love that these dolls are unique and colorful. My daughter has a pretty decent sized collection. They can be a bit pricey though and some do come apart easily, the hands tend to come off quite a bit.
Lol doll unwraps

12 reviews

I love how cute and unique each one of these dolls are! They can spit, cry, tinkle, and color change. They come with there own outfits, accessories, bottles, , and shoes. The best part is opening up the secret blind bags! The only fault I see is the price of these dolls! Super...
Barbie dreamhouse

11 reviews

My daughter is 6 years old and thinks this doll house is the best of the best! She plays with this every day when she gets home from school it’s her favorite toy of all time for my Barbie lover!
LOL Surprise Doll House With 85 surprises

4 reviews

I have this for my grand daughter. It's amazing. From opening each piece packed in lol newspaper like real life packing when moving to the cutest things on the walls. I love all the little furniture and she loves the pool hot tub and sandbox. I love that the sand box has a...
Jo jo bows

5 reviews

My girls have so many Jojo bows, they’ve got the plain solid colors, the full sequin bows, glitter bows, unicorn bows, mini bows from the surprise packs, almost every color in Jojo bows. My girls always wore bows even before Jojo bows but now these are our absolute favorite...
Get better baby Cece

4 reviews

We got my daughter this doll for her second birthday. She fell in love with it immediately and calls it baby doc. She watches this episode of Dos McStuffins all the time. This toy is so sweet and definitely gives kids that “motherly” feel they love to give to other babies...
Shopkins lil secret

4 reviews

When I first saw these in store i was probably more excited than my daughter. These remind me of on of my favorite toys growing up.. Polly Pockets. My daughter loves shopkins, so this was a must have. They are so cute and perfect for travel or on the go play. They have a cute...
Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Blue

3 reviews

Super fun Barbie to use in the pool. It has bright, vibrant two tone hair with a sparkly tail. All the kids ask to play with this Barbie at the pool so it helps to teach my daughter to share :). So far, it seems to be draining OK and not collected water inside of it like I was...
Doc mcstuffin get better check up center

4 reviews

My daughter loves to play with the doc mcstuffin check up play toy it keeps her busy for hours she loves it best toy ever she said lol she now wants to be a doc when she grows up
Baby alive go bye bye

4 reviews

My daughter got one of these for her birthday last year and she still plays with it to this day. Probably one of the best gifts shes gotten and now she just asked for more baby alive stuff.