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Dolls and Accessories Reviews

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LOL Surprise Dolls

72 reviews

The dolls are cute but they are very cheaply made, tons of plastic trash, cheaply made, they are super tiny, head pop off easy, very easy choking hazards. Wish they would at least make the quality better and less plastic waste !
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Blonde Hair

59 reviews

We do not own a luvabelle doll but we have seen people that have them. They look pretty amazing with how interactive they are. My kids would love to be able to try one of the opportunity ever came available.
Twisty Petz Collectible Bracelet Set - 3 Pack

60 reviews

My daughter is in kindergarten and twisty pets are definitely the quote in thing right now. We have bought six of the three pack sets and love how there’s a mystery with in the package! They are super easy to play with! There are so many color combinations there are so many...
Luvabeau Responsive Baby Doll

53 reviews

These dolls are the coolest and cutest dolls ever made!My baby girl wants one of these so bad but thins are tight so I would love to do a review on one as she would be so happy.
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Dark Brown Hair

55 reviews

This has got to be the first full i've seen yet. I watched my grand daughter teach it how to speak and had no idea it grows into a toddler.. absolutely amazed!!!
Party Popteenies Party Surprise Box Playset

53 reviews

This set is a great addition to add to your party popteenies it comes with Hayden and her little bunny suprises and then a vanity chair and cute shelf.
Twisty Petz Babies Collectible Bracelet Set - 4-Pack

54 reviews

I thought these would be perfect for my jewelry-loving 7 year old. She thought they looked great in the box but after opening them, she had a hard time figuring out how to twist them back into the animals. I showed her how to do it several times and, though she got better at it...
Party Popteenies Poptastic Party Playset

52 reviews

My daughter loved this from the beginning when she was able to pop open her doll and watch the confetti fly. She also loves that her doll can pop out of the cake and the other dolls she has since received can stand and spin around the cake.
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Brown Hair

51 reviews

My daughter enjoyed this toy for a full day, and then it broke. It was just not able to stand up to a six year old constantly playing with it. I might suggest it for older children, but a six year old is not it. Other than the breaking, it was kind of a neat toy. The movements...
Party Popteenies Double Surprise Popper

49 reviews

The popteenies are so much to open and my girls get very excited to see all the confetti fly. These are super cute and my girls love the accessories that come with them, especially the handbands.
Lol doll unwraps

14 reviews

My daughter loves these and has a blast opening them every time. I even think they are a pretty neat idea and they definitely keep my daughter occupied
Barbie dreamhouse

12 reviews

I bought a barbie dream house for my almost 4 year old daughter. She specifically asked for a barbie house with a kitchen and a slide! Luckily that's exactly what the dreamhouse had! She is absolutely loves it and is all she talks about. It's a little pricey and I wish it came...
Awesome Bloss'ems Collectible Doll

7 reviews

My girls absolutely love the Awesome Bloosom Doll. They loved being able to plant it and watch it grow into a beautiful doll. Will definitely be purchasing more of these for them. Great entertaining toy for the kids. I highly recommend this product.
Luvabella Newborn Interactive Baby Doll

4 reviews

My niece received one of these for her birthday. My little girls loved playing with it so much. The doll is made well and is inviting to all the little girls with the sounds and movements!
Baby alive doll

3 reviews

I got Snackin Baby Alive Doll for my granddaughter for Christmas and she loved it! This was her second Baby Alive Doll and since she already had a brunette one Santa had to bring her a blonde one! I remember having one as a young girl and loved it of course they do so much more...
Boxy girls

3 reviews

These are the coolest little dolls ever! They have adorable accessories and each doll has its own character. The cute little boxes come with all sorts of fun mystery treasures they love to open! We purchased Willow and she’s a free spirit. My daughter carries her around...
Candylocks BFF 2-Pack Scented Collectible Dolls with Accessories

8 reviews

My daughter was so happy . She loves the sweet scents . The ability to style the hair is amazing. You can make alot of different styles . I recommend it .
LOL Surprise Doll House With 85 surprises

10 reviews

This doll house is pretty much cardboard. My daughter got sick of it really fast. We sold the house and kept the furniture for her calico critters houses.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Glitter Salon Playset

3 reviews

My kids and niece love hatchimals, most kids enjoy being entertained with them. Priced well. Use as a present for any youngster. All kinds of different things to do with it.
Frozen dolls

2 reviews

I just love these!!! So cute! They are made so well and durable! My girls love them and play with them almost daily! Can't wait for the new movie to come out and see the new dolls for these.