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Dolls and Accessories Reviews

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Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

66 reviews

my daughter absolutely loves it. her first one came as a defect but i wrote the company and they were more than happy to send me another one 👍🏾❣️
Barbie dreamhouse

20 reviews

my niece has this so we order for our daughter because she always play with dream house at my sisters house she loves it. girls can play all day along she keeps it organized .
Disney Princess Dance N Twirl Ballroom Dolls and Accessories  - Belle

3 reviews

We love the dance and twirls - some parts of this castle snap on and off and my daughter is constantly pulling them off then asking for help to add them back :) other then that lots of fun

3 reviews

My daughter was so excited to make bath bombs. However this was much more complicated than she or I had anticipated. We used it one time and the bath bombs didnt even come out right. Much to frustrating
Shoppie dolls

2 reviews

Shoppies are one of my daughter’s latest obsessions. She loves the dolls and their accessories. These dolls are so cute/pretty. We have tons of those little shopkins figurines sitting in bins and now, my daughter’s Shoppies can make use of them! Plus, thanks to the size...
Twisty Petz Babies Collectible Bracelet Set - 4-Pack

56 reviews

My girls are 6 and 8. They love these. I like this brand better then the others. They stay together better and are better quality. I like to add them to gifts or give as good behavior or spotted doing good prizes. I keep some little toys as rewards.
Doc mcstuffin get better check up center

5 reviews

My daughter loves the this. It keeps her occupied for a long time. There are so many different options to use. Makes her feel like she's a real doctor.
calico critters lake side lodge

5 reviews

I love the calico critters toy range especially the sets like the lakeside lodge which is so well made and beautiful. It keeps my toddler occupied for hours playing with it using the calico critters family dolls. It promotes using the imagination and my child learns a lot about...
All American Doll

3 reviews

When my sister was young, she was obsessed with baby dolls. When she first discovered the AG doll line, she was hooked. This doll line has an unlimited amount of accessories, books that come with the dolls to explain their background, and even the ability to design a doll that...
Twisty Petz Collectible Bracelet Set - 3 Pack

70 reviews

My 5 year old loves her bracelets. She can easily make the bracelet transform from a pet back to a bracelet all on her own. My 3 year old needs assistance making the bracelet into a pet again. The colors and characters are adorable.
LOL Surprise Dolls

179 reviews

When this product first started coming out I got a couple for my daughters who are now 8 and 10 they loved opening each surprise bag wondering what was in it. Today they have over a 100 Lol dolls. Now my 2 year old loves to play with them by taking off the clothes and...
Party Popteenies Double Surprise Popper

50 reviews

I just love to see the look on my daughter’s face every time she pops one of these. The excitement never goes away! These double poppers usually come with a doll and one and an accessory in the other. My daughter got a couple unicorn cakes out of different sets but they were...
Party Popteenies Poptastic Party Playset

53 reviews

This is the set that started our love of the Party Popteenies! We found this one on clearance and my 4 year old lovessss it! We set it up and popped the confetti over the playset to make it seem like a real party. My daughter kept he confetti and often uses it over and over to...
Party Popteenies Party Surprise Box Playset

59 reviews

We bought 3 of these on clearance at Target while stuck inside our hotel on vacation due to the weather. The girls loved popping these little cuties open. The confetti is a bit messy and annoying but I guess that’s the fun of the toy. We had never heard of these before and...
Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll - Dark Brown Hair

57 reviews

My 6 year old daughter got one for Christmas last year and she absolutely loves it! She plays with it all the time. She dresses it in different clothes from her other dolls that fit
Sunny Day Brush and Style Doll

4 reviews

This product was alot of fun for my daughter's. They loved all the accessories and how they worked. The colors are nice and bright and kept my girls busy for hours playing salon! For the price you really can't beat this toy. It's a classic. The quality could be better. A couple...
Enchantimals garden gazebo mattel

3 reviews

Love this item would recommend it to anyone would my kids love this he plays with it all the time that’s always in his hand 🖐 and it’s good quality more bang for your buck
Lol doll unwraps

20 reviews

These dolls are so much fun to open! We love looking for the little clues! Seeing who is inside is always exciting! The only thing I would change is to have a little less waste from the opening.
Disney trolls

1 review

We bought 2 trolls dolls for my daughter and neice. They loves them and love that they can sing along with the dolls. They get happy just to hear the music play. A good gift for a child 3 and up
Disney Moana Adventure Doll, 14"

2 reviews

My daughter loves this one a lot from the voice all the way to the clothing. She sings along and plays with Moana with a smile. I think its a great doll and toy.