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Electronic Toys for Kids Reviews

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Hatchimals Mystery

100 reviews

This was a big hit with my daughter. She enjoyed the whole hatching experience. She also enjoyed getting to learn all its cues and watching it "grow". I did find it pricey but worth the joy it brought my daughter.
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Cheetree

56 reviews

My daughter really liked it when she got it. It was exciting to see the egg hatch and reveal the cute hatchimal baby. She got the pinkish one and it comes with accessories.
Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney

51 reviews

This product was absolutely amazing and a really cool genius idea. It reminded me of the little red View Masters we had when I was a kid. My son was thrilled to try it out. We love reading and this adds such a fun exciting experience to the tradition we already love so well and...
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

52 reviews

Love this Zoomer bunny. My kids like to feed it carrots and watch it eat them all. We also like that you can make your own vegetables. Very entertaining.
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Ponette

51 reviews

We had a great time playing with these. The eggs hatched as planned and my 7 year old and 11 year old both enjoyed them. O would recommend purchasing these.
Zoomer Playful Pup

48 reviews

Me and my kids love Zoomer playful pup. My 18 month old is in love with the puppy and loves how he rolls over. I love that you can say different commands in English, Spanish or French. My 8 year old is trying to teach him other commands. I love to pat him on his belly and he...
Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate

45 reviews

I like it. Shines on the ceiling and you can read the kids to sleep. Unfortunately the kids don’t regally use it much anymore but it was good for a few uses like most kids toys are.
Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior

46 reviews

This movie projector deal is a fun concept. I enjoyed the little stories, as did my son. I love the variety they have and think they are enjoyable. I did have issues with the app closing on me as well as the device itself being hard to hold onto my phone. Regardless of the few...
Demo Duke - Crashing and Transforming Vehicle

38 reviews

Demo Duke crashing and transforming Vehicle this toy is nice it has over 100 sounds my kid play with it all day he love the different sounds I'm happy I purchase this for him
Hatching Dragon Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon by DreamWorks

32 reviews

My kids and I absolutely love this! It was so awesome watching it hatch and it kept my kids busy for hours! It's so neat even my 2 year old loved it! I highly recommend this one!
Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy

31 reviews

So first off this owl is super cute! When we first heard about it my daughter could not wait to get one. She got one for Christmas and the eyes change colors depending on its needs which is cool. Once you finally get it to fly the noise is so loud! My 4 year old ended up being...
Playstation 4 system

17 reviews

Playstation is my go to console. We owe each a PS4 and a Xbox console. I feel as the controller is not to large and just right. The quality of the video games is on point. And the fact that you can connect and such at an easier setting is awesome!
Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

22 reviews

My childrens grand mother bought it for them, they love this product. I would recommend for anyone with loud children that dont like to sit still, great way for them to sit still
VTech Peppa Pig Learn & Discover Book

1 review

Peppa Pig Learn and Discover Book by Vtech is a home-run, most especially if Peppa Pig is popular in your house (and she’s wildly popular everywhere!). Like other Vtech toys, it's designed to make learning fun and done so with good quality and different modes. Each page has...
Nintendo switch system

5 reviews

My family has a lot of game systems and this is by far my favorite! I love that my three oldest kids can all enjoy games together both at home and away and that they can play with friends outside of our home. The games cost as much as games for the other systems but you can find...
Xbox family game night

1 review

Family game night by hasboro for the Xbox is one i will always recommend to get families happy and together ! My kids love playing the games they have to offer and are wore out by the end !

29 reviews

Fingerlings are adorble. They make cute noises and make you want to love them, yet they just don't keep a child entertained. They have very limited interactions. My son played with his for a day or two and then into the toy box it went, to never be seen again! Kind of feel bad...
Childrens digital camera

1 review

Ordered the Toys Kids Digital Camera for my daughter. Just wanted her to be able to take pictures. Little did I know how amazing this camera really was. Not only does it take great quality pictures but she can also record little video is with it. It's small which perfect for her...
Amazon fire freetime tablet

10 reviews

This is the only tablet I’ll let my daughter play with. It’s so educational and helps her so much with speech. She has a delay and even though it’s screen time it has helped her so much.
Leapfrog 2 in 1 touch computer

2 reviews

My 4 year old girl love this product I love working with her I would definitely recommend it for anyone that has a child of learning age great present as well