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Electronic Toys for Kids Reviews

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Hatchimals Mystery

101 reviews

my twins begged for these, so we got them for their birthday. They loved watching it hatch and it was a family affair. Ha! After hatching though it didn't draw their interest much. May have just been their age, because my son and his friends were having a ball the other day...
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Cheetree

56 reviews

My daughter really liked it when she got it. It was exciting to see the egg hatch and reveal the cute hatchimal baby. She got the pinkish one and it comes with accessories.
Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney

51 reviews

This product was absolutely amazing and a really cool genius idea. It reminded me of the little red View Masters we had when I was a kid. My son was thrilled to try it out. We love reading and this adds such a fun exciting experience to the tradition we already love so well and...
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

52 reviews

Love this Zoomer bunny. My kids like to feed it carrots and watch it eat them all. We also like that you can make your own vegetables. Very entertaining.
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Ponette

51 reviews

We had a great time playing with these. The eggs hatched as planned and my 7 year old and 11 year old both enjoyed them. O would recommend purchasing these.
Zoomer Playful Pup

48 reviews

Me and my kids love Zoomer playful pup. My 18 month old is in love with the puppy and loves how he rolls over. I love that you can say different commands in English, Spanish or French. My 8 year old is trying to teach him other commands. I love to pat him on his belly and he...
Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate

45 reviews

I like it. Shines on the ceiling and you can read the kids to sleep. Unfortunately the kids don’t regally use it much anymore but it was good for a few uses like most kids toys are.
Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior

46 reviews

This movie projector deal is a fun concept. I enjoyed the little stories, as did my son. I love the variety they have and think they are enjoyable. I did have issues with the app closing on me as well as the device itself being hard to hold onto my phone. Regardless of the few...
Demo Duke - Crashing and Transforming Vehicle

38 reviews

Demo Duke crashing and transforming Vehicle this toy is nice it has over 100 sounds my kid play with it all day he love the different sounds I'm happy I purchase this for him
Hatching Dragon Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon by DreamWorks

32 reviews

My kids and I absolutely love this! It was so awesome watching it hatch and it kept my kids busy for hours! It's so neat even my 2 year old loved it! I highly recommend this one!
Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy

33 reviews

My girls got them. While like most toys like this they don't hold their interest for crazy long. They go back and play with them off and on. We have had them about 6 months. They really do fly and are super cute.
Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers Magical Flying Pixie Toy

26 reviews

This toy is the bomb! My daughter absolutely loves this! She had some friends over recently and they all went crazy for this flying toy. It's fairly easy to operate and even younger kids can manage to play with it. I would definitely recommend and it looks like we'll be buying...
Ninja Bots Hilarious Battling Robots - 2-Pack

20 reviews

These Ninja Bots are so fun!! My boys absolutely love them and have played with them so many times since we got them! I was amazed at how they actually battled each other and knew when the other was defeated, it was cute and entertaining. My boys are 9, 5 (almost 6) and 15...
Present Pets

16 reviews

We absolutely love the Present pets. Very unique concept, probably the first toy that unbox itself. My kids has so much fun playing with their adorable pet. They enjoyed watching them doing funny and exciting things like giving kisses when she’s cuddled, wags her tail and...
Playstation 4 system

19 reviews

With the lack of things to do during this time we got a family game system to help us along. The PS4 is great for bringing us together. We bought extra controllers and games that have multi players in a spit screen scenario. We have games where we battle one another or work...
DreamWorks Dragons Flying Toothless Interactive Dragon

14 reviews

This dragon is very surprising. My kids where very excited when it was received. The texture is plastic thought it was going to break easily but no it fell so many times. We got it to fly at first we struggle a little because you have show the dragon how to fly. It’s like a...
Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

24 reviews

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a good choice for kids to be able to play some games and watch their shows. I dropped it a star however because I have a few problems with it. This tablet has low memory and no matter the SD card, it's loaded up with a bunch of junk that makes it near...
Nintendo switch system

8 reviews

My daughter loves this and I love how it also has online for the kiddos! A few more girly games would be nice but my daughter loooves this! Splatoon is one of her favorite games and how she can play it on her tv or travel is the best idea nintendo came out with! You guys rock...
Minnie's Happy Helpers Rotary Phone

1 review

Love this for all of my kids. They like to play together with it or just on their own. Makes them use their imagination a lot. I love it. Would recommend it to the mommies looking for a new and convenient toy.
VTech KidiZoom Action Cam HD Digital Camera

1 review

My family received the VTech KidiZoom Action Cam HD Digital Camera free of charge in exchange for our review. Both my husband and I were thrilled about this opportunity because, we have a three-year-old son who didn’t own a digital camera of his own. The VTech KidiZoom...