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Electronic Toys for Kids Reviews

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Hatchimals Mystery

96 reviews

Overall, the product is alright based on the price. The hatching experience is the best part, but after that it seems like the toy is then forgotten. The hatching portion lasts for a good deal of time and keeps the little ones focused. After it is initially hatched, it is then...
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Cheetree

54 reviews

My 4 year old hatched her hatchibaby this afternoon and we have all been loving it! It’s great that it can be turned off! It was what we went to the store to buy and it just so happened to be on sale! We think it’s very entertaining so far and would absolutely purchase again...
Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney

51 reviews

This product was absolutely amazing and a really cool genius idea. It reminded me of the little red View Masters we had when I was a kid. My son was thrilled to try it out. We love reading and this adds such a fun exciting experience to the tradition we already love so well and...
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

51 reviews

My kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with this toy. It was a surprise to me that it was able to eat AND DIGEST the food. I also like the fact that it came with a stencil to make more food for the rabbit. All three of my kids ages 2-6 took turns feeding the toy. I would definitely...
Zoomer Playful Pup

48 reviews

Me and my kids love Zoomer playful pup. My 18 month old is in love with the puppy and loves how he rolls over. I love that you can say different commands in English, Spanish or French. My 8 year old is trying to teach him other commands. I love to pat him on his belly and he...
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Ponette

48 reviews

Our 10 yr old daughter loves her hatchibabies and plays with it often, as well as shares it with our toddler daughter, and she enjoys playing with it too
Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate

44 reviews

Personally i thought the item was more of a hassle than a help. Yeah it is fun to project the story on the wall but more of a pain to change the picture than just flip a page in a book. After all you are still reading it yourself anyway. I also felt like it fit weird on my...
Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior

46 reviews

This movie projector deal is a fun concept. I enjoyed the little stories, as did my son. I love the variety they have and think they are enjoyable. I did have issues with the app closing on me as well as the device itself being hard to hold onto my phone. Regardless of the few...
Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

16 reviews

We bought our now five year a fire tablet about a year and a half ago, and he absolutely loves it! It has been such an amazing investment and blessing in our lives, that we recently bought a second tablet for our daughter. Both my kids are autistic and are often hard to travel...
Playstation 4 system

4 reviews

We just simply LOVE the PS4! We use it as a family, we use it individually, and we often use it to watch movies, and stream TV/movies as a family. It has so many features and functions. It great for game playing, I personally like RPG games, and the PS4 has had the best games...

26 reviews

I bought one of these for myself and one for my grandson. We both enjoyed them for about a week. After that they just got boring. Definitely not something I would spend my money on again.
Levono M10 Tab

1 review

While looking for a tablet to upgrade for my child I found the Levono M 10 Tab. It fit what I was looking for. This tablet has good picture and sound quality! Sound was the number one issue I was looking for because my children often watch shows together and most tablets the...
MiBRO Really Rad Robots

1 review

My daughter received this toy robot for her birthday and she have loved every minute of it! The robot is able to move and dance via the remote control and can “spy” by listening in if the robot is near a conversation. You can also talk to people from the remote and it plays...
Kids Headphones for Kids Toy Story 4

1 review

My mother bought these headphones for my 2yo and it was the best thing she could have done. My 2yo loves to watch videos but the older kids were really tired of some of the songs he plays. Now I get to control the volume and we can use it anywhere by connecting to the tv or to...
Leap frog learning friends

1 review

Learning friends is a words book touch with 100 words 3 activities and very good for baby my baby love this toy also you can change ingles or spanish is amazing.
Interactive Little FingerLings Friendship At Your Finger Tips

19 reviews

My kids loves these but I’m not so sure that they’re worth the $15 price tag they had each when I bought these, it’s definitely not something I’d spend my money on all the time.
Hatchimal Glittering Garden

5 reviews

This is a fun toy for kids of all ages and our 10 and 2 yr old love to play with this one too. They added this one to their collection of their toys. They have a fun time with it.
Hatchmals Surprise

4 reviews

My grandaughter loves this hatchimal and she loves to see the surprise inside and the. Take care of it I would definately recommend this product for a boy or girl
Kano Computer - Build a tablet kit

1 review

------------ Set-up ------------ My first attempt at putting together the Kano was a very interesting and educational one, though it did end in a major disappointment. The instructions included are very simple, with large font and lots of illustrations, so even an older child or...
Furreal Friends Bootsie

4 reviews

This is been one of my daughters favorite interactive toy. She absolutely loves animals, especially cats. She loves to put a leash on it and walk it around the house. It makes noises and moves it’s head a little like a real cat. She even has the matching baby cat version of...