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Electronic Toys for Kids Reviews

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Hatchimals Mystery

102 reviews

My daughter received her first Hatchimal when she turned 2 and she has began ecstatic. Her interactive furball brings her hours of laughter and fun. High quality
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Cheetree

57 reviews

We bought one of these for our daughter, and she absolutely loves it. She loves to cuddle her Cheetree and snuggle with it, especially when it is purring. She often carries it around the house wrapped in a little blanket and pretends it is her baby. The one annoying thing is...
Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney

52 reviews

We have sooo many of the moonlite sets! (Have to be over 35 books now) and omg it is the best investment we made. My daughter LOVES her moonlite books. They are the perfect length and the stories always capture her attention. Yes the projector can be finicky at first (getting it...
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

52 reviews

Love this Zoomer bunny. My kids like to feed it carrots and watch it eat them all. We also like that you can make your own vegetables. Very entertaining.
Hatchimals Hatchibabies - Ponette

52 reviews

My daughter loves her Hatchimal. It keeps her entertained and she plays with it as if it was a live animal. It has definitely made her happy and she even takes it outside when we go out. Great toy to teach young kids about taking care of animals.
Zoomer Playful Pup

48 reviews

Me and my kids love Zoomer playful pup. My 18 month old is in love with the puppy and loves how he rolls over. I love that you can say different commands in English, Spanish or French. My 8 year old is trying to teach him other commands. I love to pat him on his belly and he...
Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate

45 reviews

I like it. Shines on the ceiling and you can read the kids to sleep. Unfortunately the kids don’t regally use it much anymore but it was good for a few uses like most kids toys are.
Demo Duke - Crashing and Transforming Vehicle

39 reviews

My two kids have been obsessed with playing with this truck. They literally fight over who gets to play with it. It's fun and they even take it outside and on trips to the beach and it still works properly. It can take a lot of rough and tumble play which is perfect for kids.
Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior

46 reviews

This movie projector deal is a fun concept. I enjoyed the little stories, as did my son. I love the variety they have and think they are enjoyable. I did have issues with the app closing on me as well as the device itself being hard to hold onto my phone. Regardless of the few...
Hatching Dragon Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon by DreamWorks

32 reviews

My kids and I absolutely love this! It was so awesome watching it hatch and it kept my kids busy for hours! It's so neat even my 2 year old loved it! I highly recommend this one!
Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy

34 reviews

I bought this for my 8 year old daughter and it keeps fling off to the side of never being able to get out of its nest. I am very disappointed in this toy and my daughter cried when I told her it was broken. For a 30 dollar toy this isn't worth it.😠😞😢
Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers Magical Flying Pixie Toy

34 reviews

Got this for my daughter for Christmas. Was cool at first but got boring pretty quick as she just flies up but that's it and then smashes into things and you really have no control. Built well though and super cute. Novelty but wouldn't recommend.
Ninja Bots Hilarious Battling Robots - 2-Pack

22 reviews

These ninja box for the best Christmas present ever! My kids never laughed so hard and same with my husband and I. We played with these four hours. To be quite frank the adults enjoy these equally as much as the children!
Present Pets

19 reviews

It took a while to find one at the store that didn't have the box all tore up. But once we found one my daughter was really excited. It is really cool how it barks and moves to open the box by itself. I just wish it had a volume control. My daughter enjoyed it for a few days but...
Playstation 4 system

24 reviews

Great gaming console with a huge selection of games to choose from. Also the main method our family watches netflix, prime, crave, disney plus. Makes our old tv feel like a smart tv.
DreamWorks Dragons Flying Toothless Interactive Dragon

15 reviews

We purchased this toothless dragon for Easter since it came already in an egg. Little did we know this dragon would become my sons best friend and go EVERYWHERE with him.
Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

24 reviews

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a good choice for kids to be able to play some games and watch their shows. I dropped it a star however because I have a few problems with it. This tablet has low memory and no matter the SD card, it's loaded up with a bunch of junk that makes it near...
Amazon fire kids tablet

1 review

There's not enough good things I can say about the children's amazon fire tablet. I love how it's built tough for kids, with a great warranty. I love the variety of games the tablet comes with. Fun and educational. (Free for the first year then $4 and change after that. Per...
Club Petz- Betsy Bunny

1 review

Betsy Bunny is such a cute, sweet toy for kids of all ages! When you push the button on her back like you're petting her, she starts to make noise and hop around. My girls think it's the cutest thing and giggle every time!
Playstation VR Headset

1 review

My son got a PS4 for Christmas, and he wanted a VR headset, but I was unable to find one for the Nintendo Switch that he has, so when I saw there was one for the PS4, I had to get it. We both enjoy it so much. Cannot wait to get more games for it.