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Novelty Toys Reviews

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Wizarding World Albus Dumbledore Wand with Collectible Spell Card

24 reviews

This was a great replica for Harry Potter fans that looked and felt real and the spell card was a great addition. I wish I was a little bit more interactive though.
Bakugan Cubbo Deka Pack

19 reviews

We received this free game in the mail and my son was super excited! Since he got this we have purchased additional pieces so he and his friends can play. Very interactive and responsive. The kids seem very intrigued with it snd it is super easy to figure out. Prices for...
PAW Patrol Micro Movers Movie City Tower Playset

19 reviews

My 3yo was mainly just interested in the paw patrol figurines, and not so much in the tower/display case. It was fun for the first 2 times or so she played with it, then it sat forgotten in the living room corner.
Bakugan, The Best of Cubbo Pack

17 reviews

This was a great opportunity to try a free toy from #familyratedclub. The characters were unique and fun to toss and see spring open. It was difficult to figure out a strategy to the game as there were no instructions included. We used a you tube posting in order to come up...
PAW Patrol Micro Movers Mystery Movie Mini Figure

16 reviews

I have a 4 year old son and he really enjoyed playing with these toys. I got about 4 of them and he ended up with 3 different characters. I wish he would have been able to get them all or all different ones.
Bakugan Cubbo Legendary Battles Pack, Geogan Rising

15 reviews

Neat looking toy. Hard for my son to operate the bakugan characters. Game instruments not available so hard to play with bakugan characters. My son lost interest in the game after only 5 minutes.
Cra-Z-Art The Real Cotton Candy Maker

2 reviews

I brought the cotton candy machine for my granddaughter we both like it. one thing do not put too much sugar in the machine it will fly all over the kitchen table. My granddaughter made cotton candy for all her friends they enjoyed it.
Ryan's World SlimySand

1 review

My son who just turned 6 was very excited about this set, because he is a fan of the Combo Panda character from Ryan's World. He played with it for about an hour when he first got it. The SlimySand has a unique texture that is a lot of fun, and the molds are good quality...
Baby Yoda Plush

1 review

My children are obsessed with this half plush/half rubber Star Wars item. It is adorable beyond compare, it is great for them to play and cuddle with.
ORB Odditeez

2 reviews

My son loves squeeze balls and we bought 4 of them and we had fun for hours. Unfortunately, one of the balls did burst, but in all fairness my son was squeezing it as far as he could. I would still buy the product because my son loves them. Just wish the outer ball was a bit...
L.O.L. Surprise! Pets

14 reviews

my daughter is a fan of surprises hahaha she almost completed the 2019 Christmas collection she only missed 2 they are beautiful and on each trip to the store she brought one They are made of good material, of course they are not recommended in young children because they could...
Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

1 review

This is a great, sturdy plastic Minecraft toy that swaps back and forth between pick axe and sword. We bought this for our 6-year-old grandson’s birthday and he absolutely loved it and it is holding up well. It is hard plastic and brightly colored; a nice looking, well made...
Toy story woody

10 reviews

My son absolutely loves this woody. We have had it for going on 3 years and it is still holding up with everyday wear and tear from a toddler. He says popular phrases and looks exactly like woody from the movie. 10/10 recommend for any child who loves Toy Story
Beyblade Stadium

4 reviews

My son LOVES BeyBlade! The stadiums ALWAYS excite him! He loves them so much he has already gotten 3! Not to mention the stadium comes with TWO BeyBlades!
Little Live Pets chick and chick house

1 review

The Little Live chick and chick house toy was absolutely adorable. We finally hatched our little chick and he hopped around and peeped like a real little baby chicken. The more you love on him and interact with him the more he peeps and sings. This is a wonderful little toy.
Kidzlane 20 Piece Deluxe Tool Set

1 review

I love this tool set for my kids. It has multiple tools for them to feel like they are doing what mommy or daddy are doing. The tools are battery operated. My sons have gotten so much use out of this, and now my daughter too.

1 review

My grandson loves his Funko Pops well some of them..This is some of his Pops that he has collected..It's something for him to do and to get the ones he likes..
Play-Doh Top Wing Cadet Creations Toolset

1 review

My son was very into Top Wing when he was 4 years old and asked for Top Wing toys. Since he has the tendency to move on to another favorite show and forget about the old toys, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. But, I also knew he wouldn't be happy with only one or two...
Hatchimals twins

8 reviews

My daughter enjoyed these at first but got bored quickly with them. She plays with them very little now. They also can be kind of loud, which seems to frustrate her too.
Twisty pets unicorn

1 review

My 3 year old wanted a twisty pet so badly! I bought her one (I believe it was $6). She chose the pretty pink unicorn. This toy went from a twisted unicorn to a bracelet. She loves it BUT, can not turn it into a unicorn on her own. No problem braking the unicorn back flat BUT...