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Puzzles Reviews

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Rubik's 3x3 Coach Cube

23 reviews

This came in perfect timing, our kids had just starting playing with a Rubik’s cube and we’re getting frustrated trying to solve all the sides. This product gave them some tips to help get past solving just one side. It took a big of time to figure out but a little practice...
Cocomelon Wooden Musical 5 Jumbo Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

25 reviews

My little plays with this puzzle daily. She is obsessed with Cocomelon. I was so excited when we found this puzzle for her birthday. She even sings the songs with the puzzle.
Kellogg's 6 Cereal Boxes Puzzle Gift Set

26 reviews

My 8 year old daughter was so excited to recieve this product in the mail. She spent the first few minutes thinking they were cereal. After further observation realized they were puzzles proceeded to do all 6 that day. We were disappointed as first puzzle was missing a piece and...
Rubik's Cube Mini, 2x2

22 reviews

What a great gift for anyone. It’s so hard and everyone just has to try and beat each other it’s so funny how flustered they get. Even google couldn’t help anyone.
Big Ben 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Various Styles)

20 reviews

Who doesn't love a high quality, beautiful puzzle? I am usually a Ravensburger shopper (shhh!) but I really enjoyed the Big Ben puzzle I received. I would definitely purchase more from this brand now that I know how nice the quality is. A perfect activity for a rainy day or just...
PAW Patrol The Movie 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

19 reviews

My daughter loved this puzzle so much, she needed help as she is only 3, but enjoyed doing this activity together. The picture was clear and the pieces went together easily and weren't stiff.
Bluey 4-Pack Wooden Puzzles Collection

19 reviews

Great for children 3+ super interactive. My child loved playing with the characters and trying to put the puzzle together with parents help of course. Bluey has become a staple in our home.
Blockbuster 500-Piece Adult Jigsaw Puzzle (Various)

17 reviews

I enjoyed this puzzle!! I love putting puzzles together and I remember watching this movie years ago. So when I received this in the mail to review I was happy.. Thank you so much!!
Spin Master 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Paul Lewin Shani

17 reviews

Loved the puzzle design. It was a fun rainy day activity. Great quality and color's. I intend on donating it to my grandmas retirement residence. Share the beauty and fun.
Cardinal 24-Piece Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

17 reviews

My daughter was beyond excited to receive this 24 piece Minnie Mouse puzzle. She is just starting to enjoy puzzles more, so one with Minnie on it made it even more enjoyable for her. As a parent I would purchase the item or give as a gift. The colors on the graphic were...
Rubik's Cube, 3x3

27 reviews

My daughter loves to mix it all up and try to put everything in the correct order she feels like she can do things without mommy’s or daddy’s help!!!!
Rubik's Perplexus Fusion 3x3

19 reviews

Rubik's Perplexus Fusion is a fun new twist to an old classic with lots of complex puzzles and mazes to keep your mind Sharpe and entertained for hours on end.
Melissa and Doug Pets 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

1 review

My daughter received this puzzle set when she was 2. It was a little advanced for her I would say, but around 2.5 she really started showing interest and was able to complete this puzzle with help. Now that she is 3, she plays with this every night! The puzzle is decent quality:...
Cereal puzzles

1 review

These puzzles are great. It actually took me a while to get them done. They are my favorite cereals and they look pretty cool. I wish they were a bit bigger but they are good for kids. Daughter took quite some time to finish these. great puzzles and with logos of famous cereals...
Melissa & Doug magnetic farm puzzle

1 review

My son loves that behind each door he opens, there’s a magnetic puzzle piece behind it with a different picture. It’s fun to see him try and remember where they go and look for a certain piece. I think the barn door is his favorite because it has two doors that open and...
Eric Carle Counting Floor Puzzle

1 review

This is an awesome learning tool. My kids love “The Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, and this puzzle is modeled off that book. They can count food from 1-20, and it is a huge puzzle that stretches across our living room. It’s a great cooperative toy for classrooms or...
Melissa And Doug Traffic Jam Jumbo Floor Puzzle 24pc

1 review

I purchased this item for my 4 year old who is just getting into puzzles. He loves cars and trucks so this was the perfect picture for him to put together. I helped him put it together the first time. The pieces are big enough for him to figure out. He was struggling with a...
Melissa and doug puzzle

5 reviews

Melissa and Doug makes the best children’s puzzles and I’ll tell you why. 1) the puzzles are marked with shakes, so not only does your little work on fine motor with his puzzle pieces, but he gets to sort his shapes too. 2) they are made of wood. Sturdy. Hard to break...
Mickey mouse abc puzzle

2 reviews

My son loves the Mickey mouse ABC puzzle. He enjoys putting the puzzle together and has also learned so much from doing so. I would definitely recommend this puzzle to any kids learning their abc's!!
Baby Shark Puzzle

1 review

I have two year old twins who are big fans so when I saw the puzzle, I had to get it despite the price. A little steep in my opinion. I found it at Target and have since seen it at Walmart too. If you can’t stand the popular song, do not buy this. lol Yes, it plays it and...